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A Fresh Taste at Perry St in Downtown Manhattan

I am a food enthusiast and frequently eat out in New York area.

Beautiful Space


Fresh Decor Uplifts You

I decided to go here on a specially stressful Sunday. It was a quick 6 minutes walk from the Christopher St Path station. As soon as I entered the place, it immediately uplifted my spirits with the clean decor and friendly wait-staff. Few things which immediately caught my attention:

  • Very clean and minimalistic decor, almost looks like a place I can meditate in
  • The crowd was a mix of people from ages in 20s to 70s
  • It is right by the Hudson River, in a beautiful building

Perry St

Great Staff Takes Care Of You

The staff here is extremely delightful. They greeted me with cheerful smile, and escorted me to my table. The tables are set at a good distance from each other allowing the patrons to be able to enjoy their food without stepping on each other. My waiter was really attentive, asked about my allergies and gave great food recommendation. Later during the desert, he apologized for the limited menu and quick to point out the potential allergens for my desert considerations.

  • Attentive and friendly staff.
  • Waiter was knowledgeable about the food ingredients and made great recommendations.
  • Waiter gave great wine pairing advice as well.

Fusion With a Soul



Food Comes Out Quick And Delicious

I started the order with Sashimi and Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna. The food order came out really quickly and looked tempting. I had to request for the chopsticks, and the waiter was happy to oblige quickly. The first bite of sashimi I put in my mouth, it was burst of flavors. It was by far the best sashimi I had. The tuna not only met but also exceeded the bar set by sashimi.

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  • Starters arrived within 15 minutes of placing the order
  • Chef has turned everyday food to exquisite creations
  • Each dish has a beautiful presentation which immediately grabs the attention

Fusion At It’s Finest

Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna

Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna

Entrée Was Delicious

I ordered Slow Cooked Salmon for entrée, which was another great recommendation by the waiter. As soon as I took the first bite the it started as a familiar taste of perfectly cooked salmon, but soon I felt the explosion of the spicy vinaigrette. I looked at the menu again, and sure enough it did mention the jalapeño. It took me a moment to realize that a dish which I had originally thought to a typical western dish was infused with strong Asian influences. The combination of East with West had made a beautiful dish which was meant to be felt and enjoyed with every single bite. It wasn’t just a dish, it was an experience, a tour across the world and back.

  • Slow cooked Salmon looked very French but felt very Asian
  • The vinaigrette was pretty spicy, and I had to enjoy it with caution

A Tale Of Two Cultures

Slow Cooked Salmon

Slow Cooked Salmon

Every Bite Is Delicious

I was pretty full by the time I got to the desert, but went with the waiter’s recommendation again, since my favorite desert crème brûlée wasn’t available. The molten chocolate cake arrived looking as tasty as it sounded. The warm molten chocolate oozed out the cake and tasted perfection. It was a great combination of flavors combined with impeccable presentation.

  • Great desert options to choose from like carrot cake and chocolate pudding
  • Spot on recommendation by waiter based on your stated preferences
  • Molten Chocolate Cake is a taste of absolute bliss

A Taste Of Joy

Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

A Taste To Remember

When I finished my meal, not only was my appetite satiated, but so was my soul. Chef Cedric has not just walked in his father Jean-Georges’ shoes, but walked a great distance. It is a great challenge for him, considering his father‘s Three Michelin star restaurant is in the city. But he is definitely up for the challenge and has done a great job.

  • Great restaurant in heart of downtown Manhattan
  • Has been open since 2015
  • Must visit for people who love both American and Asian cuisines

A Soul From Across The World


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