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Best All Purpose Silicone Spatula For Baking & High Heat Review - Tovolo

America's Test Kitchen Silicone Spatulas Review

Tovolo Spatulas come in Multiple Colors!



Best out of two: Least Expensive & Most Attractive

I first became interested in spatulas when buying an assortment of housewarming gifts for a close friend. I've never personally bought a spatula that I was particularly happy with, until now. I did quite a bit of research to find the right product. America's Test Kitchen video is above, which provides a scientific analysis of ten of the most common spatulas on the market. In the end, they recommend two different spatulas for best choices to buy. I chose the Tovolo Spatula, out of the two choices, because it was the least expensive and most attractive option.

Price range for spatulas (in general): $7 - $20

Poorly Constructed Products

A good spatula is designed for convenience, versatility, and comfort. A poorly constructed product will:

  • Melt in high heat
  • Gimmicky design
  • Too Long, Too Short
  • Too stiff to fold egg whites
  • Too flexible when used with thick dough.

Essentual Spatula Uses

The spatula is an essential cooking tool used for....

  • Mixing
  • Folding
  • Serving
  • Spreading
  • Scraping
  • Flipping

There are other types of spatulas, including the spoonula and the turner. The spoonula is perfect for mixing, scooping, and serving. The turner is useful for scraping, flipping, turning, and stir fry.

Best All Purpose Silicone Spatula For Baking & High Heat Review - Tovolo

What's important to look for in a Spatula head?

The most significant feature of the spatula is its head. What to look for in a spatula head:

  • Made of Silicone for high heat cooking
  • Soft & Flexible to clean batter from bowl
  • Stiff enough to remove sticky food from pan
  • Top edge should be flat, rigid, & squared off
  • Edge should be thin enough to reach into corners
  • Large & broad to move significant amounts of food
  • Face should be flat enough to scrape bowl clean
    • & Also helpful to slip under edge of omelets

What to avoid in a spatula head:

  • Silicone melts when exposed to high heat
  • Pointed, floppy, curvy tips make you work harder
  • Ridge on head will leave batter attached on either side
  • A head that is too small will also cause you more work

Tovolo Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Spatula

What about Spatula handles?

The second most significant feature of a spatula is the handle. What to look for in a spatula handle:

  • As heat resistant as the head.
  • Comfortable grip with rounded handle.
  • Smooth with indentations for the thumb.
  • Rigid enough to provide leverage when stirring.
  • Long enough to keep your hands away from hot food.
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What to avoid in a spatula handle:

  • Melts when laid on the edge of a hot pan or skillet.
  • Handles that are too flat or flexible or break when bent.
  • Uncomfortable - Hard plastic edge or extreme curves will hurt.

Discoloration, Smells, & Melting

Choose a darker shade of spatula to avoid ugly cooking stains over time & to keep your spatula looking new. In other words, avoid a spatula with a WHITE head. Some spatulas that were tested by America's Test Kitchen actually melted when exposed to high heat. Others retained stinky food smells after being washed.

Rubbermaid Scraper

Tovolo Slicone Spatula Tools - Spatula, Turner, Spoonula

Which were the two Spatula winners?

Both the Rubbermaid Scraper and Tovolo Spatula came through with solid performance when tested by America's Test Kitchen for cooking or baking. However, I noticed a few things below. First, the Rubbermaid head is white which means that it could stain easily. The Tovolo had a darker color head, half the cost, heat resistant handle, and an overall more attractive design. Also, the Tovolo comes in a variety of colors, including a set which come with a spatula, spoonula, and a scraper.

#1) Rubbermaid Professional 13.5" Heat Resistant Scraper - Cost $18.99

(Notice the head on this gadget is white - this is one reason why I chose the Tovolo because of its darker color to avoid stains over time.)

#2) Tovolo Silicone Spatula - Cost $8.95

My pick because of lower cost, darker color, heat resistant handle, and prettier design.

Rubbermaid or Tovolo Spatula

Tovolo Silicone Spatula Set

Tovolo Spatula Features & Benefits


  • Nylon handle, silicone head
  • Frustration Free Packaging
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Fun, bright colors (Raspberry Fizz and Summer Sky)
  • Comfortable grip
  • Functional for almost every cooking use

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Melinda Longoria MSM (author) from Garland, Texas on April 22, 2014:

Thank you jtrader for your comments! Before I did the research for this hub, I too never knew there were factors to consider when buying a spatula. I always just picked up some cheap piece of junk at the dollar store which would melt or break a week later. ;-) Glad the info is helpful to you. Happy Hubbing! ;-) Melinda

jtrader on April 22, 2014:

I will never again buy a spatula without considering these factors. Voted up and useful and Pinned!

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