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DIY Korean Samgyupsal

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DIY Samgy!


The Ingredients!

Here we go!

I'm really excited about having a samgyupsal dinner at home!

What are the things we need to have a very good samgyupsal party at home?


*Samgyup cut Pork

*Samgyup cut beef

*Sweet Marble Potatoes (Will teach you how to cook this one!)



*samjang and Gochujang paste

*Fish cake

I don't actually followed the original samgyupsal but I did it on my own unique way! It just turned out to be that we craved for samgyupsal but since we're on a lockdown period, We created our very own samgyupsal at home!

By the way I created my very own bulgogi sauce (sweet and spicy). I will also teach you how I did that. It's just great that you've learn so many things while on quarantine.

Oops! Don't forget to use the chopsticks!

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Bulgogi Marinated (beef and pork)

Bulgogi Marinated (beef and pork)

I feel so proud about this one!

The ingredients are very easy to find, like the ginger and garlic and the soysauce as well. I did this one one with 2 tablespoon minced garlice and 2 tablespoon of grated ginger! I really love the taste of bulgogi.

All we need to is to boil garlic, ginger and soysauce. You can add more garlic and ginger to your preferred taste.Once everything is boiled and simmered down let it cool for a few minutes before we pour it to the pork and beef to marinate. It will really taste good if you will marinate it overnight.

By the way if you would like to have the spicy bulgogi, kindly add chili powder or chili pepper flakes.

Sweet Marble Potatoes

Sweet Marble Potatoes

Yes! I did that one too.

Since I'm not a real korean I looked for the recipes in the internet and try it at home. Isn't great exploring the taste of koreans.

Let's start!

First we need to have marble potatoes, I recently bought half kilo in the market for only 75php, (It really feels great that I'm buying my own stuff!). Next we need sugar 1/2 kilo will do,soysauce (kikoman is quite good) sesame oil and ofcourse sesame seeds!

The first thing you need to do is to boil th potatoes until they are tender next is the sauce. All we need to do is to boil everything, you only need to add a bit of soysauce for the umami taste when it already boils we're going to add the potatoes. Just make sure that everything is well coated.

Let's move on to the other ingredients of our DIY Samgy!


I'm so excited about having samgyupsal at home!

When everything is already set at your table, We can now start to do it the korean way!

First we need to grill the pork and beef samgy! It will be quick because the cut of pork and beef is too thin that it will be quickly grilled for just a minute or two!

Once you already grilled the pork and beef. Go and get some lettuce, wrap your meat to the lettuce add kimchi or samjang/gochujang paste! Then go for the big bite!

Samjang-Seasoned soybean paste

Gochujang-chili paste

We can totally enjoy it with an ice cold soju plus our side dishes!

Fish Cake, Pickled radish, Braise baby potatoes, Japchae, spicy cucumber kimchi and so much more!

It is so mouth waterring! But make sure to have a tall glass of milk with you because korean food are too spicy but if you are a spicy lover there is no need to worry because you'll enjoy the korean taste!

My husband and I tried it with Grapefruit flavored soju.And it really taste good I hope I can taste more korean dishes! I really really love korean foods.

And as a Filipino, I'm a real R-I-C-E lover! Samgyup and the spicy tangy taste of kimch gave it the real kick, It is so good the you'll go for an unli rice!

After the savory and so yummy feast of samgyupsal, It's time for dessert! A nice sweet and crispy creamy apple salad will do.

I feel so hungry right now!

Just a little bit more practice on using the chopsticks.

Have you already tried this at home?

Try it now and put a comment to update what happened to your samgyup at home!

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

© 2020 Maria Amiel Caryl Salvador

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