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4 Different Types of Equipment That Are Essential to Have On the Farm

One of the keys to having a successful farm is to have the right equipment. You may be overwhelmed with all of the different tools involved with running a farm, but you don't necessarily have to buy everything. Instead, focus first on tools like the ones suggested below as a start to figuring out what you actually need.


There are several different types of tractors out there, but they’re all mainly used to complete tasks around the farm and operate farming equipment by pulling it along. This can be anything from plows, trailers, manure spreaders, or hay balers.

Depending on the size of your farm and the task at hand, you should choose the right size tractor for you. For smaller things, you can choose a compact tractor. This is a small type of tractor that can help you perform the basic things that you need to do on the farm. Wheeled tractors are another option that you have. This is a type of general-purpose tractor. They can be used for a variety of things, such as pulling equipment, tilling, and handling various types of equipment. Track tractors do not come with tires. They have rubber tracks. You can use this tractor to plow your field.

An orchard tractor is something else that you can use. They are specifically designed to be used in the orchards.

Pickup Truck

Every farmer needs a pickup truck, or at the very least some form of a heavy-duty vehicle, for several reasons. They’re generally one of the best options for hauling farming supplies and various equipment around the property, are very durable when driving off-road, and can handle heavy loads, whether that be from the bed of the truck or from a trailer you can hitch to the back.

Fertilizer Spreaders

You need fertilizer to provide your plants with the nutrients that they need in order to grow bigger and stronger than they would without. It also helps your crops grow faster and in greater abundance, meaning a bigger yield come harvesting time.

It will be easier for you to spread your fertilizer across the field if you use a spreader, which is designed to cover a wider area than you on your own ever could. There are three types of spreaders that you can use, which are the broadcast spreader, manure spreader, and slurry spreader. The broadcast spreader uses gravity to disperse the fertilizer. Meanwhile, the manure spreader takes the manure straight from the animals and spreads it across the field. The slurry spreader is designed to spread liquid manure.

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Keep in mind that there are some spreaders that are designed to be attached to UTVs and ATVs instead of tractors.


If you’re unable to obtain a manure spreader, a plow is also an option for getting organic matter introduced to your soil. A plow is necessary to aerate the soil and break it up further, breaking down large clumps or blocky patches that wouldn’t be very useful otherwise. It’s also useful in churning organic matter, such as manure, further into the soil and removing weeds that might have invaded. A plow breaks up the soil enough that root growth and drainage become easier, meaning you can plant more plentiful crops. Plows, in general, are useful in that they prepare your fields for incoming crops, making seeding the soil much easier.

Like a spreader or most large farming equipment, you can attach a plow to either your truck or a tractor. It’s best to plow maybe once a year, reversing the directions every year to further mix the soil and allow for new organic growth.

Having a farm is a lot of hard work, and it comes with a lot of specialized equipment. However, focusing on the right equipment means you can spend more time working on your crops and less time fretting over if you even have the ability. The main pieces of equipment to worry over are owning a tractor, a truck, a plow, and a fertilizer spreader. All of these things can make working on your farm much easier, as they’re designed to cover wide distances and do heavy-duty work. A truck and tractor especially, since they, in turn, allow you to wield so many other types of equipment.

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