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Cajun Microwave Roasting Box


The Cajun Microwave is a wooden box used for cooking meats outdoors.

The Cajun Microwave is normally made of thick plywood, one-half inch brick insulation and 26-gauge metal.

The inside of the box should be lined with the metal. The top of the box is constructed with a metal tray 'hot box' in its center to hold the hot charcoal. The hot charcoal radiates heat throughout the box and cooks the meat inside.

The box sits on legs to keep it off the ground. You place the lid on top of the box, and place your choice of heat inside of the lid's steel lined insert. You can use charcoal or your choice of sticks/branches/wood for those who want a nice roaring fire.

The entire box heats up, and the meat is cooked evenly for delicious, open fire quality roasting.


What can you cook in the Cajun Microwave?

You can cook just about anything such as

Venison hindquarter, lamb, Ham or pig. If you can cook it in a barbecue or oven, you can cook it in a Cajun Microwave.

Folks love the Cajun Microwave for the ultimate Cajun cookout, the roast pig or 'couchon du lait' (as they call it) which literally means ' young suckling pig'.

When you realize what you can cook in a Cajun Microwave or la caja china is a giant oven. My favorite description is "Caja China, a Dutch oven on steroids"

You can cook almost anything so lets throw in some corn as a side dish with your fabulous meat.

Corn Recipe ...

Step one: Fresh Corn

Step two: 1/4 to 1/3 inch slab of butter

Step 3: Wrap in tinfoil

Step 4: Toss in La Caja China

You just place the foil wrapped corn into the Cajun Microwave the last 30 minutes of cooking time and instant delicious side dish. Want some Squash?



Proud to have received the following honors

Chosen on March 3rd 2008 as Lens Of The Day

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Each of you made this possible and I want to thank every one for this honor.

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

What would a Cajun party be without fiddle music?

Heck what would a Squidoo lens about Cajun Microwaves be without fiddle music.

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For your listening enjoyment!

Cajun Microwave Bruce Weeks Family Band

This is my first attempt at building this and cooking in it. I put just a little too much charcoal from the start and scorched some wood. But tomorrow I'll put in some more flashing and a little less charcoal. This Pork Butt Roast sure smells fine here in the driveway.


Advantages Of The Cajun Microwave

over the traditional open pit method of cooking

* Cooks Food 25-40% faster than open pit method (A 50lb pig can be roasted in 4-5 hours instead of 6-8 hours)

* Cooks more efficiently - you use 1-2 bags of charcoal vs. 1/2 chord of wood for in-ground pit method

* Can be used in the city and suburbs since it uses charcoal like a bar-be-que pit

* No need to worry should the weather turn bad - just move the Cajun Microwave under your patio or shed, or even under a tree

* Taste of the cooked meat is as close as you can get to meat roasted in an open pit.

* the weather is not an issue (can't have a fire in the rain)

* legal in cities where fires are prohibited (cook on your porch or courtyard)

* options such as grills mounted on top of lid and lets you cook "double duty" ---large pieces of meat inside the box, burgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken and other items on top-at the same time!

* It is also a wonderful conversation piece - center of attention for your party!

Cajun Men Cook - My number one choice for cajun cookbooks

Yes, Cajun men cook! and they seldom cook for one or two guests, and they never cook alone.

They cook because they love good food, but also because they love the camaraderie, the good times, and the story telling that inevitably accompany meals.

Whether preparing blackened redfish, crawfish, shrimp, gumbo, jambalaya, boudin, etouffee, crabs, oysters, sausage on the bayou, or barbecuing a suckling pig on the patio (where cooking time is often gauged by the amount of beer in the cooler), Cajun men have an innate talent for creating taste treats that frequently evolve into legendary culinary delights.

Accessories to Enhance your Cooking Experience

You must have good tools to do a good job!

Cooking is no different than any other things in life - Tools enhance the craftsman.

Take a look at some of the cooking tools available

The Best of Cajun Cooking - Fire up the Taste Buds with these great Cajun Recipes

Ever know a Great Cook? Ever known a great cook that did not have a great library of cookbooks?

Do you want to be a great cook or expand on your skill? Here is a fantastic selection of cookbooks to expand your library.

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View of the Cajun Microwave


How to Build a Smoker or Smokehouse

Building a Smoker does not need to be complicated or even extremely expensive. If you are semi handy with a few hand tools you can build a smoker today!

If you would like more information on building your own smoker or even a full smokehouse check out my Squidoo Lens "How to Build a Smoker" today!

Your opinion counts - but only if you give it

Eddie Le Jeune & DL Menard

You got the coals burning - the temperature is just right - the pig has settled in and you have grabbed a cool one.

Now its time to sit back - put your feet up - and listen to some great down home music.


Beauty is not only skin deep

AL's Cajun Microwaves are charcoal heated dutch ovens used for cooking outdoors. Each microwave is hand crafted from furniture-grade Louisiana cypress, and durable stainless steel. The cover is a coal bed, which radiates heat throughout the interior of the microwave, where your food cooks slowly & evenly. A removable thermometer allows monitoring of the interior temperature. Optimal cooking is achieved between 250 and 350 degrees.

These beautiful units are available with custom laser etching on cypress panels to personalize your microwave with your name or company logo. And there are several accessories to choose from to make your Cajun Microwave as functional as it is beautiful.

Learn more about Al Simons Cajun Microwaves today!


Learn How to Make your Own Sausage

Making and eating your own sausage is easy and fun to do. Control the quality of the sausage you make yourself and save about 50% of the cost over store bought sausage.

To Learn More about Making Homemade Sausage on Squidoo


Visit the Smokehouse

Ideas and suggestions for all your smoker needs

You have taken the time to get your own smoker, so are you ready for the next step? Before you fire up your smoker there are some things you will want to know

I have created a Squidoo lens that covers your smoker needs from wood selection for the smoke to how to marinade your fresh fish.

Don't forget to stop over at the smokehouse for suggestions and tips on the best methods to smoke your food today.

Click here to visit the Smoke House Today!


The StoveTop smoker is for all seasons and reasons

The idea of smoking your own foods might be appealing yet for many reasons, you do not feel its for you.

Perhaps you never fix enough food at once to make buying or building a smoker practical.

You only want to smoke foods a few times each year.

You prefer smoked foods when you are camping.

You want something that is quicker and easier.

There is a great answer if this is you ... Check out my Lens about

Stove Top Smoking Today!

Cajun Fiddle - Performed by miss Emily

What would a Cajun Pig Roast be without a little Music?

darn near boring that's what.

I just want to set the mood while you browse my lens, so I present this little bit of Fiddle just for you.


Naughty Salmon dip


12 ounces canned salmon

3/4 cup Miracle Whip (may substitute with mayonnaise)

3 oz. of cream cheese

1/4 cup horseradish sauce

1/2 cup diced red bell pepper

1/2 cup diced green onions

1/4 cup diced red onions

2 Jalapeno peppers diced

2 tablespoons Lime Juice

1 teaspoon grated lime

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Throw everything in a food processor and mix in low speed for about five minutes till all the ingredients are nicely mixed.

Cover with wrap and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for best results.

Serve with Crackers

For more great ways to use your Smoked Salmon visit my Squidoo Lens " Smoked Salmon Recipes"

Click here to visit Smoked Salmon Recipes Today!

My Favorite Cajun Microwave Sites

Here are some websites that I have found interesting and useful information about the Cajun Microwave on. I hope you enjoy.

  • The Cajun Microwave
    The Cajun Microwave is a cypress roasting box designed to cook large pieces of meat and other items, including whole roast pigs (the famous Cajun dish known as "conchon du' lait"), turkeys, lamb, chickens, deer, beef, vegetables and other items
  • Al Simon's Cajun Microwaves: Hand-made from premium cypress & stainless steel
    Cajun Microwaves are charcoal heated dutch ovens used for cooking outdoors. Each microwave is hand crafted from furniture-grade Louisiana cypress, and durable stainless steel.
  • A Redneck Pig Roast
    Anthropologists see events such as fish fries and pig roasts as ways for a culture to redistribute wealth/energy/food resources. Rednecks, my culture, see pig roasts as a way to relieve wintertime blahs and, for some rednecks, an excuse to start drin
  • Cajun & Creole: Planning a pig roast? You need the cajun microwave recipe cher
    If you are planning a barbeque party around a pig roast, you need the cajun microwave recipe cher.
  • MeatHenge: La Caja China - The Odyssey
    « Injectable Marinade - Caja China Roasting Box Preview | Are you holding on to something? Maybe you should sit down, a good sit. MeatHenge Labs is proud to introduce our very own La Caja China

The Cajun Opinion Poll

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