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All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants and Carvery Pubs in Cardiff, Wales, UK

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Roast Beef Dinner

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Roast Beef Dinner

All You Can Eat Restaurants, Buffet Restaurants, in Cardiff, Wales, UK

I was meeting up with some friends for a few days in Cardiff, Wales and it fell down to me to investigate all you can eat, or buffet style restaurants, for one off meals. I've found indian and chinese all you can eat restaurants, as well as more traditional pubs serving a carvery in Cardiff.

I thought this would make a good hub as this information took me about 5 hours to research and scribble down! Now it's a hub, I can just email the list to everybody so we can choose which one would be best, whether that's based on price or day/time.

So, now my "All you can eat restaurant list for Cardiff" is complete, I hope you can make use of it to meet up with friends and have a great meal out.

One thing I learnt along the way is there's also a Cardiff in New South Wales, Australia ... but the other side of the world wasn't really on our agenda! The all you can eat restaurants below are definitely in Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom.

If you know of any others, feel free to add them to the list!

What is a Carvery?

With a carvery pub, you will often buy just a ticket from the waitress or at the bar, then you'll make your way to where the chefs are standing.  They'll ask you which of the roast meats you want, then they'll slice it off in front of you and hand you a plate.  Some carveries will carve you two meats, some only one.  Usually, you'll find they have three roasts available, chicken, beef and pork, although there will be variations.  A Christmas carvery will usually have a turkey.

Once you have been handed your plate, you then help yourself to the selection of vegetables and gravy, taking as little or as much as you like. 

Some carveries will allow you to return to the veg selection and help yourself further; some are a "one visit only" rule.  You should check with the chef or waitress to find out which it is.  In my opinion, those that let you go back as often as you like would find that people don't take as much - because you know you can go back if you want, you won't load your plate so high the first time.  I struggle to finish my first selection.

Most carveries will be just for the one, main course, however there are some which will be offering two courses, or even three in the package. 

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Self Select

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Self Select

What is an All You Can Eat Restaurant?

Typically, these tend to be indian or chinese buffet style restaurants.  Usually you will be allowed to return as often as you want to the selection of foods available. 

There are some all you can eat restaurants now that will actually take your order and you can order what you want and they will bring it to you, but the majority of buffet style restaurants will simply have a long table, from which you can choose what you want.

The selection of dishes available will vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant.  Some will have just 8-10 dishes available, which others have 20+.  Most of the time there is no clue as to what they will have when you see the sign or advert, they will simply announce "All You Can Eat Buffet", so if you're picky, or with picky eaters, it's worth asking ahead and being sure there will be enough for everybody. 

Some all you can eat restaurants offer great value for money, but if you are a vegetarian with a small appetite you might actually find it's an expensive way to eat out.  All you can eat buffets though are great for groups of people because it's one cost (drinks will be charged extra though) and the buffet style servings will give you the chance to try out dishes you'd have never committed to if you'd had to choose just one.

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Christmas Pudding

All You Can Eat Buffet Restaurants: Christmas Pudding

Christmas Carvery

If you're looking for a Christmas Carvery, then of the places listed above, the Hollybush are serving a Christmas Carvery from 1st to 31st December for just £5.00.

Christmas Day costs more obviously, at £29.99 for adults and £14.99 for children under 10. Christmas Day needs to be booked.

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve cost just £7.95/head for the 3-course carvery.

Here are the details for the Christmas Carvery at the Hollybush: http://www.crowncarveries.co.uk/our-menus/christmas-menu.html

It could be ideal for getting friends or family together, or even for your office Xmas Party! Suggest a carvery in Cardiff for your next night out!

All You Can Eat Restaurants in Cardiff

Booking a Carvery Meal in Cardiff:

Always phone a restaurant you're planning to visit to check that the carvery meal you're looking forward to will still be served. Sometimes carveries are seasonal, or withdrawn because of a large local event. Maybe the menu's changed to reflect a current festival or celebration, or the price has changed. It's also worth phoning to check if you have to book or not! Not all carvery restaurants need a booking, but it's worth checking first.

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Rob L from Isle of Wight, England on November 21, 2014:

KISMET! Discovered this place within weeks of moving to Cardiff. All you can eat £2.95! Whomp!!

mattandangela on July 03, 2011:

that pudding looks amazing.

madlopez22 from Pooler GA on May 28, 2011:

I love Buffets!

Dedicated Content Curator (author) from United Kingdom on August 09, 2010:

This hub is a list of all you can eat, buffet restaurants and pubs with a carvery in Cardiff in the UK.

Why not join hubpages yourself and research/compile a list of restaurants like that in your area too. Go on, it'd be fun research!

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Then write and share it with the world!

Chelle on August 08, 2010:

Just wanna ask this, do u have a lunch buffet restaurant in Gold Coast, Australia?

Please reply & thanks.



Angel Ward from Galveston, TX on June 05, 2010:

I love your Hub. I enjoy buffets ok, and you know, your carveries sound a lot like BBQ restaurants here Texas, they follow those guidelines in many of them, some are ordinary but many have that choice of meat from the carvers and then your veggie bar where quite often can have seconds....sounds good to me!

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on March 21, 2010:

I wrote a similar hub about buffets in California, USA. Very interesting to see the similarities and differences in the UK. It's a surprise to see you have Pizza Hut salad and pizza. Here we have the same offer at Round Table Pizza-- but it is only $7.99 USD (beer is extra).

Chinese buffets (or Thai or Vietnamese) are available here. One thing we do not have is Indian food, would love to try that.

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