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10 Unordinary Pizza Toppings

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10 Unordinary Pizza Toppings

Pizza has become a staple around the world for comfort food. In the U.S. alone, Americans consume over 100 acres of pizza a day. That is a lot of pizza! That means that every second, another slice of cheesy goodness is served. In fact it would be 350 slices served per second. One of the great qualities about pizza is how many different options are available to suit your particular tastes. The doughy spread is like a canvas for the pizza artista.

The wacky and wonderful pizza toppings from around the world might blow your mind or get your taste buds tingling. Do you dare to sample a slice of one of these unordinary pizzas? This list contains a full English Breakfast Pizza, Kangaroo pizza, bugs as pizza toppings and more. (source)


The Down Under Special Is A Kangaroo Crocodile and Emu Pizza

It might be considered un-American to eat pizza topped with kangaroo, emu and crocodile, but to the Australian’s it’s a delicious menu selection. Emu and kangaroo are two very different meat options available on the “Coat of Arms,” pizza found on the menu at the Australian Heritage Hotel, located in The Rocks, in Sydney Australia. The “Coat of Arms,” pizza is half Emu and half peppered Kangaroo with dried tomatoes, capsicum and lemon myrtle mayo. Kangaroo tends to have a gamey taste similar to venison, while Emu is a lean red meat many find enjoyable.

Crocodile is an unfamiliar pizza topping to many, but not in Australia. Crocodile has a mild fish flavor and chicken-like texture. It is a tender and meaty topping. Below the “Coat of Arms'' pizza at the Australian Heritage Hotel Menu Saltwater Crocodile Pizza. Crocodile is paired with spinach, red capsicum and a creamy coconut and red curry sauce and topped with coriander. (sources)


Mashed Potato Pizza Is Comforting

Imagine a pizza slathered in creamy, buttery mashed potatoes and topped with cheese. Mashed potato pizza is a thing, and is the perfect combination of two classic comfort foods.

Mashed potatoes on pizza may sound a little bizarre to someone used to the typical pizza options like sausage or pepperoni. One popular dive for the potato pizza originates from Bar a night club located in New Haven CT. Among other fantastic pizza’s, you will find the one of a kind mashed potato pizza.

Oddly enough, it may not be as far-fetched as you might think. Italy is the infamous home of all things pizza, It is not uncommon in Italy to use potato in or on top of the pizza crust, creating a tender and filling meal that is also budget friendly. Mashed potato pizza may be a spin off from Pierogi Pizza also known as Pagash. Perogis are a pasta shell stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes and seasonings. These originate from the Slavi (Ukranian) regions and are also popular in Pennsylvania. Pagash may also include ingredients like cabbage and onions. Potato pizza is delicious and a meatless dinner option which makes it quite popular among the Catholic in Northeast Pennsylvania during Lent. (source)


Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Pizza For The Cheese Lovers

Macaroni and cheese has been an all-american kid favorite since it’s mass production in the 1900's by cheese Giant Kraft Foods. While the idea of macaroni and cheese had been around long before Kraft began to mass produce it, the notion of mac and cheese pizza was not. What better way to celebrate your love of Mac and cheese and pizza than to combine the two?(source)

This genius combination is the creamy culmination of childhood and adult comfort foods. Pizza Hut introduced the cheesy carb-acious combination to the public in 2017. Since its launch at Pizza Hut it has been spreading to pizza distributors and chef’s world wide. Source


Banana & Curry Pizza Is A Dreamy Swedish Concoction

The Swedish celebrate their love of bananas and bold flavors with a very unique twist on pizza with their famous Banana and Curry Pizza. You read that right, bananas and curry and sometimes even peanuts! Bananas are sweet and often used in smoothies or dessert, while curry is a bold flavor made from a combination of deep earth spices often found in Indian cuisine. Combining these two very different ingredients is not common, unless you live in Sweden, where Banana Curry pizza is totally normal. Some versions of this peculiar pizza include peanuts, chicken and even pineapple. (source)


Russian Mockba Pizza Is Served Cold

Mockba pizza is not like your typical hot and gooey pizza. This Russian style pizza is served cold. Mockba pizza translates to Moscow pizza. Mockba pizza is a combination of a variety of fish such as sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon dressed up with onions and herb blends. Pizza is not always considered a healthy food, but Mockba pizza certainly can qualify due to the fresh and low carb ingredients. (source)

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English Breakfast Pizza Is Blimey Brilliant

English breakfast meets pizza in the English Breakfast Pizza. (source) A traditional English breakfast originates from the British Gentry and is made up of bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast served with a steamy beverage like tea or coffee.

Asada, an European grocery supplier, has taken the traditional English breakfast and turned it into a stone-baked pizza available to the everyday shopper featuring Heinz baked beans, a co-partner in the launch. Baked beans and pizza are a strange combination, but the British beg to differ. Their favorite breakfast has been transformed and it is exciting!


Lobster Pizza For Every Budget

These days Lobster is considered a luxury food item. Ordering a Lobster tail with your meal can cost anywhere between $15 to $35 or more depending on the dining establishment. Lobster is a comfort food and delicacy. Now there is lobster pizza combining comfort food and luxury food into one.

Lobster as a pizza topping is not as ironic one might think. Lobster, bread and cheese pair extremely well together. Turning lobster into a pizza topping opens an opportunity for it to be more available to the general public.

Lobster pizza blends together a familiar comfort food with an exotic seafood option.

Red lobster recognized a genius combination and now offers their own version of a lobster pizza. Their lobster and langostino pizza combines lobster, mozzarella cheese, fresh diced tomato topped with sweet and savory basil. (source)


Cicada Pizza From Ohio

Cicadas on pizza is not something most people would consider when coming up with the next big thing. That was not the case for the Ohio Pizza Bandits. This pizza in Dayton, Ohio really went out on a limb when they harvested local cicadas from the surrounding trees and turned them into a pizza topping.

The cicadas used for pizza were first blanched and then sautéed in sesame oil and chili powder before added to the spicy Thai style pizza. The cicada wings were even used as decoration on the crust. The cicada pizza also combined mushrooms, cabbage, green onion, a mango Cilantro and spicy Thai sauce all piled on a layer of miso housing Sriracha sauce. The pizza was more experimental than anything and is not offered on the menu. Did they create a trend or a flop? Social media ate it up as news went viral. (source)

Korean Trio Pizza Has A Little Of Everything

Have you ever gone for pizza and can’t decide because you're in the mood for a little bit of everything? Mr. Pizza of Korea understands and offers the solution. Mr. Pizza’s “Trio” pizza could be a little bit crazy or a little bit of perfection. The Mr. Trio is a limited edition 30th Anniversary pizza creation with three premium pizzas in one. This pizza has wine aged steak, six different cheeses, cheese blossom steak, king prawns, fillet steak, bocconcini cheese, mozzarella cheese, gouda cheese, melty cubed cheddar cheese, ricotta cheese, even more king prawns, potatoes, bacon and chili sauce. This is a trending pizza that could totally stay around. (source)


Finland Has Smoked Reindeer Pizza

Reindeer fill American petting zoos and Christmas songs, but who would think to put reindeer on pizza? One of Finland's most popular pizza joints Kotipizza sure did. Kotipizza launched reindeer pizza as a response to a comment the Italian prime Minister made about reindeer meat and Finnish food. The Finn's combined pizza, an Italian classic with smoked reindeer, cheese and mushrooms and named it Berlusconi pizza just for the prime Minister. It turned out so impressive that the reindeer pizza won a first place award in 2008 in the America's plate International pizza competition. The pizza is topped with smoked reindeer which in Finland, is viewed as we do deer meat or venison. (source)

Basic Pizza To Be A Thing Of The Past

The world is constantly changing and so is the face of pizza. Pizza has evolved from basic pizza toppings to eccentric and extravagant culinary masterpieces. If you're craving pizza beyond the norm on your next vacation check out some of these pizza creations around the world from comforting mac & cheese pizza, gourmet Lobster pizza or a comprehensive English Breakfast Pizza.

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