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5 Secrets Which Excelling Agribusiness Farmers Use to Boost Their Farming

Robert is an Agribusiness Consultant, who studied Agribusiness Management

Crop Farming

Crop Farming

5 Secrets Which Excelling Agribusiness Farmers Use

In commercial crop or livestock production, it is the expectations for any agribusiness farmer to make enough profit, which will sustain his farming activities and at the same time motivate him to continue production. Much as this is the case, not every farmer who is in commercial production farming is able to obtain enough profits. This is the case because of several factors, which among others include; farmers' knowledge and skills, adaptability, agronomic practices, capital constraints, improper market. This article will give in details, the 5 secrets which excelling agribusiness farmers use to boost their farming production. To begin with, let's first look in detail on factors which makes majority of farmers fail to obtain the expected farming output.

Factors Which Make Farmers Fail to Get High Output

1. Farmers' knowledge and skills

In any farming business, farmers' knowledge and skills are key to obtain high yield as it makes him or her able to use available resources more efficiently which help to reduce cost of farming production. Farmers' knowledge and skills, also help farmers to be able to come up with a combination of crop varieties or animals which will give him or her higher profits and it also helps him or her to easily identify the risks involved in his farming activities, which can help him deal with risks and uncertainties through diversification among others.

2. Adaptability

Different places or locations have got different climatic conditions and soil nutrient content, and this makes some farming production to give more yield in one location than the others, under similar agronomic practices. Similarly, some animals are well adapted to other locations and gives optimal results than same animals given similar care in another location, having different climatic conditions.

3. Agronomic practices

Different farmers have got different agronomic practices, some of which makes the farming activities more efficient than others and this result in obtaining different farming output under similar climatic conditions.

4. Capital constraints

Some farmers are very brilliant and have good farming knowledge and skills, but they fail to produce high yield or increased livestock production, because of lack of enough capital and this makes them been seen as failed farmers, which is not necessarily the case.

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5. Improper market

Some farmers obtain high yield, but are unable to make more profits than those who obtain a little yield because of the geographical nature of their location does not have good markets to sell their output. Lack of good market research may also contribute to this challenge.

Having looked at the factors which makes some farmers to obtain lower profits than others, now let's take a look at 5 secrets which excelling agribusiness farmers use to boast their farming production.

Secrets Which Agribusiness Farmers Use

1. Staying up to date with the latest farming technologies

Research has shown that modern farming equipments and technologies have the potential of making farming activities more efficiently which results in reduced cost of production and at the same time increased output. A majority of excelling business farmers are able to learn different latest farming techniques and technologies which help them in their farming production.

2. They use modern equipments

Excelling agribusiness farmers are able to conduct a simple research which aims at discovering latest farming equipments which makes farming more efficient and while at the same time sustainable. Sustainability is coming in because some heavy farming equipments, have the potential to destroy soil structures which result in reduced yields in a few years or could result in increased cost of production in restoring the depleted soil.

3. They keep on learning to discover new ways of farming

Excelling agribusiness farmers do not stay idle, almost each and every time they have a desire to learn more on farming and they could join online farming lessons or joining physical classes teaching agribusiness farming techniques, which would help them making their farming more efficient. An example here could be a poultry farmer who has desire to decrease cost of production by making his or her own feeds at home, this can make him or her able to join physical or online classes teaching how to make poultry feeds and this might help him to lower cost of production.

4. They hire specialists

Excelling agribusiness farmers are able to hire experts to help them with technical knowledge or solve certain farming problems. They are able to hire agribusiness managers or agriculture economists to manage their farming activities in more efficient ways, which would result in high production and lower cost of production. When it comes to livestock production, they could hire a veterinary officer to monitor the conditions of his or her animals, in case they are becoming abnormal and this result in avoiding losses he or she would incur.

5. They conduct simple market research

The majority of farmers are in commercial production, but not everyone is able to conduct successful market research or has one time conducted a research before selling his output, and also conducting a research to know if the customer or consumer are getting satisfied with the product he offers on the market. This becomes a problem as it makes some people lose loyal customers, and also result in some farmers selling their output to the wrong people or buyers who deplete their farming profits.

In conclusion, this article has explained in detail the 5 secrets which excelling agribusiness farmers use in their farming production to maximize their profits.

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