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Best Prime Day Blender Deals 2020: What to expect

What Prime Day blender deals to expect

Blender manufacturers, like merchants, tend to follow pricing practices that work. We analyzed the past deals from a range of blender brands including Vitamix, Blendtec, Breville, Ninja, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, and more. We looked at deals on blender models with list prices that ranged from $50 to $1,100. Regardless of the price range, we found deals maxed out at about 60% to 65% off the model’s original list price, often with interim discounts that had become the new “normal” selling price. No blender brand discounted all models the same, so we’re not expecting to find all Brand X blenders at 60% off, for example. In some cases, the manufacturer doesn’t want or need to sell off a lot of inventory and might limit Prime Day discounts on certain models to only 20% to 25% off — a deal, but not an amazing deal.

Amazon is known for running flash sales or lightning sales with limited inventory on specific products available at exceedingly low prices for a tightly controlled short time. If you look for lightning deals or happen to notice one that fits your need, snap it up immediately.

How to choose a blender

The world of blenders gets confusing quickly. The most effective strategy for getting the best deal on a blender that meets your needs is to plan. These are the factors to consider in your planning:

  • Type: Are you looking for an immersion blender (a stick-like device), a cup-capacity quick blender/chopper, a smoothie blender, an all-purpose utility blender for family cooking, or a commercial model that makes quick work of blending, cutting, mixing, or even pulverizing the thickest, toughest ingredients for hours? Prices generally follow function, but it’s easy to overbuy.
  • Power: Blender brands brag about their power in watts, but the better measure is to check out the types of functions they brand features for a given blender. Like you don’t need an 800-horsepower car for commuting, you don’t need a commercial level blender to whip up a smoothie.
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