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Best FlavorWave/NuWave Oven Chicken Wings Recipe

FlavorWave, NuWave and other infrared ovens are a great tool to lower the fat and calories in dishes that are generally fried. The problem is that finding good recipes for these ovens has been a chore for me. I got my FlavorWave about three months ago, and love the concept of it, but the recipe "book" that came along with it is basically unusable in my opinion. As an example, there isn't even a recipe to cook a whole chicken in the oven. There is a recipe to cook two whole chickens, but not one. So I went online to find more information on cooking techniques for my oven and I did find a cooking chart. However, I have found the times and temperatures on the chart aren't that reliable. The chart says to cook everything at 400 degrees. If that's the case, I don't know why there is an adjustment for temperature on the oven at all. The chart does not instruct you to turn food over during cooking. If you want the food to brown evenly on both sides, it has to be turned. And...I still want actual recipes.

What to do about my dilemma? Experiment. With my Wave oven, I am finding the experimenting is actually fun.

As I ventured into experimentation mode, I tried to think of a food that I really like, that is generally fried, and that I could lower the fat and calories in by using my new oven. One of my first thoughts? Chicken wings. I prefer them with spicy barbeque sauce, but this recipe can be used if you like them with traditional wing sauces (Tabasco, garlic, etc.) as well. Just substitute the sauce you like for the bbq sauce in the recipe.

So, if you have one of these ovens, are somewhat frustrated by the lack of information available regarding the cooking process, and like chicken wings, try out this recipe and let me know what you think.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings.  Yum.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings. Yum.

FlavorWave Chicken Wings Recipe

3 lb. bag frozen chicken wings

Spicy bbq sauce (or your favorite wing sauce)

Place chicken wings on wire rack (if you have the two racks of different heights you can put wings on each rack and stack them to make more at a time). Cook them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Turn the wings over and cook 10 minutes more. Turn over, baste with sauce and cook 4 minutes. Turn, baste and cook another 4 minutes. Turn over, baste and cook an additional 3 minutes. As I baste and turn, if I'm using multiple racks, I also move the wings from the top rack to the bottom rack for more even cooking. On a side note, you can see the fat and calories literally dripping off the wings as they cook. Gotta love that.

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Although the recipe seems simple enough, the secret is the amount of time the wings are cooked. You want them to be moist and juicy inside, and still have that great chicken wing flavor on the outside.

If you are having guests for a ball game or party, you can make these in advance and keep them warm in a low oven.

So, if you have a Wave oven, I hope you enjoy this easy recipe, and in the meantime I'm going back to experimenting....

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