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Bloomington-Normals Best Dinner Spots

Dinner in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Epiphany Farms

Epiphany tends to be one of the first options mentioned when discussing where we should go out for dinner when wanted to enjoy a night out on the town. Epiphany Farms is beautifully decorated, offers a unique, farm-to-table menu, and is located in a great spot in Downtown Bloomington. I personally enjoy that Epiphany Farms, located under its sister restaurant, Anju Above, serves both menus. I think that this allows Epiphany Farms to expand its market to a wider audience because it serves so many food options. I have spent multiple meals at Epiphany, and I would recommend it to any one coming into town. In regard to price range, Epiphany can tend to be on the pricier side, I would not describe it as a casual restaurant; however, there are definitely ways you can budget your meal while dining in and spend less than twenty dollars per person.

Rosie's Pub

Also located in Downtown Bloomington, Rosie's Pub is a classic bar and grill! I wanted to include Rosie's Pub on this list because I felt that it was a more casual option, but it also is a great spot to grab a couple drinks or have an intimate dinner. Their menu includes flatbreads, burgers, salmon, steak, and some other quick eats. I am a big fan of "hole in the wall" restaurants, and I think that Rosie's Pub is at the top of that list. It is truly a hidden gem of Downtown Bloomington!

Reality Bites

Ringing in the last of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Bloomington is Reality Bites! I absolutely love Reality Bites! Its location, its menu, its vibe... It is perfect! Reality Bites serves some menu items as tapas or you can enjoy traditional dining as well, and it serves several specialty cocktails. You can find tacos, burgers, pastas, skewers, and several appetizers on their menu, and their dining space shows so much character. They have a grand window at the front of their building that looks out on to Main St., and inside, it offers a very intimate area. Another cool fact about Reality Bites is that it is a part of a family of restaurants/establishments, and it works hand in hand with Elroy's Sports Bar and Daddios Nightclub!

Ancho & Agave

If you have read any other parts of my blog, I am sure you have gotten enough of Ancho & Agave; however, I just cannot get enough of this place! I feel obligated as the Blono Foodie to continuously recommend this restaurant. Their signature tacos... To die for! Their burritos... To die for! Their chips and salsa... To die for! I really hope that at some point you are able to find the time to make it over to Ancho & Agave. It is one of my favorite places to go with some friends or with my parents when they come into town! It has such a fun vibe to it, a large seating area, and beautiful decor!

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Located in the heart of Uptown Normal, Medici is a huge piece of Normal's restaurant scene. It is located right off of Illinois State University's campus, and it is constantly buzzing with business. It offers a wide array of food options, and it has a stunning setup! My personal favorite aspect of Medici is the tree that is planted/rooted in the middle of the restaurant! It's a sight you have to see for yourself! In addition to its beautiful restaurant and details, Medici offers an amazing outdoor patio deck that is open in the warmer months of the year. Several private parties are hosted by Medici, and it is definitely a restaurant that attracts most of the crowd that visits Blono!

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