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The Incredible Little-Known Benefits of Chai Tea


Chai tea is an Indian tea passed down through tradition and heritage, and has been used for hundreds of years in the East to help aid diseases and conditions.

Made from black tea and green tea mixed with a selection of herbs and exotic spices, Chai tea is a great alternative to those not satisfied with the taste of green tea, yet looking for more benefits than what black tea provides.

Benefits of Chai Tea

The interesting thing about Chai Tea is that different benefits are available depending on the way that the tea is brewed at a certain time. These can range from benefits focused mainly on the metabolism and the digestion system, to specifically targeting headaches and/or join pain, Regardless of which way you choose to brew it however, there are some benefits that are universal, and these are as follows.

Overall Health Improvement

Chai tea can be mixed with virtually any herb in the world, which means that along with the standard feel-good and metabolism benefits that it provides, you can target specific problem areas that other herbs address. For example, mixing chai tea with cinnamon can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

Metabolism and Digestion Benefits

For those who suffer from digestion problems, drinking chai tea regular can help speed up the metabolism and ensure food gets digested quicker, with less of a heavy feeling. It also helps to reduce bloating, a common side-effect of eating too many carbs.

Youthful Skin

Although many commercial skin products claim they target the cells that attack the skin and cause it to age, chai tea is proven to fight these cells from the inside, keeping your skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. There’s no expensive lotion you need to apply every day either, as chai tea can simply be brewed and drunk.

Cancer- and other condition-fighting properties

A powerfully strong antioxidant, chai tea has been shown to reduce free radicals, which are thought to be one of the causes of cancer and many other conditions.

Caffeine Replacement

Need a little perk me up but don’t want to experience the grotty comedown of 3 espressos? Just like green tea, chai tea contains a good amount of caffeine, and will be more than enough to pick you up out of your mid-afternoon slump.


This may be universal to all types of tea, but chai tea in particular has the benefits of encouraging relaxation, meaning that after a long hard day a cup can help you to relax. The caffeine and relaxant properties may sound like a contradiction, but you’ll have an alert yet relaxed mind and body to take you where you need to go.

Reduces Period Pains

Don’t ask how this happens, because it just does. Many women have reported feeling less pain when it’s that time of the month, so kick your chai tea intake up a notch if your period is near.

Increases Immune System Strength

Chai tea often gives the immune system a much needed boost, and is ideal for winter-time when colds and flu run rampant. Instead of drinking a sugar-laden energy drink that will actually decrease your immune system’s effectiveness, try a cup of chai tea and see how many colds you get comparatively.


Great ingredients to add to chai tea for even more benefits

Below are a few ingredients, such as herbs and spices, that you can consider adding to your tea to add even more benefits. Chai tea is arguably best when select spices are added, so be sure not to miss out.


As mentioned above, cinnamon can help to reduce both cholesterol and blood sugar levels, making it great for diabetics and those that struggle with high cholesterol. In addition, cinnamon is known for its aphrodisiac like qualities – drink with a partner for maximum benefit!

Black Pepper

Usually reserved for food, when black pepper is brewed with chai tea it can help you breathe easier and reduce mucus and congestion in the lungs. In addition, it can help you fight a fever.


Nutmeg and chai tea is often cited as a great way to get rid of headaches, and can also support the immune system too.


Ginger has a whole host of benefits, from improved circulation to better metabolism. This is an absolute staple, and should be included in every chai tea mix to get the whole package of benefits.


As you can see, the benefits of chai tea are numerous, and will be so much better for you than many other types of drinks out there. It’s also great to use chai tea for detoxing, and if you were to only get your liquids from straight water, green tea, black tea and chai tea, with herbs and spices added, you will undoubtedly feel like a picture of health.


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