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Building Salads

Author is Chef Syed Abdul Attique works as Chef Instructor at Culinary Academy Of India


A 'plate of mixed greens' is the sole food or a blend of various nourishments that go with or held along with a dressing. The fundamental parts of a plate of mixed greens are the base, the body, the topping, and the dressing.

Salads can be served as appetizer, accompaniment, main course salads, and separate course or even as dessert.

It's predominant to eat an assortment of new foods grown from the ground, in whatever number various shade as could be allowed. Consolidating them in a plate of mixed greens is both simple and scrumptious! Stacked with nutrients and minerals, eating a plate of mixed greens a day will likewise build the degree of amazing cell reinforcements in your blood and nutrition.

Serving of mixed greens assumes a significant job in any feast. Any Indian meal is incomplete without serving healthy salad dishes. We devour different food things on everyday schedule and none of them is as significant as salad. That’s why salad is considered as a very important part of our meal.


It is advised to eat a healthy salad on daily basis; it may be vegetable salad, fruit salad, mixed salad, etc. People are living a strenuous life and healthful food is a fundamental marvel that gives multivitamins to our body. Everyone has different tastes and palate for food, when building a salad one has to follow and adhere to cuisine ethics and basic norms for which a salad is created.

Plate of mixed greens is a stunning treat to the taste buds. If we observe there are certain nations where people refuse to eat on dining tables, if serving of mixed greens are not offered in their dinner. You can make assortment of solid and delectable servings of mixed greens, it is consistently prudent to go with the dietary and diet plate of mixed greens in your daily feast.

Everyone has different tastes and palate for food, when building as salad on has to follow and adhere to cuisine ethics and basic norms for which a salad is created.


Culinary ethics and fundaments have to be in place for any food creation or building for example, basil, pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic or zucchini which typically relate to Italians and a salad made form them should predominantly have those ingredients which are typical Italian.

Similar if one uses Lavash and fattoush herb spring and so on with the salad, it can be identified as Lebanese or middle eastern salad. Whereas if blue cheese, brie if used in dressing would make a salad French. Sweet chili sauce, shredded coconut, blue swimmer crab is Thai in its nature. So it is significant to follow certain ethics of the original cuisine while making salads.

Next important thing to keep in mind while building salad is that and an appetizer salad should stimulate the appetite and have fresh, crisp ingredients such as cheese, ham, salami, shrimp, or vegetables lightly coated with flavorful dressing, Appetizer salads should be substantial, but not filling.

Complementary salads should be tasty and should balance and complement the rest of the meal. On the other hand a main course salad should be large enough to serve as a whole meal. It should contain protein ingredients, such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, legumes, or cheese etc. It should also contain a variety of vegetables, greens, and /or fruits and has to be filling in nature.

Separate course salads would be used to cleanse the palate after a rich dinner and before dessert. This means they are built to refresh or stimulate a person’s appetite for the dessert or next course. They are often served in classic French meals. Heavy dressings made with mayonnaise or sour cream should be avoided for separate course meals as the dessert is yet to follow in the meal.

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The salad can also be served as a dessert course for which dessert salads are usually sweet, often containing fruits, sweetened gelatin, nuts, cream, and or sweet cream

Select the right size dish / plate / bowl / food surface and keep the salad off the rim if possible. Keep the arrangement simple. Try to add some height or mounded ingredients to your plate so that all colour of ingredients are not only visible but they look excellent and very appetizing to eat.

The chef has to be very creative in building his own combination of ingredients as to what should be the base of salad, body, dressing or even garnish. Practice should be to maintain a good balance of color. Too many colors are sometimes unappetizing. Cut the required ingredients pieces neatly and uniformly, in pieces that are easily recognizable. Overlap slices or wedges and making it exclusive meal an experience for the guest.

The salad dressing is a liquid or semi-liquid, sauce or even gravy which is used to flavour, moisten, or enrich the salad. It should upgrade or supplement the plate of mixed greens fixings, yet not overwhelm them. Since most serving of mixed greens dressing is served new, instead of cooked, the nature of the dressing relies upon the nature of ingredients and the available standard material.

Dips and condiments can also be given separately allowing people to construct their own salad and dressing, this gives more personal touch and this can be more specific to their taste and preference. Salad bars have become very popular now a days as they provide lettuce, chopped tomatoes, assorted raw, sliced vegetables, cucumbers, carrots, celery, olives and green or red peppers , dried bread croutons, bacon bits, shredded cheese, and various types of salad dressing so the salad can be built by self as per his / her need and requirement.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Comments on February 02, 2021:

Excellent article and very updated information .....I want to join BRAND CAI when are the application allowed for Advance Diploma In Culinary Arts ....Can we come and see the kitchens of the Culinary Academy of India.

S Srinivas

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Alwyn_ De_ on February 01, 2021:

Very god sir....I trained under you for the Costa Cold Kitchen Commis Course. You thought us so many things in short time.Those two weeks under you was very helpful and today I am working as CDP in cold kitchen with another cruise line.Aricle is very helpful and also informative. BRAND CAI always rocks...Sir.



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