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Paddy Cake Bakery Review

Doing food reviews is personal to me and my tastes. I know that everyone is not going to agree with my opinions and that's okay!!


Updated Review

Since I first visited this shop, I have returned several times. Each time I purchased something different to try and I have never been disappointed in what I have tasted of their products.

In light of a recent negative video, I'm going on record as saying: "There has been no change in the quality of their icings and they have a wonderful flair for holiday decorating. I have mostly visited the shop for Halloween when their decorator's go crazy with the presentations using their famous icing that the recipe was brought over from the old country."

Original Summary

This morning it was my pleasure to meet Patrick Connolly, manager of Paddy Cake Bakery. Patrick was most accommodating and didn't flinch when I hit him with my reason for changing my mind about reviewing this bakery. I had read a rather uncomplimentary review about the bakery concerning a botched wedding cake and the shop's lack of concern to the issue. After interviewing Patrick I realized due to my own experience in cake decorating that the shop had done all they could to make it right with the customer. True, after the wedding there was nothing they could do to make amends for the couple's dissatisfaction.

One of the claims of this couple was that they did not get any of the cake and that they didn't have any way to take the couple's anniversary cake home. Patrick informed me that it is the custom of the shop to provide a first anniversary cake at no charge a year after the wedding. I was also told by Patrick that they put icing under the support for the next layer with white jimmies to make it easy to remove the plastic support. The couple requested to not have the jimmies on the cake it would pull up the icing below and is not the fault of the bakery.

The other derogatory reason for my not interviewing this shop was because I was told by someone who knew the shop that their products are marketed at the local Shop N Save. This is true, but Shop N Save buys the products from Paddy Cake Bakery and then resells them. They are not given a discount.

My findings

Ok, now for my own review of this shop. Kudos to Patrick and the bakery for celebrating their 25th year in operation. It is so refreshing to find a shop that keeps up the traditions and bakes from scratch.

Old World Recipe for Icing and bowls of it!!!

Old World Recipe for Icing and bowls of it!!!

Butter Cream Icing

I was informed that most of the bakeries today buy frozen and don't mix their own products. This is not the case with Paddy Cake. They are known for their butter cream icing and I want to tell you it is scrumptious. I took cake decorating and made butter cream icing. This far surpasses anything I was taught to make. Patrick told me the recipe is German and that they have never changed the recipe or scrimped on the ingredients. This is evident by the end products.

Christmas themed round cake

Christmas themed round cake

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Cake Decorating

Back to that Butter Cream Icing. This shop may not have the best designs for cake decorating and to be truthful what I saw in the way of birthday decorating was just above par. Their big advantage to other bake shops is the creativity that they put into their seasonal cakes as you can see by the variety of Christmas cakes.


Petit Fours

I have seen many petit fours from several shops, but none that compare with the extra mile that the decorators at Paddy Cake. The diverse intricacy of the floral designs for spring and summer are not easy to do and they are wonderfully done at this shop.

For Christmas they do a variety of Christmas themed french pastries in both white and chocolate icings. The originality of the designs on top are wonderfully intricate.


Danish and Cruellers

I am partial to coconut crullers and have not found any I like since Stocklein Bakery closed their doors. I bought them for years there and today I found a cruller to rival the ones I used to get. I was also glad to find out that they still make the flat pecan rolls that an old manager at my first employment used to bring in for treats. They have not lost their flavor and are one of the best pecan danish I have had the pleasure of eating.

Patrick told me that they have a pastry chef who comes in 3 days a week and I want to tell you the danish and pastries are first class.

Pricing and Summation

While I only bought a variety of smaller items from the bakery, I find their pricing to be very fair. I only spent a little under $10 for all of the pastry I brought home.

Kudos to Paddy Cake Bakery -- I am heartened to find a bakery that meets with my stamp of approval in the cake decorating area.

© 2014 Laura L Scotty

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