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Chef Gnanesh -Chef Instructor working at Culinary Academy Of India


Baking was developed during the early Roman Empire where it rose in prominence as an art. Roman citizens loved baked goods in the form of breads, cakes, and pastries all of which led to a constant demand for them being present at important occasions such as feasts and weddings. As a result, baked goods have been around since the earliest celebrations and their growing popularity indicates that they will be around for the future as well. Whether it’s a festival or a celebration, the best-looking and tasting baked treats are always a focal point of the affair.

As an aspiring professional in the baking industry, it’s safe to say that the feeling of fulfillment for bakers comes from the artistic side of baking. But that doesn’t diminish the role of science in the baking process. In essence, a baker merges the scientific knowledge of baking with the artistic side to create delicious sculptures. A lot of this process is driven by personal experience and philosophies.

The theme for this display - Festal Flair - allows me to fully explore the artistic side of baking. With each day people see more baked goods and the only way to stand out is to create recipes that are more appealing and eye-catching. The visual element though is as important as the taste which is why it’s important to ensure the baked goods taste as good as they look.


To bring my theme to life, I used cookies as a visual focus. Cookies are small, flat, sweet baked goods and are enjoyed by people all over the world. They are either baked till crisp or just long enough so that they remain soft. Cookies are made in various styles and flavored with many ingredients such as chocolate chip, nuts, raisins, and more, but in their basic form, they are made of a dough containing flour, eggs, sugar, and fat.

Another important aspect of my theme is the Gingerbread house. Gingerbread is a type of cookie typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and sweetened with honey, sugar, or molasses. Within gingerbreads, there is a lot of variation ranging from soft, moist loaf cakes to ginger snaps. For my display, I created a backdrop of a two-dimensional gingerbread house with staircase stands that prop up the different themed cookies art. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and weddings are the themes that I chose to represent on these stands.


The center of the table consists of a stunning brookie gateau layered with peppermint frosting brookie and a checkerboard pound cake. This gateau brings the entire display to life and acts as the focal point for my presentation. Around the display, I’ve also placed mini jars containing the various classical cookies.

With this presentation, the goal of bringing together grand and major celebrations that showcase the prowess of the bakery has come out well. Using cookies as the base food type in the display and the gateau has enabled me to showcase the artistic side of baking rather than just its scientific, measured side.


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Parth Babbar on June 29, 2021:

Amazing Article...

Dikshit Reddy on June 29, 2021:

Worth Reading Chef.

Tenzin Dhasel on June 29, 2021:

Nice article chef

Tenzin Tsering on June 29, 2021:

Very informative chef..Worth reading it!

Sahil Mane on June 29, 2021:

Excellent articles chef

Tenzin Chemi on June 29, 2021:

Yes baking really is very interesting. Love the presentation

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