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Disadvantages of Non-Foods Items like Tea, Coffee, and other drinks

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Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Teeth Stains

It can color your teeth if you don't take care of them. Drinking water and Brushing teeth after drinking tea can avoid the coloring of the teeth.

Sugar Overload

Drinking Tea can increase the intake of sugar as well.

Stomach Issues

Sour stomach, stomach aches, and even Gastroesphagoel reflux disease can arise from drinking a lot of Tea.

  • Too much consumption of tea can lead to Kidney disease and Liver disease.

Disadvantages of Drinking Coffee

  • Coffee can have impurities that can cause disease, headaches, or general bad feelings.
  • Coffee contains Caffeine when taken in large quantities will result in Bad Health.
  • Coffee can cause Insomnia and Restlessness.
  • Pregnant Ladies should not drink Coffee.
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Disadvantages of Drinking Soft Drinks

  • Soda typically contains Carbonated Sugar or fructose, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium, and excess calories.
  • Unfortunately, Sodas are often substituted for water or other healthier fluids.
  • Soft drinks steal away water from our bodies. Just to process high levels of sugar in soft drinks, it steals water from our body cells.
  • Soft drinks can remove rust from metal. Imagine what it can do with your Digestive System.
  • Caffeine and high sugar virtually shut downs our Digestive System.

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