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Types of Cabbages

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Different types of cabbages

Different types of cabbages

You might be surprised to know that there are about 400 varieties of cabbages grown all over the world. In American's grocery store, you will find only three or four of the basic types: green, red, Napa, and Savoy.

Cabbages are available in grocery stores all year long. They are not that expensive and are priced by the pound. If you can't find a small one in the stack, ask the clerk to cut a big one in half for you to purchase. He or she will be happy to do so.

Cabbages are so versatile that they can be eaten raw or cooked. They can be used in soups, salads, stews and many other recipes. They are quick and easy to prepare.

Green cabbage are the most popular ones in the supermarkets.

Green cabbage are the most popular ones in the supermarkets.

Green Cabbage

The green cabbage is the most popular and the one most people reach for in the supermarket.

The green cabbage is very versatile because it can be cooked and eaten as a side dish. The vegetables are also delicious when eaten raw in salads.Cabbages can be chopped up and made into coleslaw and sauerkraut.

Most diets allow people to eat as many servings as they like because the vegetable does not contain many calories, and the dish keeps the consumer full.

They are called red cabbage, but they look like they are purple.

They are called red cabbage, but they look like they are purple.

Red Cabbage

The color of the red cabbage looks more like it is purple. Cooks can do the same thing with the red cabbage as they can do with the green cabbage. The green and red cabbage could be twins except for their color. The heads of red cabbages are just a little smaller.

Red cabbages are delicious when sliced and pickled. When you cook red cabbages, you will notice that they turn an odd blue color. Cooking experts have suggested adding vinegar or lemon juice to the water when cooking them.

The Napa cabbage is also called the Chinese cabbage.

The Napa cabbage is also called the Chinese cabbage.

Napa Cabbage

In comparison, the Napa cabbage is the most tender one of all. The leaves are thinner and ribs less hearty. In fact, this type of cabbage is more like a lettuce.

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Something to keep in mind about the Napa cabbage is that it wilts very quickly. Therefore, prepare it and consume it shortly after you purchase it.

As you can see from the picture, the Napa cabbage is not round like the other cabbages. It is oblong and has light green leaves that are attached to thick, white stalks. It is sometimes referred to as a Chinese cabbage or celery cabbage. Napa cabbage has a mild flavor and is delicious in salads or stir-fry dishes.

The vegetable is rich in Vitamin C with some calcium.

Savoy cabbage, the designer cabbage

Savoy cabbage, the designer cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

The Savoy cabbage is the designer cabbage of the group because it is so pretty. It is known by some as the curly cabbage. You can see from its picture why it is called that.

The Savoy cabbage has beautiful crinkled leaves inside and out. When you are preparing it to cook, you can't help seeing that the leaves are layered more loosely than in the green or red cabbage.

The Savoy cabbage can be prepared the same as the green cabbage. This type of cabbage is more tender than the other types and is especially delicious when sliced thin and put in salads. The leaves are excellent for wraps. They are so crunchy they can be used in the place of tortillas. This type is good for making stuffed cabbage or cabbage rolls. Slice them and use in soup, salads, and coleslaw. The texture is delicate and the flavor is milder than the other varieties.

Nutritional Value

No matter which cabbage you purchase, they all have the same nutritional value. There are less than 20 calories in a half cup when cooked. All cabbages have a content of Vitamin K.

Eating cabbages on a regular basis decreases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The consumer ends up having a healthier looking complexion as well as increased energy, and an overall lower weight.

The fiber and water content in cabbage also help to prevent constipation and aids with maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Name of CabbageDescriptionTextureTaste


Round Head

Smooth leaves

Mild flavor


Round Head

Crunchy leaves

Rich flavor


Oblong shape

Crisp texture

Slightly peppery flavor


Round Head with very dark green crinkled and curly leaves; known as the prettiest cabbage

Same texture as the green cabbage

Same flavor as the green cabbage


4 Types of Cabbage

Varieties of Cabbage

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