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Cooking with Sour Milk


I love sour milk!

I never even knew what sour milk was or how to use it until I started buying raw milk also known as fresh milk. I started buying raw milk and what happened is I was buying a gallon of milk every week but I couldn't drink it fast enough. So, the milk kept coming which gave me a lot of left over milk. I didn't know what to do with it so at first I just froze the left over milk that was old and kept drinking the fresher milk.


Then I started to do some research about sour milk. It turns out that sour otherwise known as fermented milk is actually very good for you. Studies have shown that ingesting sour milk can lower your cholesteral and prevent cancer. The lactic acid bacteria in sour milk actually removes toxins from your intestines which will help you to live longer. Additional studies show that it also boosts the immune system.


First of all, let me be absolutely clear, sour milk is NOT store-bought spoiled milk!


Sour milk is RAW or fresh milk, that is milk..straight from the cow that has not been homogenized or pastuerized. You can only use raw milk to make sour milk. Sour milk is raw milk that wasn't used fast enough. You will know it by the smell. So whatever you do DO NOT use spoiled store bought milk, you will get sick, you could even get food poisoning and it could even kill you..trust me!

Sour milk, made from raw milk, is actually very good for you and supercalifragilistically wondeful in recipes! Sour milk is not acidified milk. Acidified milk is milk that has had an acid like vinegar or lemon juice added to it. It can be substituted for sour milk but it is not the same thing.

What I do is when I have sour milk I freeze it. Then whenever I have a recipe that calls for buttermilk or sour cream I substitute the sour milk instead. I've used it in biscuits and breads and they have turned out wonderfully.


The other recipe I made using my soured milk is in a whole roasted chicken. OMG it was the bomb! Normally, I put white wine and some balsamic vinegar in with the chicken while it bakes in the oven. I didn't have any white wine so I put in about a cup and a half (maybe two cups, I can't remember) in with the whole chicken along with some quartered onions, garlic cloves tucked under the skin, quartered potatoes and halved carrots. I added some seasoning and lathered the chicken up with butter (my favorite is grassfed Irish Kerrygold butter) the sour milk mixed with the chicken juices and butter made a gravy that was to die for! I'm salivating just thinking about it.


I've also use sour milk in place of sour cream and buttermilk. I did this just recently when I didn't have enough sour cream for a sour cream coffee cake. You don't want to totally replace sour cream with sour milk because it isn't as thick, but in my case I was 1/3 cup short of sour cream. The cake tasted so good! It was very moist and just had that wonderful tangy taste.

It's delicious in any recipe that calls for a little milk to be added to it, or mixed with a roast to make gravy (I haven't tried it with a pork roast but I bet that is delicious) and I've also used it with scrambled eggs and that was wundaba as well. You can also make mozarella or cottage cheese with it but I've never tried that.

To be perfectly honest I've not used the sour milk in any recipe that didn't turn out better than it was before.

So, if you drink raw milk do not throw that sour milk out!

It's gold I tell you gold!


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Al Wordlaw from Chicago on May 15, 2015:

Interesting Brie, thank you for sharing!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 15, 2015:

Absolutely NOT Yvonne..you will get sick!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 30, 2015:

I am too..I don't know but there is something about raw milk that makes everyone who drinks it..crazy about it. I just feel like it's so good for me. Thanks Sed-me.

Elisabeth Ellis from Nashville, TN. on March 30, 2015:

My friend is so into raw milk. I think she partly owns a cow so she can get as much as she needs. I'm going to send her this article, I bet she will get a lot out of it. :)

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 06, 2014:

Yes "imtii", it's called raw milk here.

Imtiaz Ahmed from Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 05, 2014:

Brie Hoffmana very nice article about sour milk. Never knew what sour milk was. I read from the article you wrote rough milk which is from the cow? Do you mean the milk which is direct from the cow? not boiled ??

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 05, 2014:

As long as it is soured from raw milk it will be good in your recipes. Good look.

Dianna Mendez on August 05, 2014:

I will have to save sour milk, if it ever happens again, and use it in recipes as you suggest. Thanks for the information on its uses.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 03, 2014:

Thanks Billy, I hope you have a nice Sunday too.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 03, 2014:

Interesting, Brie. I actually knew what sour milk was, but then I come from a farming background....but these recipes are definitely worth trying. Thank you and Happy Sunday to you.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 02, 2014:

You will never eat it any other way! Thanks for commenting "jtrader".

jtrader on August 02, 2014:

I want to try the baked chicken. Yum!

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