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Chicken Korma or Indian Shahi Korma

I am a normal 19 years old girl who loves cooking and is passionate to write about it and would love to share with you guys.


Easy Chicken Korma Recipe


2kgs boneless chicken
8 to 9 onions finely sliced
Oil ¾th cup
Ghee ¾th cup or clarified butter
4 big cardamom
20 small cardamom
4 nutmeg flower
1 nutmeg
10 to 12 cloves
2ich crushed cinnamon
2tbsp cumin
35 to 40 peppercorn
4tbsp of ginger garlic paste
Cashews 20
40 almonds
3 to 4 desiccated coconut
4 tsp salt
4 tsp Kashmiri red chili
4 tsp normal red chili powder
6 tsp coriander powder
2 cups curd

The procedure of chicken korma

Firstly, take a big pot add your oil and ghee and mix them and let it heat it. And then add your onions and fry them until it is golden brown.
Take half of the onions aside and let the remaining onions in the pot and then add your chicken and let it cook for some time on medium flame. you will notice that the chicken will start releasing water make sure to cook until the chicken absorbs all the water and dry out.
Roast all the spices in the pan except nutmeg and nutmeg flower, saute it for 10 to 15 seconds only, and let it cool down .once it is cooled down grind it in a grinder and make a powder out of it and homemade korma powder is ready.
In the meanwhile, when the chicken has cooked and a little bit of water add 4tbsp of ginger garlic paste and mix it well and let it cook on medium flame.
In a blender add your cashews, almonds, desiccated coconut, and little water and grind it until you have a paste out of it.
Once the chicken starts releasing oil add your spices like salt, Kashmiri red chili, normal red chili, coriander masala and mix it well and then add your home korma powder 6 tsp and let it cook on low flame.
Take 2 cups of curd and the remaining fried onions and blend it until you have a thick paste and add it to the chicken gravy and mix it well, then add your cashew and almond paste and let it cook. If you want the consistency of the gravy to be a little wet add some water according to you and let it cook for some time.
After the chicken korma is cooked serve it rot roti or rice.


If you have more time you can marinate your chicken with spices like curd, turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala, and lemon juice and marinate it for a few hours as it will surely enhance more flavors to the chicken and make the chicken gravy more delicious.
If you want you can add cream instead of yogurt, make sure if you are using cream do not cook it for a long period or high flame as it will ruin the taste of the dish.
Make sure you fried your onions properly and do not mess with the quantity of the onions as it is the most important and time-consuming part.
You can also use kewda essence or water whichever you have as it will give a nice authentic scent to the korma and if you want runnier liquid just add more water.

© 2022 Anjali rajbhar

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