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A Simple Muffin Recipe

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This is a simple and easy to make muffin recipe I got from a friend. You can make a batter and keep it in the refrigerator. Only make the muffins when you are ready to eat. Only 20 minutes in the oven and you will have freshly baked muffin in the morning.

- May 2019

Here are The Ingredients...

1 cup 100% Bran Buds

2 cups All-Bran cereal

1 cup boiling water

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup canola oil

2 eggs

2 1/2 cups flour

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2 cups buttermilk

2 1/2 t. baking soda

1/2 t. Salt

1 cup raisins or cranberry (soak in boiling water)


How to Make It...

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over all bran, raisins, oil, sugar and eggs and beat well. Combine the rest of dry ingredients and mix with buttermilk. Add bran mix and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Bake in greased muffin pan at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. The mix will last up to one month in refrigerator. The batch would make approx. 24 muffins.



This is the best muffin I ever had. It is moist and not too sweet. It is freshly baked in 20 minutes. Enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks to my friend who shared the recipe with me while vacationing in Palm Springs.

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