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Advantages of Using the Best Food Storage Containers for Leftovers

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Nowadays, no one wants to compromise with their health and spend too much on food that is not homemade but carrying food and storing it for later use can be a problem. How about when you want to do food prep for the week? You have a busy lifestyle, so you are going for a more organized life hence a more organized diet...queue food prep. A way to combat the headache of finding a meal or takeaways during your busy week is to prepare all your meals in advance over the weekend.

The pertinent factor that becomes a necessity for preparing food in advance is having a proper way to store it because if you are preparing 2-3 meals for each weekday, so you need an airtight container for each. Food containers are the solution to this as they keep food well-packed, clean, and free from outside pollution and other things.


An insight into the Best food storage containers for leftovers:

Best food storage containers are commonly made up of three materials.

  • Glass -“made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone) that are melted at extremely high temperature to form a new material: glass’’
  • Silicone- “made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and silicon. Note that the ingredient contained within silicone is spelt differently. The ingredient silicon comes from silica which is derived from sand. The process to make silicon is complex and involves many stages.’’
  • Plastic – “made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil through a polymerization or polycondensation process. Plastics are derived from natural, organic materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and, of course, crude oil.

Advantages of using the storage containers:

Do not break easily

Good quality products do not break easily as they are made up of good materials like glass, silicon, plastic, or wood.


Good quality food storing containers are re-usable and can be used for multi-purposes.

Keeps the food fresh

Storing food in containers that are made up of good quality of materials keeps the food almost fresh as new and doesn't allow the food to rot.

Keeps the food intact

Good quality containers keep the air away from entering inside the box. This way, the chances of any bacterial infections in the food become very low.


Good quality containers usually weigh less and don't feel heavy.

Easily manageable

Good quality containers are easy to carry and can be easily moved from one place to another place.


Benefits of Glass Made Containers:

Let's talk about food storage containers that are made of glass. Some of them are listed below:


The food that is kept in the glass containers is very safe and healthy because glass is a material that doesn't do any kind of chemical reaction nor does give out harmful toxins.

Can survive high temperatures

Glass containers are winners when it comes to surviving high temperatures, either low or high.

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Glass containers are environmentally friendly, that means it doesn't cause harm to near surroundings.


Benefits of Plastic Made Containers

Below are some benefits of plastic containers.

Can be recycled

Plastic can be recycled and re-used which makes it very user-friendly.

Much lighter

Plastic is much lighter as compared to glass and is easily handled.


Plastic containers weigh less and almost feel weightless.


Benefits of silicon containers:

Some benefits of silicon containers are given below.

It is flexible

Silica-based containers are flexible and can be molded easily into any form or shape.

Doesn't become brittle

Over time, silica or silicon-based containers do not become weak or can't break easily.


Containers made up of silicon are harmless and do not react with any kind of foodstuff.



Everyone wants the best and healthy lifestyle nowadays. And the topmost health comes from good food and hygiene practices. Using good quality containers is also very important and has numerous benefits. Good quality containers for storing food leftovers or using them for weekday meal prep are really beneficial in keeping the food fresh and healthy. Also, there are various different materials that can be of good quality and used for making food containers other than glass, plastic, or silicon so explore your options to find what works best for your needs.

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Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on July 21, 2021:

Thank you Chrish:)

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on July 21, 2021:

Eco Friendly!!! More power a huge help. Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful day ahead!!!!

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on July 21, 2021:

My pleasure Pamela:) thank you for interest

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 21, 2021:

Storing food properly is important. I bought small attractive small glass bowls for storage but some of the lids don't fit properly. It was very frustrating.

I never thought about food in glass jars. That is a good idea. Thanks for sharing all this information, Charlene.

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