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A Very Delectable Zucchini Dish and an Egg Alternative to Tuna Fish

Add a little flair to zuchinni or tuna salad

garlic powder

garlic powder


Mouthwatering summer squash, tangy and less fishy tuna salad and a dream recipe I am still struggling with

I stumbled on a summer squash appetizer mostly by luck and experimentation in my mostly humble cooking abilities.I sliced several fresh golden squash into 1/4 " to 1/2' slices and then laid them out on foil coated with olive oil

in a baking pan. I preheated the oven 10 minutes prior to 350 because it takes my oven a
long time to preheat. I always prehate this delay even more I then melt two
sticks of butter in the microvwave, but(for a healthier baseyou can use
olive oil) Then I removed the bowl of liquid butter to use as a baste.

Into the bowl of liquid butter I add a generous amount of fresh garlic as
well as a generous amount of parmesan cheese. I have also at times added
Italian bread crumbs if I am in the mood for a more crunchy finished appetizer.I
stir it all together in the bowl until it makes a smooth paste and then
using a spoon I plop an amount on each goden squash slice and spread it
across the diameter of each round cut squash piece to the edges. I place it
in my oven on the middle rack and let it cook 10 to 15 minutes until every
slice is sizzling and the paste has started to brown on top.You must keep

an eye on the squash so that it doesn't burn. The paste almost every time
acts as an insulator so it's not a big problem.Then I move the pan to my
top oven rack so that it sits about six inches below the broiler.I let it
broil for a minute or so till the paste on top turns a golden brown. And then
walla, you have a juicy, cheesy garlicky flavored, slice of pure heaven to devour
share with all of your guests and to tantalize your taste as well.

You can also use zucchini following the same recipe.I have never served
this to anyone who did not absolutely love it.Give it a try!

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My next recipe is basically an addition to tuna salad to make it tangy and to lessena bit of the fishy taste that tuna is known for. You should buy a jar of pickeld eggsand instead of using regular eggs in your tuna salad replace them with sliced pickled eggs. The eggs that are pickled in beets are the best and they help to change and enhance the flavor of your tuna fish salad or sandwich. Of course if you hate pickled eggs forget it. I have also made deviled eggs this way using pickled eggs and then laying the mashed yolk into each half to be served after chilling. Its a switch from the norm and the bright purplish, maroon egg halves look so pretty with the yellow yolk crowns.

Simple ingredients..... simply delicious


The ultimate way to prepare stuffed cabbage that holds all the ingredients that were meant to be together.

My dream recipe which I drool over but have never found anywhere is stuffed cabbage with a twist. No rice or the usual beef for the stuffing. Just finely ground corned beef stuffed in each cabbage rolled tightly. Cabbage and corn beef were meantto be paired because they compliment each other so well but I have never found cabbage stuffed with corn beef. Perhaps add a small dollop of mustard blended in to the corned beef for those of you who like it spicy. or even a dollop of finely ground sauerkraut would be idealif it were mixed in to the corned beef stuffing. The problem I run into is that you don't want to use a tomato sauce on stuffed corn beef cabbage.and a mustard sauce would most likely overpower the flavor of the corned beef. Perhaps a swiss cheese sauce similiar to what you'd find in a fondue would be delightful and maybe a dash of saurkraut juice in the swiss cheese sauce would enhance it even more. I am still working on the perfect sauce for this recipe.but I will bet all of my readers mouths are watering at the thought of such a treat. I have always wanted to prepare hundreds of these and sell them from a food truck at the local fair in my nieghborhood. It would take a lot of work but offering the crowds two stuffed cabbages of corn beef times eight hundred or so just might allow me to recoup some profit. That's a lot of cabbages and stuffing.I hope my recipe ideas will bring some of you a tasty delight at your next meal.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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