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How to Make Candy Buttons

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Colorful, unique and whimsical, this is the nostalgic treat that everyone remembers having fun with as a child. Candy Buttons or Candy Dots are small rounded dot of candy that are attached to a strip of paper. You can use your teeth or fingers to pick off the candy dots to eat. Each strip of the candy includes three flavors: cherry (pink), lime(blue), and lemon (yellow). Candy Buttons are gluten free.

Surprise yourself, the kids or your friends by making these colorful candies at home. They make great party favors and treats to stuff in your party gift bags. This kid friendly project is great for any time of year, it's fun to tailor the colors to the season: red and green for Christmas, pastels for Spring, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red for Valentine’s Day, orange for Halloween, or maybe the colors of your favorite sports team. This is also a fun rainy day activity for the kids.

At birthday parties we've used the candy buttons as a fun game. Give each child a strip of candy buttons, set a timer, and the child who finishes eating the candies first or the most when the timer goes off wins a prize. We've had a few cheaters over the years who get halfway through and start eating the paper!


Homemade candy button ingredients

  • 1 pound Confectioners Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Meringue Powder
  • 4 to 6 Tablespoons Warm Water
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
  • A few drops Various colors of Food Coloring
  • Strips of white paper, 2 3/4" by 10"
  • Ziploc bags or cake decorating bags
  1. Add the sugar, meringue powder, water and vanilla to a large bowl and beat for approximately 10 minutes. You may need to add a little more water or sugar depending on the humidity in your kitchen. If the icing is too thick, thin it out with drops of water until it is the consistency of sour cream. A drop should hold it's shape and smooth out to create a smooth button.
  2. Divide the icing into two or three bowls. Add a few drops of food color to each bowl and mix well. Continue adding drops until you are happy with the colors. Spoon each color of frosting into a sandwich bag which you will use like a piping bag (snip a tiny piece off of one of the corners, squeeze the frosting down toward the corner and twist the top so the frosting doesn’t come out the top into your hands).
  3. Cut the paper into strips about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Place the papers onto baking sheets. Squeeze the icing out onto the paper strips in small dots, 3 across the strip of paper. Continue down the paper, changing the color every 4 to 6 rows. Keep the rows and columns of dots even and in line with each other. Place the baking sheets filled with candy buttons in a cool place to dry. Enjoy!
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FUN Candy Facts

Necco makes about 1 billion candy buttons each year!

M&Ms were first manufactured in 1940 but the “M” didn’t appear on the M&Ms until 1950. The "M" used to be black instead of white like it is now.

If you want to blow a bigger bubble, chew your gum until the sugar is gone. Sugar doesn't stretch and will cause your bubble to collapse sooner.

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kayyluh on January 26, 2012:

what a great hub! I always loved these candies when I was little I never knew how to make them! Thank you for sharing with us!:) I voted up and awesome!

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