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Chocolate Cake: Helped Me to Fight Depression

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My name is Sundae I have been fighting with depression from the last 2 years baking worked for me as cure for depression.

The perfect cake

Chocolate cake yes it was a simple chocolate cake that helped me to come out of severe depression. One evening I was searching how to reduce depression and I came up with research that concluded 'baking is hugely advantageous for improving mental health, with benefits that include increased mindfulness, satisfaction, and sensory pleasure'. So finally thinking about doing something productive to improve my mental health I decided to bake. I watched dozens of YouTube videos to learn that but it was so hard for me to understand the measuring so finally, I decided to invent a recipe for my chocolate cake.

This chocolate cake has a deep and rich flavor, the sweetness of this cake and the soft creamy texture make it delectable. The darker hue and the highest quality cocoa powder used in the cake make it more satisfying and mouth-watering. The aroma of this cake will stimulate your appetite.

So here is my magical easy recipe through which you can bake a perfect chocolate cake.


1- 4 eggs

2- 14 tablespoon sugar

3- 7 tablespoon milk

4- 7 tablespoon oil

5- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6- 10 tablespoon all-purpose floor

7- 8 tablespoon cocoa powder

8- 1 teaspoon baking soda

9- A pinch of salt

10- 1 teaspoon coffee

11- Chocolate syrup


STEP 1: Preheat oven to 350º F. Prepare cake pan by spraying with baking spray or buttering and lightly flouring

STEP 2: Separate the egg yolk from egg white, beat the egg white using a beater to make it creamy in case you don't have a beater use a simple fork. Add egg yolks and beat the mixture again.

STEP 3: Add sugar into the mixture and mix it up using a beater or spoon.

STEP 4: It’s time to add the wet ingredients milk, oil, vanilla extract add it and mix it up.

STEP 5: All-purpose flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda, salt add all the dry ingredients beat them together.

STEP 4: Distribute cake batter evenly on the prepared cake pan. Bake for 30-35 minutes, until a toothpick or cake tester inserted in the center of the chocolate cake, comes out clean.

STEP 5: Take 5 tablespoon water and add 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon coffee, and 1 teaspoon cocoa powder mix all the ingredients, boil them together or microwave them for 2 minutes add this mixture to the cake ( THIS IS THE SECRET OF A PERFECT SOFT CAKE DON'T EVER MISS THIS STEP)

STEP 6: Drizzle some chocolate syrup on your cake.

Go and try it out as mental therapy, it would taste like springtime at midnight, sunshine tinged with happiness. It tastes like amorous love and pleasant dream. Like a first kiss because you baked it with Meraki.



Sajid on May 23, 2021:

Very effective

Sundae (author) from Peshawar on May 18, 2021:

thank you so much

Lady Dazy from UK on May 17, 2021:

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Nice recipe , I love chocolate cake.

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