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Food Allergy Warning and Safety Labels

Are you doing the best you can for your family?

What are "at Home Food Labels"

What are at home food labels? When considering snack food choices, the grocery shelves are covered with everything from chips to chocolate-raisins. In reviewing the many marketing ploys of branders, we may falter and unwittingly give our children a tablespoon of sugar and salt in one 'healthy' described serving. Masked as fruit-rolly things, fruit-filled popping things, and natural fruit-flavored gummy things, we happily fill our families full schedules with healthy and good food choices; actually, we have been tricked into believing we are doing our family a good service, what we really are doing is lowering immunities and escalating glucose levels all in one supposed healthy bite.

As young as we can measure, we find specialized snack foods for our family, snack puddings for babies, pressed and slightly chunky foods for toddlers, gooey cakes for kids and microwavable pockets for our young adults. All so utterly convenient that we can barely stand how well we provide for those we love most. But, is there a fool-proof way to be sure we are in fact giving the important people in our lives truly healthy food snacks? YES. There is!

By using the "EASY LABEL systems" you can take back food control...

Allergy Safety Labels

Food Labels For Controlled at Home Eating


Take Back Food Control Habits for a Truly Healthy Diet

The first step to regainng food habit control in your homs is by starting with the youngest family member and then move right up the age scale. Teach them how to eat right and what the truthfully good choices are. Part of this transition back to a healthy eating style is Behavioral Modification. In modifying eating behaviors we encounter two interesting components; stimulus control and self-monitoring. These two actions offer greater positive end results when utilized in tandem.

Defining Stimulus Control and Self-Monitoring:

Stimulus Control: The use of conditioning techniques to bring the target behaviour of an individual under environmental control.

Making the home a place where the bad food choices are recognized through labeling those unhealthy items. Controlling the desire for eating non-healthy foods is easier when we can target them visually. The individual would have to make a conscious choice to eat the 'now labeled' unhealthy food.

Label Designs for Food Behavior Modification


Self-Monitoring: The method by which an individual records behaviors. The purpose being increased individual awareness of the appropriate modifications to a bad behavior.

Again, by labelling food items you are not mandating the behavior or controlling it directly. This makes for a clearer outcome for the family member who is learning how to eat healthier. They can 'opt' to eat the non-healthy food item, but they have the option as well to 'decide' for them self what is the better choice. By knowing that on occasion, a less healthy choice is okay if moderate in occurrences, the individual learns how to self monitor the behavior of eating better food 'choices' while being taught the the skills of making healthy decisions on their own.

Easy-Label at Home Food Labelling System

One of the best and more efficient (also pre-categorized) home food labeling systems are the EASY LABEL - Healthy heart, Calories, and Family Eating Habit, group of labels. They offer colorful notices regarding food choices. They help in the behavioral modification of your families food consumption. They help to guide your family in the best direction, leaving room for personal rewards while helping your loved one makes the proper choice regarding healthy snacks.

These stickers also replace, there by reducing the stimuli associated with commercial labeling. Billions of dollars are spent designing modern packaging that will draw your family to the big food industry manufactured and potentially unhealthy food items. By using the EASY LABEL systems you can take back the control, while remaining in a passive position as you quietly guide your children to a healthier lifestyle. In essence, you are teaching your family to make the best choice for a healthy eating lifestyle all on their own.

The Power in a Mothers Wing

"The powerful wings of a mother eagle provide fearless comfort from night-time creatures, protection from hostile weather, and maintain strength during the worst of conflicts; yet these same wings remain soft and gentle as they wrap around a fearful child" —India Dee, 2010—





This 18"X24" handsome poster is available to you as a tool for modification of eating habits. It depicts the label that is required to be printed on every food item you buy at the supermarket. This handy poster has been enlarged with helpful margins filled with information about each section of nutritional measurement. It is broken down into comprehensive guides advising you how to determine the healthy sections from the not-so healthy sections. It reminds us in which areas to control consumption by suggesting that reduced quantities would be better for a healthy diet. It also shows us which nutrients we should consider eating more regularly. This poster would be considered helpful during the process of behavior modification for your family; a gentle reminder to do the right thing.

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Food Label Poster

Removable Food Labels



Comments for Control Food Habits In Your Home...

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on November 18, 2010:

Hubber-2009~Thank you for the read! I hope these little food labels can help you or someone you care about. I appriciate the bookmark!


hubber-2009 from India on November 18, 2010:

really great tips.. I have bookmarked this page..

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 27, 2010:

I didn't know there were stickers you could use in the home. They could be very helpful particularly when trained younger children, particularly where allergies are an issue. Interesting hub.

Tony from At the Gemba on August 27, 2010:

These look like a great idea, maybe the supermarkets should be adding them, but then maybe we would not buy most of what they sell!

Charles Fox from United Kingdom on August 26, 2010:

Just look at all the sugar substitutes that are OK in one country and banned in another to see that the 'food' manufacturers do not give a damn about how healthy processed food is, just mindful of keeping within the law of a country so that they can distribute their poison with an air of respectability. The un-health of nations is down to them. All health-care should be paid by food processors out of their income (not profits). This might cause prices to go up, but then in my books that would be a positive outcome. It would limit our reliance on sugary, salty, E-numbered, fat containing rubbish with little or no nutritional benefit to children and adults alike.

India Arnold (author) from Northern, California on August 26, 2010:

Wendy Krick~Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!


billyaustindillion~If everyone had your great will power and structure we would all be in much better health! Thank you for reading and for the comments, I am grateful.


lakeerieartists~So glad you could make it by! I agree, not having these things in the house would make it much easier. For me, I would need the labels to offer a quick 'zap' of electricity to keep me away from some of the bad items I like to consume! Good luck with your program! Here's to your health! Thanks for the comments!


Wendy Henderson from Cape Coral on August 26, 2010:

Food labels are a great idea.

billyaustindillon on August 26, 2010:

I have never seen these home labeling for home food before. Great idea. We are fortunate in our home none of us have food allergies or diet issues but I can see how useful this would be. We are a little obsessed with banishing bad choice items in our house - this would take it to another level.

Paula Atwell from Cleveland, OH on August 25, 2010:

I have been on a diet since May through a program, and I just stopped buying the foods that I cannot eat. I will say that we still buy a few items for my husband and children that I cannot have, but just not having them in the house makes it easier to follow.

The labels are a good idea, especially if you are teaching children the difference between foods.

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