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What Does the Beer You Drink Say About Your Personality?

This one's for you guys.

Survey for the LADIES only.


I remember when the hardest choice I had to make was "bottle or draught"...

So, I love beer. And I love dating. In light that I'm not dating at the moment, and I'm drinking significantly less, it only seemed right to combine the two. If I can't be with them, they can at least be with each other!

So yeah, this modern-day philosopher in Richmond has argued that our personality is a huge reason as to why we like different beer. Well duh. But this guy claims that, other than we get drunk, the reason people love beer is because it's a physical representation of the unseen things that shape our personality--pointedly towards the opposite sex. Ya know, things like the atmosphere you're in, (environment), the glass, can, or bottle you prefer to drink it out of (attractiveness), how a new beer is often different, but with time we begin to like it (much like meeting someone for the first time), and the way we are intrigued by the what goes in and the aroma produced draws us in for another sip, and another, and another (when you meet someone you really like).

Anyway, with that being said, I thought it'd be fun to give my two cents as to how a person's preference in beer reflects their view on dating. So there you have it, the top six most generic, not in any order types of people we will encounter at least once in our dating lives.


6. IPA-- The Fitness Obsessed.

People who drink IPA are “beer drinkers” just like those who claim to "live at the gym". They are the type who think they know more than everyone else, are the total package, and are just dedicated to good beers and good health. They tend to think they are more knowledgeable and do not take kindly to change. Appearances are important to them, and don’t want to be seen as a loser to your date, because they are winners. They have been on a brewery tour to Heartland Brewery and spend four hours at the gym everyday, and they never fail to let you forget.

Ordering an IPA and being passionate about the gym is fine, but do so because you like it, not because you are trying to impress someone. Remember: drink what makes you happy and do what makes you feel better. But don’t be surprised if others judge you for it just a tiny bit for your zeal. I know you want me simply to work out and love it as much as you, but I hate it. Sorry. And these type of people for the majority, are the ones that always seem to be single. Maybe it's because they hold their beer and fitness to such a high standard, that it's unobtainable.

Boom. Mind blow.


5. Stout--The Late Bloomer

It's all happened to us. We spend years making fun of someone and thinking that they could never be a "hottie". happens. They're suddenly...attractive. And it's as if not only their physical features changed, but they matured as well. This is much like the any stout. A stout isn't the ideal beer in the days of summer, something like light is what is best at this time. A stout is made by patience, and it is enjoyed best when it's drinker has waited a season to taste it. Stouts are dark and mysterious and they are often seen as something a lot of people couldn't like. However, the stout is refined, much like a late bloomer. It has been given time to develop and mature and is now a finished product of quality.

Yes, stouts are dark, but they are adventurous and those who enjoy them know quality when it touches their lips.


4. Hefe-weizen--The Narrow-Minded

For those who don't know, this is your "Belguim Whites". So your Blue Moons, Shock Tops, or the Summer Haze by Devil's Backbone.

People who frequently drink Hefe-weizen's are drawn to it because it doesn't have the typical beer taste. So they call them beer drinkers, but don't even actually do anything to have that title. They want everyone to think they appreciate good quality beer, but don't even want to actually drink beer.

This is reflected in those who can't seem to see the other side of things. They enjoy the feeling comfortable and happy with their perception, and so that becomes their reality rather than approaching something different with eyes open. They often don't venture out too much of what makes them comfortable and safe.


3. Pilsner--Parental Issues

This is a safe choice. And while there are great Pilsners out there, they have so gotten so used to drinking the crap beer that they have a hard time distinguishing what is of quality and genuity. Pilsners are often great session beers meaning one can have more than one in a sitting, much like in the way a person can endure hardships. In both, there is a hope they look to.

Aside from the trust issues and norm of "mommy and daddy" issues, Pilsner drinkers are often times drinkers who aren't adventurous or confident enough to leave their comfort zone. Because of this, Pilsner drinkers in a way become like their beer. They lose their true identity.

Though it’s safe, don’t be mistaken. It’s still a good beer. So even when a person is used to only taking in the crap, they can always know there is good out there still.


2. American Lager--The Man-Child

I feel like you Bud, Natty, and Miller fans already know what you are.

To an individual who prefers American Lagers, the act of drinking is more about the shared social connection of being in a bar with friends over taste and the art of crafting beer. Quantity over quality is a prevalent theme in their lives. “Let’s chug these beers” and “I can’t find my Social Security card", are often things this person says. They are also typically broke.

People who are like this are like their beer, they have every opportunity to be the best, but rely on short cuts and mass production instead of patience. They completely miss out on person growth. Adulthood is not a tangible thing to this person because they do not know what it is like to try hard and fail. They have never used perseverance therefore they do not know what it is.


1. Oktoberfest--Drama Queen

Oktoberfest style beers are a form of German Pilsner. The beer itself is derived from "Sommerbiere" (Summer beer). Ur-Marzen, meaning "original of March", are beers that were brewed in March, and made stronger to remain preserved over the summer months, prior to the help of modern refrigeration. They have a nice amber color and have a full-bodied, slightly bitter taste.

The beer's personality is shown by its drinker's personality. Oktoberfest style drinkers are usually loud, strong, independent individuals. Much like the beer, it was the hard the times that shaped them into that mold. They are often dramatic and not liars, per say, but exaggerators.

Drinkers are humorous people with a love for beer.


And I bid you adieu...

First hub, thanks for sticking with it. Please note that these are just my opinions and I'm not actually a professional psychologist at all. I posted some pretty neat beer charts as well.

Please take a visit at my blog, it's great!

Thanks guys!

Dacey O.

The Basic White Girl Diaries



Scott on August 06, 2017:

You did not list Hefeweizen. You lose. No soul.

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