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10 Weird Types of Pasta

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Pasta comes in many shapes and tastes, the variety is so great that sometimes you feel pretty lost about which one you should buy. Although, there are some special kinds which many people simply have no idea about, and which the true pasta lovers may find very fascinating.

1. Black Pasta

This unique type of pasta will add some variety to your noodle dishes. It looks impressive and when you want to surprise your friends or family, or just make an interesting dinner, black pasta can be a good choice for you. The black color comes from adding squid or cuttlefish ink to pasta dough, and even if it may be a hard to find or even exotic item to obtain it is definitely worth a try. It is mostly known in Italy, particularly Sicily, which is where it is often made. The taste is not much different from the regular pasta, except a little bit saltier, but the deep dark color compensates for it greatly.

2. Lemon Pasta

Lemon pasta served with caviar

Lemon pasta served with caviar

Lemon is a rather unusual thing to add to pasta dishes. Although some companies produce real lemon-flavored pasta and there are recipes explaining how you can make it at home. Sometimes extra spices are added to pasta for an extra kick, sometimes it is just a bit of lemon juice or lemon peel added to it during the production. The pasta usually looks not much different from the regular one, but as some say it has a very refreshing lemon taste, which would go very well with seafood.

3. Heart-shaped pasta

If you run out of ideas for Valentine’s Day, or your soul wants something truly romantic and beautiful, then heart-shaped pasta is definitely for you. These little hearts, most often colored red, are something truly sweet and delicate to make for your love, especially if they love pasta. And whatever you make from them, a complex pasta dish, or a soup, they will look absolutely gorgeous on your plate.

4. Coin-shaped pasta

Croxetti, and corzetti, or a coin shaped type of pasta, originated in Liguria, Northern Italy and was created in the Middle Ages and was used by rich Italian families to show their wealth. This unique pasta is not very widely produced, and every thin “coin” of dough is personally hand-stamped, leaving little drawings and symbols on them. Even though it is considered one of the most unique and precious types of pasta, you can still find it for sale through the Internet, so in case you wish to appreciate this beautiful work of art, you can simply order it. Croxetti can also be made at home, and the recipe is not that complicated, although the usual homemade recipes are more simplified than the original process of this pasta production.

5. Wine pasta

People often eat pasta with wine. Then some companies came with the idea of combining these two delicious things together to create wine pasta. The pasta is made with an addition of different kinds of wine, usually red wine, and has pretty pink, or better to say, light wine color. Other people who enjoy the combination just boil their pasta in red wine and say the taste is very specific and unique, and that once you try it, you will make more. Whether this is truth or not you can check yourself by cooking or purchasing this unique and fascinating thing.

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6. Lavender Pasta

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Believe it or not, some people created this pasta which tastes and smells like lavender flowers. Certain companies offer you lavender-flavored pasta, made with addition of lavender flowers to it, and they promise you that your kitchen will start to smell flowery the moment you start to boil these noodles in your pot. The taste most likely wouldn’t have anything lavender in it, as lavender is a delicate taste and can be ruined by additional things added to the pasta, but the smell may make your dinner unforgettable.

7. Vegetable Pasta

Vegetable pasta varies in tastes and colors. The most common ones you can find in almost every store are green and red ones, which often come with regular white pasta, symbolizing the colors of the Italian flag. The green pasta is usually made with the addition of spinach to it, while the red one is usually tomato-flavored pasta. However the variety of vegetable pasta is much greater than that. There is a purple-colored pasta with beet, a brownish mushroom pasta, yellowish pumpkin pasta, and naturally an orange carrot pasta. Combining all these together you can get a pretty wonderful-looking meal, not to mention healthy, and even though the tastes are very subtle it is definitely much better than adding artificial colors to your food.

8. Chocolate Pasta

Chocolate pasta may sound like a strange idea but, believe it or not, many people like it. This brown-colored pasta is of course made by adding cocoa to the pasta dough, and even though some find it rather disgusting, others get very obsessed with it. Some people make it with berries and fruits, and who knows, maybe it will become your favorite dessert if you give it a try. It’s said that this pasta doesn’t have a very strong chocolate flavor, but you can still taste it when it’s cooked and that the smell may be pretty attractive.

9. Rainbow Pasta

There is nothing cuter than little colored pieces of pasta. And if you like pasta, you will love this kind. The pattern on them differs, although it is usually several stripes—thin or wide—showing the skill of the makers and technology, and is a funny color. The coloring variety is so wide that it’s hard to list them all here, but you will most likely find your favorite color combination and it will serve a great decoration to your food.

10. Flax Pasta

Whole wheat and flax spaghetti

Whole wheat and flax spaghetti

Flax pasta is something unusual and pretty unexpected. Flax seeds are added to the pasta dough and ground into a finer consistency and it promises you the unique nutty taste flax is known for, and the wonderful flax smell. The color is a little darker than the regular pasta and some people really like it, saying it tastes good with both vegetable and meat dishes.


Lin (author) from USA on November 05, 2015:

You are very welcome, RTalloni! I'm glad you liked it and I think the chocolate pasta would be a great try, especially as a dessert.

RTalloni on November 05, 2015:

What a neat read for the average food lover! Thanks for the introduction to some out of the ordinary pastas. Am looking forward to giving at least some a try! Chocolate pasta…hmmmm...

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