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6 Tips for Better Coffee - a Filter Bag Tip to Help: “significantly Affects the Taste"!

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We asked a professional for help in making good coffee. The Helsinki Coffee Festival hosts the Helsinki Coffee Festival. The organizer of the event, Maija Kestilä, wants to share the good news of good coffee with everyone.

Even though we drink the most coffee in the world, that doesn’t mean we drink quality coffee. In many homes, the kettle has never been cleaned properly, and coffee grounds are only measured visually, ”says Kestilä.

The purpose of the coffee festival is to bring together all coffee lovers under one roof and convey the good news of good coffee. A cross-section of the Finnish coffee world is represented at the event; roasters, cafes and coffee machines of all sizes, as well as other coffee-related items, such as guidance on how to make good filter coffee and specialty coffees. In addition, there is also a secret tea room, so tea friends are not forgotten either.


Higher quality coffee is made with these professional tips

1-High quality raw material and fresh coffee. All in all a and o is a quality raw material. Freshness and aroma are best preserved in coffee when the coffee is stored as beans and ground fresh just before making coffee. However, coffee does not last a long time, so it is not worth hoarding. The aromas and flavors of coffee disappear the longer it is stored.

2- Correct proportions and grinding. Dimensions are one of the most important steps towards a perfect coffee cup. Depending on the method of preparation, a different amount of coffee is measured. For example, for filter coffee, coffee beans are measured at 6 grams per deciliter. For coffee made with Pour over methods such as V60, 16 grams of coffee per 250 grams of water is recommended. It is most convenient to weigh the proportions with an accurate scale. If the scale cannot be found at home, you can get a measure that goes with just the right amount of coffee. If you grind coffee beans in a mill, also remember the correct grinding coarseness.

3. Fresh water is measured in a separate jug.

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The filter bag is watered. The filter bag absorbs less paper flavor into the coffee when it is preferably soaked in warm water before measuring the coffee grounds. It significantly affects the taste. A common mistake is that the coffee is measured in advance, for example the night before, ready in the coffee machine. However, you should always make coffee fresh. It is also a good idea to pour the coffee into the machine with a separate jug so that unnecessary grease does not accumulate in the coffee pot. If you make coffee with the V60 or Chemex method, for example, the best way to pour coffee is with a long and thin-spout jug.

4- The filter bag is watered.

The filter bag absorbs less paper flavor into the coffee when it is preferably soaked in warm water before measuring the coffee grounds. It significantly affects the taste.

5- The coffee is consumed at the right temperature and is not allowed to stand or reheat.

You should always make the amount of coffee you drink at that moment. It is not advisable to stand the coffee on the kettle plate, as it can easily overheat. If you make coffee with pour over methods, the water temperature should be 92 to 94 degrees. Once the coffee has been poured into the cup, it is a good idea to let it cool in the cup for a while. If the coffee is eaten too hot, its flavors and aromas will not stand out.

6- Finally, remember cleanliness.

The coffee machine should be cleaned thoroughly every other week and it is a good idea to use the appliances' own cleaners, not too strong detergents. After each use, it is advisable to at least empty the coffee machines and rinse them under warm water. Manual appliances can also be washed in the dishwasher. The nut pan should be washed by hand.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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