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5 Popular Igbo Soup Recipes

Chinyere loves cooking, she utilizes every opportunity to learn more cooking skills. Cooking is her hobby

Warming, Nutritious and sustaining home-made soup is the perfect health food. There's nothing simpler to make, as quantities are seldom crucial and timing, is as flexible as you need it to be. For families on the fast track, having a big pot of soup simmering on the stove means that everyone can enjoy the same nourishing meal.

Even they all come in at different times. Soup is a wonderful vehicle for vegetable, from coco yam to prepare and many. Children who scum grains will happily accept the soft option -a delicious vegetable soup.

This article introduces popular Igbo soups and how to cook them for all seasons and occasion. The soups include; Pumpkin(Egwusi) Soup, Bitter leave(Onugbu) soup, Nsala Soup, Vegetable Soup and Palm Kernel(Ofe akwu) soup.

We can identify people by their culture. Food is one of the material culture. We easily say you're from here or there when you make your choice of food. In Nigeria, precisely, Igbo people get delicious delicacies which you can use to identify an Igbo in any part of the world.

There are soup mostly cooks for various occasion, during church wedding ceremony there is a particular soup for it. At funeral reception there also a particular soup served. Igbo people have rich, nutritious soups and dishes.

Pumpkin (Egwusi soup)



2 1/2 cups of peeled pumpkin seed, add a sizeable piece of osu to grind.1 kg beef or chicken1.2 liters of water

3 cubes seasoning / salt

1/4 red chilly

1 kg dried fish

1/2 kg freshly beef skin9kpomo)

1 kg cut stock fish

1/4 kg crayfish

3 tbsp palm oil

freshly prepared pea( ogili okpei)

A handful of fresh ugu vegetable

Egwusi soup is usually serve during church weddings, birthday parties, child dedication, and other high -class functions. It is taste and nutritious. You can also find it in all the food joints and eatery doted around the country. It's very common.

Let's cook it here!

Wash the beef or chicken properly, put in the pot. Get the dried fishes, put in a bowl and pour an amount of luck warm water. Wash it gently open and remove the bones. Put in the pot.

Get the stock fish, wash also with luck warm water. Add in the pot. Wash the beef skin neatly put in the pot. Place the pot on fire. Add Three cubes of seasoning and salt. Cover it, allow it to steam, then pour water and cook over a medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the beef softened.

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Add ground egwusi and osu. Pound the crayfish and chilly or may grind them, put in the pot. Add smashed pea (ogili okpe) put palm oil. Cover the pot, allow it to boil for 5minutes. Stirring occasionally. Add shredded ugu vegetable. Put salt to taste, put off the stove after 30 second.

You can serve it with pounded yam, Garri, and Semolina


Bitter Leave (Onugbu) Soup



A good bunch of bitter leaves.A good quantity of coco yam1.2 liter of water

1 kg freshly beef skin {kpomo}

1/4 kg fresh red pepper

1 kg dried fish

1 kg stock fish

1/4 kg crayfish. 2 rolls of melon pea (ogili ugba)

2 kg beef

5 tbsp palm oil

1 kg fresh red pepper

4 cube seasoning/ salt

Dried fish

Dried fish

beef skin (kpomo)

beef skin (kpomo)

pounding coco yam

pounding coco yam

Onugbu soup is king of soup. People that specialize in it are Anambra people. You may definitely not see it in all the eatery just like the former. It's not just easy to prepare, it has a procedure which if you fail to apply, will spoil the taste. It will be so bitter that no one will enjoy it. You shouldn't cook it if you're in a haste.

It's a popular soup for burial, traditional marriage, and traditional festive ceremonies. You will enjoy it and ask for more if prepared well. You may definitively find it in most eatery in south-eastern Nigeria.

Fellow me, let's cook another delicious soup!

First, you wash the bitter leaves, by squeezing it. You have to do this repeatedly till you wash off the bitterness of the leaves. Put it in a bowl soak it in water for 20 minutes-Boil the coco yam, peel the back and pound it in mortar till it gets soften.

Wash the beef, stock fish and dried fish, remember to remove the bones of the fish. Add In the pot. Wash the kpomo thoroughly, add in the pot.

Then place the pot on the stove, add seasoning and salt to taste, cover the pot. Allow it to steam. Add water and boil till the meat gets done and soft to eat. You may boil like 10 – 15 minutes.

Get the bowl of soaked bitter leaves, squeeze out the water and add the leave. Stir, cover and allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Add the pounded coco yam, pounded crayfish and pepper. Put (ogili ugba), melon pea, palm oil, stirring occasionally until the coco yam dissolves. Cook over a low heat for 10 minutes. Put it off the stove.

Your soup is ready to go down the pancreas, you can serve it with Garri, pounded cassava, and semolina

Enjoy the yummy delicacies!

Palm Kernel Ofe akwu Soup



1, kg palm kernel fruits.Spices(fresh ginger, garlic, efu2 kg of beef (chicken or ice fish)

1/2 kg stock fish

1/2 kg dried fish(if you wish, but not too necessary)

3big pieces of pea (ogili okpei)

A bunch of scent leave (nchanwu)

A bunch of curry leaves

Red fresh pepper to your taste

1/4 kg fresh or tin tomatoes.3 big bulb onions

1/2 kg crayfish

5 cube seasoning

Palm kernel soup, our own ofe-akwu, is a special soup mostly cook on Sundays to grace the resting day. I always hope for engulfing it down immediately after Sunday mass. Do you know what it's to have a specific food for a particular day of the week? Moreover, it is a festive soup used during festivals and burial of a daughter.(Nwa- ada) It's commonly found in food joints and eatery around the south-eastern Nigeria.

You can cook it, its preparation isn't hard. The beginners can cook it if guided properly. Shall we get it done?

To begin with,

1. You wash the palm fruits with clean water.

2. Put in the pot, add water to the brim of the palm fruits. Boil till it soften.

3. Sieve- put the palm kernel in a mortar pound softly, do not break the nuts.

4. Put in a basin, pour warm water to wash. Sieve the water into a pot. Wash it repeatedly till you washout the oil.

5. Then, place the pot on the stove. Put beef, stock fish, beef skin, dried fish, cube seasoning, salt to taste. Add chopped onions. Boil for 10 minutes.

6. Add tin or ground fresh tomatoes' crayfish, pepper, pea, garlic, ginger and efu. Boil for 15 minutes. Stir it at interval.

7. It's time to add the scent leaves and curry leaves, stir, cove and allow boiling for 5 minutes.

8. Stir and put off the stove. Your soup is ready.

You serve it with boiled rice, yam, beans and agidi.

serve palm kernel soup with boiled rice

serve palm kernel soup with boiled rice

Palm kernel soup preparation


Okra Soup

This is another mouth watering soup. It has good flavor. With this soup, infants learn how to take solid food because it's slimy. Once the baby is three months, he starts licking a little of it through his mum fore finger.

We cook okra soup during ceremonies to substitute the other soups. You can get in every eatery joint in every nook and cranny of the town.


1 kg Okra seedpods1/4 kg ogbono seedA bunch of ugu vegetables

1 kg beef / beef skin

1 kg stock fish

1 kg dried fish

1 bulb of onion

1/4 kg fresh red pepper

3 tbsp palm oil

4 cube seasoning / salt

1/4 kg crayfish/ 1 liter water

3 Pieces of pea (ogili okpei)

Follow me, let's prepare this flavor delightful recipe

  • Get the grinder, put ogbono seed, crayfish, and pea grind
  • Cut the seedpods into dice
  • wash the beef, kpomo, stock fish and dried fish put in the pot and place on stove, add diced onions
  • Put cube seasoning. Add salt to taste. Cover, allow it to steam, then add water and boil for 15 minutes.
  • Get another empty pot, place it on stove. Make sure the pot isn't wet, then pour palm oil heat it for 5 seconds add ground ogbono seed and stir till it dissolves properly. Then pour the boiled meat and its water, add pounded pepper. Allow it to boil like 10 minutes.
  • Next you add diced okra seedpod and shredded ugu vegetable, reduce the heat, stir it occasionally, put the stove after 40 seconds. Your soup is ready to get down the stomach.

You serve it with Garri, semolina, agidi and ground corn mixed with cassava (nri- oka).

Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup

ogbono soup items

ogbono soup items

Nsala Soup

This yummy, soup can cleanse the system that is reason it's specially made for just give birth mum. When an Igbo woman gives birth she takes Nsala soup for months, it helps to boost breast milk flow, and cleanses her body.

It's not common in food joints, the cost of the soup items are not too expensive, but you must prepare it suitably with chicken and fresh fish. It is a festive soup for Omabara people in Anambra.


5 kg chicken3 kg dried fish or fresh fish2 tbsp ground ginger

2 tbsp gound uziza seed

4 tbsp pounded / ground uda

2 tbsp ground black pepper

Small utazi leave

1 liter water

3 cube seasoning / salt

2 tbsp of yam flour

1/4 crayfish

Let's cook as usual!

First, wash the chicken meat thoroughly, put in the pot place on the stove, add the fish, put the seasoning and salt to taste. Let it boil till the meat gets done.

Secondly put the ground ginger, uziza, uda, black pepper, pounded crayfish allow it to boil for 10 minutes.

Thirdly, put yam flour to thicken it, put the chop utazi leave. Stir and put off the stove after 5 minutes.

You serve it with pounded yam or semolina.

Nsala chicken soup

Nsala chicken soup

nsala soup with fresh fish

nsala soup with fresh fish

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