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Delicious Orange Cake



200 grams of flour 00

100 gr of potato starch

130 gr of butter

220 grams of sugar

5 eggs

16 gr of vanilla yeast

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1 grated orange zest and juice (1 orange)

1 pinch of salt

How to make Orange Cake

Whip the butter at room temperature already soft with the sugar in a planetary mixer or with the help of an electric mixer. You will have to whip it until you get the consistency of an ointment.

Also add the grated orange zest.

Add the eggs to the mixture continuing to whip with the electric whisk.
Use eggs at room temperature to make it easier for the air to pass into the dough.
Whip until the mixture has tripled in volume and becomes light and fluffy.

Sift the flour together with the starch and the vanilla yeast. Gradually add the sifted flours to the egg and butter mixture. By continuing to run the planetary mixer at a slower speed.

Finally, add the orange juice. Filter it from the seeds and make sure that it is also at room temperature. Finally, add a pinch of salt

Preservation of the Orange Cake

The orange cake safely retains its softness and fragrance for 4/5 days if kept in a bell-shaped cake pan.

Orange cake without Butter

If you have milk intolerances, you can use Peanut oil instead of butter for the preparation of the cake. The amount of oil to be added is 20% less than that of butter. So in this case 104 grams of oil.

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