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Butter Chicken Without Yogurt or Cream

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Looking for a butter chicken dish that is easy to BEGINNER-FRIENDLY and so delectably TASTY it leaves your family members coming back for seconds? Well, this recipe is for you. Follow these steps below to achieve the best butter chicken out there.

Side advice : These are the amounts of spices I use in my dish; however, if you want a spicer or less spicer dish you can change it accordingly.


- 500 grams of chicken( boneless)

- 4 tablespoons of chilli powder

- 2 teaspoons of turmeric

- 1 tablespoons of ginger garlic paste

- 2 tablespoons lemon juice

- 2 large tomatoes

- 2 large onions

- 4-5 tiny chillie peppers

- 12 cashew nuts ( broken into pieces)

- 6 tablespoons of sunflower oil

- 3 tablespoons of butter

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- Salt to taste

- Water ( for consistency )

- Coriander


1) Cut your boneless chicken into cubes. You can use chicken with bones but separating the bones from the chicken would be slightly difficult; however, not impossible if you leave the chicken to defrost a little longer.

2 ) Place you cubed chicken into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of chilli powder, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, ½ tablespoon of ginger garlic paste, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and salt to taste. Now mix everything together with the chicken and leave aside to marinate for 20 minutes.

While waiting for the chicken to marinate, begin with the onion paste for the curry.

3) Cut each onion and tomato into 4 big pieces and place into the pot with a little oil( 1 Tablespoon). Next add in the chillie peppers along with the broken cashew nuts.

4) Once the tomatoes and onions are a little soft, transfer them from the pot into a food processor or blender and turn it into a paste.

5) In a pot, add in 5 tablespoons of oil and place the chicken to fry until almost cooked and remove from the stove.

6) Now in the same pot or different pot ( whichever you prefer), put the onion paste in and add 2 tablespoons of chilli powder, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, ½ tablespoon of ginger garlic paste and salt to taste. Cover the pot and leave for 2-3 minutes.

7) After 2-3 minutes, add in 3 tablespoons of butter and mix. Cover the pot again for 2-3 minutes.

8) The next thing to do is add in the chicken with a little water ( depending on how thick you want the curry to come out) and leave for 5 minutes. Lastly add in the coriander and voila you are done with your tasty butter chicken dish.

This dish is served best with rice or naan. Even though this is a little unconventional ( I think), you can add in pasta and turn it into butter chicken pasta. I had that once on a trip out and up to this day I still cannot get over how tasty that pasta dish was.

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