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How I Got to be Gluten Free

I Knew I Had To Find Out What Was Wrong!

A few years ago I was eating a lot of flaxseeds thinking I was doing something very healthy. I was doing something very healthy. I started getting these huge water blisters on the inside of my cheeks in my mouth. When the water was released the area would be very sore. I didn't know what was going on. I stopped eating flaxseeds, and the blisters stopped. I put flaxseeds in my smoothies and on salads I was eating quite a few a day. A chiropractor told me to eat about a fourth of a cup of the flaxseed a day.

I thought the problem was solved. I didn't have any more problems until a few years later the blisters came back even down my throat. I had terrible sore throat episodes. I was in agony most days. It would ease up on some days and even go away. I felt relief, and then would come back again.

I Started Experimenting With Different Foods

I love good food, most people do. I have loved eating breads and sweet things like cakes all my life. I especially liked my moms cinnamon rolls with all the gooey sugar on them. Yummm A lot of people really love breads. In fact most of them say they couldn't live without their bread. I thought I was one of those people. Bread is a mainstay of most people. From sandwich bread to cakes wheat makes the greatest.

I got a call from my doctor saying that my sugar was out of control, and that I needed to come in and see him. Well, I did go and see him. He told me that my blood sugar was over 300 points, and he was very concerned. He put me on two sugar meds one being Metformin and the other was a little pink pill I don't remember the name of.

I didn't test my blood for over a week. I was really depressed about finding out about how high my sugar was, so I put testing my blood off for over a week. One day I just said I'm going to check my blood sugar. Ohhh, no, my blood sugar test showed my blood sugar at 537 points. Wow, I was in shock. I thought about my daughter and my grandchildren. Was I going to let this get the best of me? No! I was not!

I started cutting out a lot of carbs in my diet. One being sweet tea from everyone's favorite place McDonald's. I started getting unsweet tea which really tasted better to me. Maybe because I was trying to straighten my life out. I cut out breads, potatoes, pasta and pretty much most starches. I started using honey instead of sugar because I had to have something sweet. Honey didn't raise my blood sugar. I would make a chocolate dip out of cream cheese, unsweet chocolate powder, and of course honey. Really great for dipping fruit and even walnuts in. My daughter and granddaughter love it too.

I want to live to be with my kids, and to serve God more fully too. Yay, after a few months and thankfully a few pounds I got my sugar under control.

Now Gets To the Gluten Free Part

Ok, now a few years later. I started getting the blisters in my mouth and down my throat. I had gone back to eating breads and things I had cut out of my life. My blood tests were still showing pretty good, but not great. I had read where a woman had the same things going on in her mouth. She had suffered years with that. I had suffered over a year and couldn't imagine going longer than that. I was in misery. At night my throat and mouth would hurt so bad I would cry, and pray for relief.

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The woman I talked about earlier wrote books on how to be gluten free. She had found relief from the blisters and sores when she cut out wheat. I have seen an article on the "Dark Side of Wheat." I'm sorry, I don't remember who wrote it. Anyway, I have heard a lot of bad stuff about wheat.

Well, I cut out my bread. Ohh, my, I missed my bread. You wouldn't believe how many foods have wheat processed in them. From corn chips to sauces. I had to be very careful what I bought to eat.

I Found Relief From My Pain

I couldn't believe it the blisters were going away from not eating wheat. I could almost swallow again. Gradually my throat and mouth has really almost totally gotten well. It is so nice to be able to swallow without wanting to scream. I showed my doctor the blisters, but all she gave me was some pink liquid to swish in my mouth. Didn't help at all.

Leaving wheat out of my life hasn't been easy, but with the relief I have gotten I'm glad I did. I still was having some problems though. My daughter had gotten some sample CBD gel caps, so I took one. I have pains in my joints too. With leaving off wheat my joint pain has gotten better too. But, nothing seemed to totally get rid of the pain. The CBD gel caps started giving me relief right away. Now, note here that I am not promoting any kind of pain relief. I am just noting that I can swallow without any pain at all, and have received almost total relief just from a few of the CBD gel caps.

My Gluten Free Breads

I had said earlier that the woman I referred to had written a book on gluten free breads. I read the reviews and they all sounded good. I ordered the book. I made the banana nut bread, and my daughter and I really liked it. I made it a second time and put dark chocolate chips in it, and that was really good. My daughter made a zucchini bread and also a dinner muffin recipe which were both really good too. It is so nice to be able to eat something so close to bread that doesn't hurt my mouth.

But, in the same breath it is not wheat bread (sad face.) Has a little more grainy texture and kind of like cornbread texture only not as grainy as cornbread. When we work with the recipes more and eat the gluten free breads more we are liking them a lot more. The relief from the pain motivates me the most. When I think of bread I think which is worse the pain, or not having the wheat bread. The pain wins out of course.

These breads are made with coconut flour and almond flour mostly, so they are also keto friendly. We are also going to try tapioca flour too, and see if that will not be quite as grainy. I am starting to enjoy eating these great breads, and being able to eat again without pain.

I have lost over 103 lbs and I don't stick to the keto diet. I just incorporate a lot of vegetables and some fresh fruits in my diet with good cuts of meat, chicken and fish. If you are having some problems try and cut out wheat just to see if it helps.

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