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Chicken And Dumplings: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Recipe)

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Chicken and dumplings can't be beat.

Chicken and dumplings can't be beat.

Chicken and dumplings is in essence, a soup that's made of a chicken cooked in water, with the result chicken broth used to cook the dumplings by boiling. A dumpling—in this sense—is biscuit dough, which is a mixture of flour, shortening, and liquid (water, milk, buttermilk, or chicken stock). The dumplings are either rolled out flat, dropped or formed into a ball.

That's what chicken and dumplings are, and you can find them most everywhere--the mid-west, east coast, but mostly in the place where they originated: the deep south. Actually, it's tough to find anyone who has not tasted (and fell in love)with this simple dish that is oh so delicious.

I admit it. I was a finicky eater from age three until seven, but when my mom asked me to try her chicken and dumplings, I laughed. Then cried because she was serious. Since that golden moment, I have been crazy about most foods, but crazed as a Wildeebeest on whiskey for chicken and dumplings. And I know going in that I am not the only Chicken and Dumpling Addict. So let's walk right.

Here is The Easy to Fix Chicken and Dumplings Recipe:
⦁ 7 lbs. cut up chicken piece
⦁ 4 cups chicken stock
⦁ 2 onions, chopped
⦁ 3 stalks celery, chopped
⦁ 3 tsp. salt
⦁ 1 egg
⦁ ¼ cup milk
⦁ 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour, divided
⦁ 1 ½ tsps. baking powder
⦁ 2 tbsp. unsalted butter
⦁ 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
⦁ 1 cup water
⦁ ½ teaspoon ground black pepper

In a large pot put chicken pieces and add chicken stock, onion, celery and 2 tsp. salt. Put heat on medium low then simmer, almost half covered, 15 to 20 minutes or until chicken is tender.

Prepare Dumplings: In a big mixing bowl beat together egg and milk. Add 1 cup flour, remaining salt and baking powder and mix all together. Cut the butter into the flour mixture until the mixture is crumbly. Add 1 tbsp. parsley and mix. In around six large spoonfuls, drop dumpling mixture onto top of simmering chicken. Cover pot letting all simmer for 10 minutes more.

Sure. I concede that chicken and dumplings may not look that attractive, like a oyster with a hang-over, but once that chicken broth and that succulent dumpling hits your tongue, you are a goner. If you are eating chicken and dumplings for the first time in a restaurant, you may not want to leave. You end-up eating so many helpings of this great dish that the manager (who doubles as a manager for a local bar) and says, don't ya' think that you've had enough? I may have went overboard, but it could happen.

Chicken and dumplings, if you didn't know it, makes a great Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. This dish is not hard to make. Fact: it's fun to make chicken and dumplings. This delicacy may overtake our national bird, the turkey, as our National Food. I tell you right here, strange things are happening all over America.

I would wager to bet $5.00 cash that some Hollywood celebrities love to binge-eat chicken and dumplings when they are all alone in their huge penthouse with nothing to do. Not even a pretty girl dinner guest. The male celebrity can hold his chest out and say with pide, who needs a pretty girl to barge up here and devour my chicken and dumplings when I can do that all by myself. This is a very wise Hollywood star.

Speaking of stars. I wish that I could contact (you can help me) contact the committee that hands-out those golden Hollywood stars on a sidewalk where crowds gather along with the press to see what famous person is now a public name. Possibly, Sting of the Police, remember him, is possibly a great fan of chicken and dumplings. So is "The Boss," Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. When they get off the road from a long tour, nothing is better for Springsteen to take his band to his home and cook enough chicken and dumplings to please the entire crowd. Ahhh, the glamourous life.

Here is a short list of Hollywood stars who eat chicken and dumplings every opportunity that they get.
⦁ Dolly Parton
⦁ Jennifer Lawrence
⦁ Martha Stewart
⦁ Willie Nelson
⦁ Taylor Swift
⦁ Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
⦁ Kelly Clarkston

I know that these stars are only a few who love chicken and dumplings, so forgive me. I did not want to write a thousand names because space is limited. You will notice that my name is not on this celebrity list? I am not a Hollywood star and that's why. If all of the Beatles, they might have said yeah, yeah, yeah, to eating chicken and dumplings, who knows? It's possible.

But in all sincerity, I do love chicken and dumplings just the way that they are. My wife, Pam, makes these treats often and doesn't have to toss any away after we eat. My mom, rest her soul, was great at cooking chicken and dumplings. Her and Pam teamed-up one year and make chicken and dumplings for my dad, sister, and husband and let me tell you. There was hardly any left.

In closing, if you ever want to hurt me deep, convince me that I need to go on a diet that has no chicken and dumplings.


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I could eat  a bowlful of these right now.

I could eat a bowlful of these right now.

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