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Chili Pickle Making

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Chili Pickle


1. Green Chili 1/2 kg to 1 kg.

2. Mustard oil 1/4 gram.

3. White Mustard 1/2 kg.

4. A cup of vinegar.

5. Cumin one teaspoon.


First, wash the white mustard thoroughly in water and dry it in the sun and grind the powder in the mixer grinder.

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Now wash the chillis thoroughly in water and dry it in the sun so that there is no water.

Now cut the chilies into small pieces.


Now let the pan in the gas. When the pan is hot, pour the oil (reduce the heat of the gas in this case). Then add the cumin into the oil. Now pour the mustard. When oil comes out of the mustard, pour the chili sugar and stir.

Now let the gas turn off and cool when the chili is well mixed with mustard.

When the mixture cools down after some time, pour vinegar and put it in a bottle.

After 2 or 3 days we can eat with bread or rice or other things when our chili pickles are ready.

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