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TryJimmy's Beer Boiled Chicken Wings

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Snack Food for Football Games

Chicken wings are a common appetizer and a favorite snack food for football games. Beer Boiled Chicken Wings is something my friends and I discovered while ditching high school in my father's garage. It got popular as we got older and eventually, as time takes it course, we went our separate ways.

However, one thing I found out after all these years is that we all still make our "garage invented" Beer Boiled Chicken Wings. It's an awesome snack food for football games.

The cooking instructions are fairly simple - it's in the title for crying out loud (Beer Boiled Chicken Wings). With a dozen chicken wings, a six pack of beer & a pot that can hold all of it, you're more than halfway there.
Place the dozen chicken wings in a pot, pour the six-pack of beer, make sure the chicken wings are completely submerged in the beer (if the chicken wings are NOT completely submerged - get more BEER!), then bring to a boil.

(*SeCReT*) Keep the chicken wings covered & submerged in the beer overnight and in the fridge.

Keep the chicken wings in the boiling beer for 1 hour while on occasion stirring the wings using tongs.

You see? Like I said.

The "not-so-simple" part is the BBQ sauce
My secret BBQ sauce is a secret that was handed down to me. I will not say from whom. But rather...
If you want to try my secret BBQ sauce, click here. Or you can buy/create your own BBQ sauce.
It's okay - you won't hurt my feelings, my secret BBQ sauce has a bit of a kick to it.
It might be to much for you.♥

Chicken Wings on the Grill

I know, technically the Beer Boiled Chicken Wings are cooked.
Yes, I agree - there just not done yet. Chicken wings on the grill is a necessary process for any type of excellent tasting chicken wings & Beer Boiled Chicken Wings are no exception.

When grilling I prefer charcoal over a gas grill, but I must admit, I've used both, but for Beer Boiled Chicken Wings I recommend charcoal.

For SAFETY REASONS make sure the charcoals are nice & gray before placing the chicken wings on the grill. And keep the lid closed (if you have one) as much as possible (make sure you don't put the coals out) right before you place the chicken wings on the grill. Get the grill itself really, REALLY hot, that way you can leave grill marks/patterns on the chicken wings - optional, of course.

Personally, I think it looks professional to have grill marks on meats & vegetables - maybe it's a "man-thing".

*BBQ Sauce is optional

Now before putting on the BBQ sauce, using your tongs dip each wing in a fresh bowl of beer (a good quality beer is best) and place back on the grill. Then brush the BBQ sauce on the chicken wings - be genourous.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you want a recipe for making an excellent BBQ sauce, look for the link in the content above.
Read it again if you have to - it's worth it, trust me.

Cook Time

Cook timeReady inYields

1 hour 30 min

1 hour 30 min

two people six wings each

TryJimmy's Secret Ingredients

  • 6 cans/bottles of beer, emptied into a pot
  • 12 meaty chicken wings, raw & fresh

Beer Boiled Chicken Wings

  1. Place 12 meaty chicken wings in a pot.
  2. Empty six beers into pot and completely submerge the chicken wings. Important: Make sure you have enough beer!
  3. *Optional* Cover pot and place overnight in the fridge.
  4. Place pot on stove and bring to boil - the slower the better, so watch your flame.
  5. Make sure you constantly mix the chicken wings (using tongs)every 5-10 minutes to avoid burning and to evenly distribute the cooking process.
  6. When the beer finally begins to boil, you may start timing now. For one WHOLE hour, let the chicken wings boil in the beer. Pour in more beer if needed.
  7. After the one hour boil place the chicken wings (skin side down first) on the grill. Slide the chicken wings back & forth to form the grill marks and to avoid sticking.
  8. Make sure you place the chicken wings in various spots on the grill individually. You don't want to place a freshly beer boiled chicken wing on the grill that's only semi-hot, the grill marks will not appear - not really a big deal.
  9. Right before you tear into these 12 Beer Boiled Chicken Wings, you may want to decide to go BBQ! Great. Use my secret BBQ sauce or your own, and brush on the sauce generously.
  10. After applyinhg the BBQ sauce and before you close the lid, pour a little beer or water on the coals and make it a tad bit smokey (it's for effect really, it does nothing for the BBQ sauce or chicken wings, it just looks like you know what you're doing if people are watching - do it kinda quick too). Close the lid and leave alone for 10 minutes.
  11. They are ready to eat!

Comments to the cook?

cindilouwho on May 11, 2013:

Nice recipe, old school shit!!

James Timothy Peters (author) from Hammond, Indiana on July 24, 2012:

TryJimmy's Beer Boiled Chicken Wings -OR- order Dr. Pepper's BBQ Sauce RIGHT HERE! ALSO - Try Fighting Cock #BBQ Sauce! CHECK ME OUT ON TWITTER - - -

James Timothy Peters (author) from Hammond, Indiana on July 24, 2012:

TryJimmy's Beer Boiled Chicken Wings -OR- order Dr. Pepper's BBQ Sauce RIGHT HERE! ALSO - Try Fighting Cock #BBQ Sauce! CHECK ME OUT ON TWITTER - - -

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