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Cheaper Ways to Get the Equipment You Need for Your Restaurant's Kitchen


You may think that the best way to get high-quality cooking supplies is to go straight to the manufacturer and buy directly from them, or to buy from the most name-brand, top-quality manufacturers out there. This might be true in some cases, mainly for specialty equipment that other companies just simply don’t make, but for everything else there are plenty of other, cheaper, options to choose from. Here are cheaper ways to get the equipment you need for your restaurant's kitchen.

Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

The first option is to buy used restaurant equipment. You may be hesitant about buying used equipment, but keep in mind that it's often as good as new if you wipe it down and clean it thoroughly after purchase. If you don't like the idea of buying used appliances, look for second-hand equipment such as used stainless steel three door commercial freezer in local ads or online. You may be able to find a good deal on a great piece of equipment that's just been replaced by a newer model.

Buy from Other Restaurants

The best way to save money on new restaurant appliances is to buy from other restaurants. Look for local restaurants that are closing down or restaurants that have been renovated and no longer need certain appliances. You might be able to get a deal if the restaurant is upgrading its equipment.

Rent Instead of Buying

If you're just starting up your new restaurant, consider renting instead of buying. While it's important to own your equipment to establish your business, you should consider the long-term. Buying new equipment means that parts may need to be replaced or repaired soon after opening. If you rent, you'll only have to worry about buying replacement parts when it's necessary. You can always buy the equipment you need later on after you’re more established.

Buy Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you're planning to buy used commercial kitchen equipment, make sure it's not too old. Check the equipment carefully and ask about its history to ensure it has been well kept up because older appliances aren't always reliable. You may have better luck buying new restaurant equipment.

Buy Online

You can find some of the best deals for commercial kitchen appliances online. Use websites, such as Craigslist or Amazon, to search for used equipment. You may have trouble shipping large items, but you should be able to find good deals on some smaller pieces of equipment. If you're planning a larger purchase, it's a good idea to check out manufacturer websites and wholesale supply sites. You may be able to get a discount for buying in bulk.

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By following these tips, you should find the equipment you need for your restaurant without spending too much money. While it's important to have quality appliances in your kitchen, they don't have to be brand new or expensive. Take a look at what's available and use this guide to save money on cooking supplies.

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