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10 Simple Ways to Become a Better Cook

research new recipes and tips to make cooking better, easier, and to make anyone a better cook. I like making recipes from scratch.

10 Simple Ways To Become A Better Cook

When it comes to food, I am one of the biggest food nuts there are. I constantly research new recipes and tips to make cooking better, easier, and to make me or anyone a better cook. I like making recipes from scratch. I do a lot of homemade baking, like, Lasagna, Manicotti, and anything else I can bake as long as it's something homemade.

There is still a ton of information out there and I am still learning new tips and tricks to make cooking better and a little more healthier.

Here is an article I read that Food Network put out. It's pretty interesting. I started thinking of ways I could help you be a better cook with my own tips. I also did some research on the subject as well. You know what they say, "Knowledge is power" and I wanted to gather as much of that "power" as I could.

Here are 10 simple ways to be a better cook.

1. They say salt is your friend. It gives your food flavor but it's high in sodium, which in turn can cause heart disease if not used in moderation. Instead of using straight salt, try using sea or kosher salt, or even Accent. You still get the salt tase but, in a healthier way to season your food. And, you must season your food before cooking it to get the best flavor.

2. Leave your cookbooks on the back burner. They are helpful but, too much is not good if you want to be a better cook. A pinch of this, a dash of that, is all it takes to cook better. Use your own imagination because no cookbook is going to give you that. I have many cookbooks and now they just gather dust because I make up my own recipes. You're smart and you can do this, too.

3. Keep your knives clean and sharp. A dull knife will just make it harder to cut fresh ingredients and is time consuming. Sharpen your knives at least once or twice a month to keep them in pristine condition.

4. Use fresh fruits and vegetables. I know what you're saying, using frozen or canned veggies is quicker. That's true but, you don't get the same result. Frozen is okay but, you still taste the frozen taste. Cans have that metal taste in your food. So, take the time to cut fresh ingredients. It may be time consuming, but, it's a healthier way to feed your hungry clan at dinnertime.

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5. Ditch those cutting boards made out of left over counter tops. Use wood or plastic instead. Using these keeps your knives from dulling to quickly.

6. Use fresh spices. I have used the ones from the store when I have had to make a quick dinner when I had no time to cut fresh spices and herbs, but, using fresh spices and herbs will give your food that elegant, gourmet taste. Everyone will think you're a gourmet chef using nothing but fresh ingredients. A little tip, these are easier on your waistline and keeps you heart healthy.

7. Cleanup. I find that it's better to clean up as you go. You don't want a messy kitchen after you have prepared your meal. A messy prep area can cause contamination in your food and you and your family will get sick and, you don't want that. Cleaning up as you go is a must!

8. If you are making a one pan meal like stir-fry, don't put to much in the pan where it's impossible to stir the food. Too much in your frying pan can cause spillover on your stove. Use 2 frying pans if need be to ensure a clean cooking area.

9. I try to use all flavors. I like some things sweet and sour, and some spicy and salty. Keep these flavors flowing in your meals. This balances out the flavors in your meals.

10. Texture. We want the perfect texture, especially in our noodles. Noodles should be cooked al dente at all times. Nobody likes noodles that are overcooked and soggy. Think about the texture of all your food. Textures include: crunchy, creamy, and juicy, just to name a few. You are the cook and you know what consistency your family likes their meals.

So, there you have it, 10 simple and easy ways to be a better cook. Please check out the link I provided for more tips and tricks in the kitchen. If you can't find it, here it is again: Also, research, research, research. I can't stress this enough.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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