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9 Spirits That Mix Surprisingly Well with Diet Coke

Whether you're relaxing after a rough day, having a party, or avoiding the sunlight over the weekend, a cocktail usually fits the occasion. While most fancy cocktails are exciting, they do require more than five minutes to well as a complicated ingredient list. I've found that when I don't want to do the work of making a detailed recipe, that Diet Coke is an awesome staple mixer for a semi-exotic drink. Most of these mixtures I've had out of sheer laziness, meaning, it's what I had laying around to make a beverage. I was very surprised at some of the results, given that I didn't expect too much from experimenting with random alcohols. With all of these, it only took a shot or two, a can of diet coke, and a cup of ice.



Absolut Pear Vodka

Yes, it sounds weird....but the sweet/tangy pear flavor is an awesome compliment to diet coke.


Pinnacle Cake Vodka

Creamy, sweet, and you can hardly tell it's an adult beverage....even though there are a variety of cake flavored vodkas, I've found Pinnacle to be the best in quality, as well as reasonably priced. (About $10-$12 a bottle)


Orendain Amaretto Tequila

This tequila I've really only found in Mexico, and while I find it to be the best, all amaretto tequilas would get the job done. The extra flavor to the tequila really takes that nip out of it, so if you are not really a fan of tequila in general (like me), it does a pretty good job of disguising it.

Cinnamon Whiskey

I'm not usually a whiskey fan either, but the spicy-toned spirit in the mellow diet coke is definitely something to try. In addition to the cinnamon whiskey, I even like to sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top....sounds strange, but it makes it interesting.


Cucumber Infused Gin

For starters, I haven't yet found anywhere to actually buy cucumber-infused gin. I've always made it, and it's really simple: 1 cucumber + 1 cheap bottle of gin + 2 minutes in the blender, then let it sit for about a week, and strain it out. It will come out a pretty shade of grass-green, and while it is probably most appropriately coupled with a clear soda/tonic, it also goes well with coke! It has a kind of sour taste, the coke is sweet, and I normally squeeze a key lime in as well.

See here how to make cucumber-infused gin!

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All the Pucker vodkas

They are not that expensive, and come in about four flavors. I've only had the apple, grape and lemon ones, but all go fantastic in diet coke. They are super sour, and taste something comparable to a liquid Warhead. The sour apple flavor was a big hit in my world. And it goes down so well, you forget it even has alcohol in it....which can be scary and beautiful at the same time.


Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum

Ok, while it may seem somewhat normal to put rum in coke, the torched cherry flavor is one to die for. Especially if you're a cherry coke fan, this will really brighten up your day. It seems that the extra cherry flavor kind of takes some of the bitter aftertaste of alcohol and comepletely smooths over in your mouth. Another thing I like to do (if it's not too overboard) is add in cherry syrup, if you have it around. Mix well for best results!


Buttered Popcorn Flavored Vodka

Yes...I was skeptical at first, but this was truly a delight! It was super smooth and creamy, and felt just like being in a movie theaters with a bucket of buttered corn and a large diet coke. The two flavors really complimented each other as opposed to contrasting. Once again, it was a situation of having an extra flavored spirit and not much to mix it with....Diet Coke came through once again!


Red Wine....

As they are called in Spain, "Calimacho" drinks are very popular and surprisingly underrated. One would assume that mixing a drink with half diet coke and half red wine would be the epitome of nastiness, but try it! It does not have to be a fancy red wine, the cheap stuff works just as great (if not better...). The sweetness of the coke takes that bite of bitterness off the wine, and makes for a very smooth and tasty cocktail. Everyone that I have introduced this concept too instantly raised a skeptical eye, and then were taken over by how much better it tasted than they expected. Try it for yourself! Half a glass of coke, and half a glass of red wine.


Brian on April 02, 2017:

Never heard of cucumber infused gin? What about Hendricks?

tastiger04 (author) on September 13, 2013:

Thank you sweetie1 for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it :) I hope your bf likes some of the mixes....they are odd, but they have proven themselves to me :)

sweetie1 from India on September 10, 2013:

Tastigert I am going to forward this one to my Bf as he likes to drink once in while. I do not drink at all so probably I would not be able to appreciate it this much as he can. Voting up and useful.

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