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21 Simple Cooking Tips for Better Cooking

A homemaker mixing some ingredients and turning them into delicious recipes with a lot of nutritional value. Recipes are very simple to try.

21 Simple Cooking Tips for Better Cooking

Regardless of whether you're a reluctant fledgling or a quintessential expert, each and every individual who goes to a kitchen needs an update on the essentials at times. Here, I am going to walk you through the cooking tips that completely changed my cooking and will change yours, as well.

1. Add Zest

At the point when a recipe requires a "zest" of a citrus fruit, it's alluding to the beautiful external piece of the skin, not the inward white part. The zest contains the entirety of the fragrance, citrus oils and gives a trace of citrus tang to the recipe. A straightforward technique for getting a fine zest is by scouring the fruit against the littlest openings of a cheese grater.


2. Be Little Experimental

Great cooks are never hesitant to go little away from a recipe and add their own energy and make the recipe their own. At whatever point you make a replacement or expansion, make sure to take notes so you can recollect next time if you enjoyed the change and enjoy it again.


3. Salted or Unsalted Butter

Butter is accessible as both salted and unsalted. The salt is added for additional flavor and to help safeguard it so it has a more extended time span of usability. The issue is that occasionally the salt in spread can be an excess. Picking unsalted butter gives you more power over how much salt you need in your dish. When you use salted butter in any dish its better to discard around ¼ teaspoon of salt per ½ cup (one stick) of butter utilized in that recipe.


4. Use of Kitchen Scissors

At this moment you presumably just utilize your kitchen scissors for opening bundling and packs of milk. In any case, whenever you're opening your pitas or cutting chicken into strips to make your favorite recipe, think about utilizing your scissors! Culinary specialists use them all the ideal opportunity for cutting meats and other food things. It's most likely best to have a pair of scissor that is assigned as food scissors only. What's more, be certain you clean them very well after each utilization since they do have fissure where microbes can stow away.


5. Organize Your Recipes

Nothing is seriously irritating when you're prepared to begin cooking but you can't fine your recipe. Make sure to keep a system to keep your recipes handy in your kitchen. so, when you need them you can find them easily. one of the option to keep the record of your recipes is to purchase a photo album with sticky sheet so you can paste the recipes in there or another thing you can do is keep a clipping file in which you save your recipes, this way you can easily add or remove any recipe.


6. Save Your Food from sticking and burning

To hold food back from sticking to the lower part of your skillet, try not to at any point put cold food into a hot pan. Additionally, don't place food into a pan that isn't completely clean, in that case that may lead to food sticking to the pan and burn.


7. Stop Water from Over Boiling

To hold skillet back from bubbling over when cooking, add a slight layer of butter around the edge of the container. This trick perfectly works for pasta, rice and potatoes.


8. Avoid Oozing the Egg Whites

When you boil the eggs do their whites ooze out? It happens because eggs have a air pocket at its rounded end and we place them in hot water that air pocket expands and as result it creates pressure in the egg which is more than the water it is placed in. Inside pressure make the egg shell crack resulting in oozing of the egg. This problem can be avoided by piercing the egg with the pin from larger end of the egg. It will give the air inside the egg a way to escape.


9. Cutting Bread and Cakes Perfectly

To cut cakes and bread you will probably use knife but there is another option by which you can cut the slice perfectly every time, which is dental floss. Yes you read dental floss. Dental floss may sound a bit strange but believe me it slices the bread and cake perfectly. It can also be used to layer the cake for filling. You can also freeze the cake for better result.

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10. More Juice from Citrus Fruit

When your recipe requires a citrus juice, be it lemon, lime or orange, get every drop of juice from the fruit. You can get the maximum amount of juice by simply rolling the fruit under your palm on any hard surface. when you roll make sure to press a little hard. After that cut in half and then squeeze it and get the juice out as much as you can. Citrus juice adds so much flavor to the food.


11. Peel Your Garlic

It is frustrating to peel the garlic but if you know a little trick that pro use it gets easier. Put a garlic clove on a cutting board and press it hard with a large knife with its flat side. when you press it hard you will hear a pop which means the peel is separated. Another trick is to cut the clove in half and then press it with the flat side of knife.

To get rid of garlic smell from your hands try washing them with salt.


12. Repair Cracked Eggs

If an egg cracks when you're boiling them, add a tablespoon off vinegar in the water, it will seal the eggshell. If the egg has start oozing this trick will not work then.


13. Oil Must Be Hot Before Frying

Despite not being the healthiest option, there is no doubt fried food is tasty. For perfect frying oil must be hot before putting food into it, but not too much hot that it instantly burns the food. To know whether the oil is hot enough or not put a small piece of what you are going to fry, if it instantly start to bubble; oil is ready.


14. Right Temperature for Deep Frying

Using a little bread cube is a perfect trick to find out if your oil is hot enough or not. If that piece of bread browns in a minute, the temperature of oil is between 350 and 365 degrees, in 40 seconds – 365 and 382 degrees, in 20 seconds – 382 and 390 degrees. You can also use a thermometer but make sur it is of metal and it is designed for the purpose of deep frying.


15. Egg Substitute

What if your recipe demand an egg but you're all out of eggs? There's nothing to worry because eggs can be substituted with real mayonnaise. Substitute for a large egg is two tablespoon of real mayonnaise.


16. Uses of Apples

Have you heard that apples should be stored separately from other vegetables and fruits? Yes they should. It is because they release some gases which speed up the process of ripening of other vegetables and fruits. Sometimes these gasses are also useful as the help your potatoes from sprouting


17. Remove Fat from the Soup

Homemade soup may have fat on the top but you can remove it by putting four to five ice cubes in the soup. The fat will stick to ice cubes which you can remove easily. this process may cool down the temperature of soup but you can reheat it afterwards.


18. Stop Sandwiches from Being Soggy

Pre-made sandwiches often go soggy when its time to eat them but you can prevent that to happen. Spread mustard, butter or mayonnaise to the edge of the both pieces of bread. After making sandwiches wrap them in plastic rap or waxed paper to prevent sogginess. Or another thing you can do to stop sandwiches from being soggy is to pack bread and fillings separately and assemble them before easting, if it is possible.


19. Food Marination

When you marinate anything the ingredients must include lemon or vinegar. both of these ingredients are acidic in nature and can react to the metal and off-flavors can be caused in your food. Therefore, you should use ceramic or glass containers to marinate your food for better flavoring. Fish and Meat can be marinated in the zip lock bag to avoid bad odor from any other container.


20. Reduce Grease splatter

Grease splatter can be dangerous specially when it gets to your skin. It can be quite painful. To avoid splattering add little salt to the food which you are about to fry, it can help reduce the splatter.


21. Easy Cheese Grating

A tip to grate cheese easily is to put it in freezer an hour before you need it. This will make cheese hard to grade easily.


Do you want more cooking tips like this? Tell me in the comments :)

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