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Can You Keep a Secret in Making an Epically Mean Bombay Crush

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  • 50g pistachio finely chopped, if to your preference
  • 2 Litre vanilla ice cream
  • 500ml milk, long life or fresh milk is fine
  • 300ml rose syrup
  • 100ml elachie syrup, or 25g elachie powder
  • 25g Sabja seeds, (small black seeds - found in spice shops near you)
  • 25g china grass powder, (found in spice shops near you)
  • water as needed
  • grater


  1. During your preparation time or an hour prior to preparation, start off by soaking the sabja seeds in a combination of water and mixing in 2 tablespoons of rose syrup into the container of where the seeds are being soaked. the level of rose syrup and water mix must reach above the seeds as they will expand like orbi's.
  2. Next part during your preparation time is heating +-125ml of water, with 2 tablespoons of Rose syrup as well, mixing until powder is dissolved and leave to cool, it will resemble a gelatine block once cooled
  3. Important tip to note in adding rose syrup to the sabja and china grass, I assure you it will give you that decadent flavour in every sip
  4. For the Bombay crush, In a large 3 or 4 litre sealable container, pour in your partially melted tub of vanilla ice cream
  5. Pour in your milk
  6. Pour in your Rose Syrup
  7. Pour in your Elachie Syrup or elachie powder
  8. Drain out whatever excess water from your sabja seeds that have now already expanded to mini orbi's
  9. Take your china grass gelatine block and using the grater, grate the block into the mixture
  10. You may also throw in your finely chopped pistachios if its to your preference
  11. Mix it all in, merging all ingredients together, changing to different shades of a beautiful rosy colour
  12. Once mixed well, it is ready to serve (best served well chilled)
  13. Dribble on some rose syrup from the top when filled in glasses, with a strawberry, or raspberry for garnish


Saurabh on February 24, 2020:

This brings back memories of happy times in my childhood

Rusha on February 19, 2020:

OMG, My favourite!!!

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and i have been asking everywhere for this recipe

definitely trying it

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