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12 Herbal Teas with Healthy Benefits

Healthy Benefits of 12 Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are also known as tisanes* and herbal infusions. Herbs have long been used in traditional medicine, and as a tea, is often prescribed by herbalists. If something ails you, there may be an herbal tea for you. You may also be surprised at the antioxidant properties of rooibos.

Following is a list of 12 herbal teas and their benefits:

Alfalfa Leaf tea - the leaves and flower heads are used. It is high in vitamins and has been used to help relieve arthritis symptoms.

Birch Leaf tea - leaves can be from the black, white or yellow birch. Beneficial for headaches and rheumatism. One or two cups per day can help reduce the pain from passing kidney stones and can help reduce fever.

Blackberry Leaf tea - an all around tonic, and good as a blood purifier

Blueberry Leaf tea - can be had chilled or hot (See link below for a novel way to serve iced-tea). One to two cups per day make a good tonic and blood purifier. It can also help with inflamed kidneys.

Chamomile tea - has compounds to help end menstrual cramps. Chamomile raises glycine levels which help relieve the muscle cramps that cause cramping. Has been prescribed by herbalist for relaxing.

Hibiscus tea - helps lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. Also rich in anthocyanins, which are plant pigments, that help fight free radicals.

Juniper tea - helps cure urinary tract infections (UTIs) by breaking up uric acid crystals that can accumulate in the bladder and kill harmful bacteria. The tea is also a detoxifier and diuretic; it removes toxins, fats and trapped fluids.

(Note: the berries from the juniper tree have antiviral properties which are believed to protect against H1N1 - also known as swine flu).

Lemon Balm tea - helps to boost brain power by increasing acetylcholine - a brain neurotransmitter which helps with memory. Just inhaling the scent has been shown to be beneficial for clearing the head and calming the nerves.

Peppermint tea - the energizing scent of peppermint helps soothe sinus pain as effectively as 1,000 mg of Tylenol. Just the vapors of peppermint has pain relievers and natural anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also effective for eliminating Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

(Note: I often grow peppermint on the windowsill. I started using it because I read about its benefits for digestion. It is also good served chilled)

Raspberry Leaf tea - good as an all around tonic and a blood purifier.

Rooibos tea - this red tea has more antioxidant properties and minerals than both white tea and green tea. Made from the South African red bush plant, rooibos also has calcium, iron, and zinc.Rooibos also helps prevent cell damage that causes sun damage, wrinkles, and it is believed to stave off Alzheimer's.

(Note: Like most people, I've only known rooibos to be sold as a weight loss tea)

Rose Hip tea - made from seed pods, it can help reduce the pain of arthritis by easing joint aches and tissue inflammation. The pods release anti-inflammatory compounds and bioflavonoids. Rose hip tea also blocks the production of stress hormones. And it smells good!

Sassafras tea - often used as a spring tonic, the tea is a blood thinner and purifier. It can help with the symptoms of bronchitis.

*The correct name for these herbal infusions is 'tisane' because no leaves come from the tea bush.  Served in small quantities, usually hot, and the same way tea is prepared and served, herbal infusions are now often called tea.

To make your iced teas more interesting and for more tea information see the links below:

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BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on March 16, 2013:

Sapphyre - I appreciate the benefits of peppermint tea. When the farmer's market is open again I get a plan and just pull of leaves which then regrow. It's a pleasure to drink this tea and then for it to have benefits - wow!

Marielle - You're welcome. I so appreciate comments that share information. Thanks for the links and your comments.

Marielle on March 14, 2013:

Wow, officially am a tea addict. This site was so helpful! I got a lot of other information too from here

for all you tea buffs out there that are looking to get your noses into more tea knowledge, I know I am. Thanks for the article!

Sapphyre on April 28, 2012:

Great article. I've actually listed an herbal tea containing peppermint for stomach relief. You can find it at my etsy store here:

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 19, 2012:

Love the idea of yarrow picked straight from the garden vickiturner! - thanks for writing!

vickiturner on April 19, 2012:

I love herbal teas. I think my favourite is camomile. After a day at work, stressing out I need it. I also like to use yarrow picked from my garden. Straight into a cup with boiling water and a bit of honey. Wonderful.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on November 12, 2011:

Hi creativelycc - my peppermint grew on the sill all summer and was just so good - but I picked from it faster than it would grow. But even better - you have the great outdoors. I bought my plant from the Farmer's Market - and I bring home leaves from my daughter-in-law's herb garden. Fresh is always best.

Carrie L Cronkite from Maine on November 11, 2011:

Good information about different types of teas. Very encouraging and healthy tea facts. Thank you! I love tea, especially peppermint! Is is easy growing it in your window sill? I'm rooting some in a glass from my garden and will try to grow some indoors for the winter.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on March 01, 2011:

Thanks for your enthusiasm eudociadavis! Yay! And great to meet you too by the way.

eudociadavis on March 01, 2011:

Absolutely Awesome,thanks for posting this Hub.


BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on February 16, 2011:

You're welcome James. Thanks for commenting!

James on February 15, 2011:

Thanks for sharing this info, it's great, I love tea so much. Nice hub :) Thumbs up

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on January 20, 2011:

Thanks for commenting ringtones!

ringtones on January 20, 2011:

very useful benefit of Herbal teas..

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on January 14, 2011:

You're welcome and thanks for commenting!

mobile themes on January 14, 2011:

thanks for such nice sharing...

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on January 11, 2011:

Thanks for commenting fadiboy - I will check out your hub and your link!

fadibody on January 10, 2011:

Definitely, you have a GREAT hub! Drinking tea can be beneficial to us. Thanks so much for posting very informative details regarding tea. On the flip side, you be interested to learn more on health and fitness, kindly visit Thanks so much!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on January 09, 2011:

Enjoy Delores Monet! I can't imagine a life without tea. And it certainly goes with freelance writing! Yay!

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on January 09, 2011:

I love herbal teas, especially at night when I don't want to drink black tea. I just got some Rooibis tea - sounds like a good thing!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on December 26, 2010:

I'm going to look into pandan leaves - thanks for the info PaperNotes. Our grandmothers knew what they were doing - and what it was for!

PaperNotes on December 26, 2010:

My grandmother always brews her own tea made from lemon grass and pandan leaves. Smells so good and tastes good too.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on December 16, 2010:

And it just smells so good What's News. Thanks for commenting.

What's News on December 15, 2010:

I like blackberry leaf tea but didn't know it had all around benefits.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on October 31, 2010:

You're very welcome oceansnsunsets - I'm glad you like the hub. Thank you for commenting! Yay!

Paula from The Midwest, USA on October 31, 2010:

I love this hub, and learning more about herb teas and their health benefits. Good ideas for new ones to try, thank you for sharing!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on August 27, 2010:

Isn't it great Pollyannalana that we are discovering the benefits of tea. Seems you've already know it. Lately, I've been brewing them in the sun on the window sill and keeping it, like you, in the fridge - always ready.

Thanks for the ideas.

Pollyannalana from US on August 27, 2010:

I make tea to do me a week and I add many types together, but mostly green and sweeten with honey. I put it in jars while it is hot and most seal. They all go in the fridge after cooling but I drink the ones that don't seal first. I do the same for my husband but he likes the black (there are benefits here too) but I add those bags to what is left of mine so he can have some nutrition he don't know

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on June 29, 2010:

Thanks for the great info about the rose hips tea. I had some in a tea room in Seoul, S. Korea. Excellent! How interesting that teas of every kind are so popular the world over. It just makes good healthy sense.

I'm enjoying your amazing hubs by the way!

Loren's Gem from Istanbul, Turkey on June 29, 2010:

Rosehip tea, its just one of my favorites! Tea is very popular in Turkey and we drink tea almost as often as we drink water - or maybe much more. Great info on teas! Thanks for sharing! :-)

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on June 25, 2010:

Your welcome khristal23! This is my favorite time of the year to find fresh herbs and try the teas. Thank you for reading and commenting!

khristal23 from GA on June 24, 2010:

Lots of detailed info on tea, thanks!! Many types listed here I never tried. I did get to try rooibis a few months back and didn't like it. White tea is my absolute favorite.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on June 06, 2010:

Thank you too Moon Daisy. I enjoy your comments as much as I enjoy reading your hubs. I'd like to get back to making so many more natural products - everything works!

Moon Daisy from London on June 06, 2010:

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. :) The soap that you made sounds really good. One day i would like to try making natural soap and toiletries. I will take a look at theherbivorehippi's hubs. I'm interested in all the things that vinegar can be used for, especially because it's so nice. Thanks!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on June 04, 2010:

I'm already a big fan of yours Moon Daisy - so I look forward to your herbal hubs. You know, I used to use sage when I made an herbal shampoo - that was like a thousand years ago. I added rosemary, nettle and shaved some castile into it - it was so cleansing and softening - kept my hair a nice rich dark color. Another hubber - theherbivorehippi writes a lot of hubs about the many uses of vinegar. I think you may enjoy them - they are great.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Moon Daisy from London on June 04, 2010:

Yes, I'm really getting into the herbal experiments, and might write a few herbal hubs if I get the time. :)

It's great fun mixing things and boiling them up, and they usually end up tasting really good. (Except for sage tea, which I didn't love too much - there is a definite advantage to making it when you're all bunged up and can't taste or smell it, lol!!)

Annoyingly I still haven't found anything to cure my cough, (although oregano tea somehow makes me 'feel' healthier! Plus I think I've also become slightly addicted to it...) I'm trying to avoid antibiotics, which always make me iller than I start out. But I've just started taking apple cider vinegar, which is supposed to be good for all sorts of ailments. Tastes great too (imo)!

My blackberry leaves are now dried and crushed, and I enjoyed my first cup of blackberry leaf tea yesterday.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your herbal tea hubs, it's such a fascinating subject!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on May 18, 2010:

Sounds excellent Moon Daisy! Hope you will share all your herbal experiments with us. Did you find a best tea for your cough?

I love the smell of the blackberry leaves.

Thanks for your input!

Moon Daisy from London on May 18, 2010:

Great hub! I'm very interested in herbal remedies and recently I've been trying out and making various herbal teas. I'm trying to get rid of a nasty throat/cough at the moment and I have a few teas on the go for that..

I'm also in the process of drying out some blackberry leaves so I can make some blackberry leaf tea.

I'm obviously not enjoying the cough, but I'm enjoying experimenting with herbs, and all the tea tasting!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on May 07, 2010:

You're very welcome mquee! Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm thoroughly enjoying your hubs too.

Isn't it nice to get older but know we are supposed to be healthy. This getting older and falling apart is not normal.

Enjoy your tea!

mquee from Columbia, SC on May 07, 2010:

I was really into herbal tea a few years ago, but drifted away from it. After reading this, I will begin drinking it again. Before I was always at a loss, as to what a particular tea was good for. Not enough info on most packaging. Now I know, thanks for another super hub.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 27, 2010:

I'll look into the puerrh, itakins. Thanks for sharing that!

itakins from Irl on April 27, 2010:

I've landed on my feet here as a serious tea lover.I love rooibos and lemonbalm.I also think puerrh is a great one for de-tox.

Incredible array of hubs...I'm off to read more:)

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 26, 2010:

Ah, it would be nice to have a cup of tea together, Pollyannalana. It is my daily preferred beverage too! I've tried so many and right now it seems to be an oolong addiction - thanks for writing!

Pollyannalana from US on April 26, 2010:

I am a tea tottaler. I keep tea made and sweetened with honey, as little as possible, I start with green tea base and add grey, white, chamolie, sleepytimes, just something new I find for a certain benefit,make up enough to do me a few days and drink all I can. I didn't really like the taste of the chai green until I tried it hot with milk and honey. Good at bedtime. I will copy and study yours, thx.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 19, 2010:

Sounds like a great herbal mix. Nice, fresh and from the garden - can't beat it. Nice to meet you by the way!

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on April 19, 2010:

Great assortment of teas...I love herbal teas too...this morning I made some from the gold blossoms of the dandelion mixed with ground ivy leaves...picked from my yard. That's one of my favorites and it's free.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 18, 2010:

So great to meet you creativelycc. I am now your fan! Thanks for commenting!

Carrie L Cronkite from Maine on April 18, 2010:

Great hub! I'll be using this as a resource. I just starting drinking chamomile and lavender tea, it's very relaxing.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 14, 2010:

We are learning to appreciate all teas here in the U. S. Kerkedijk! And now we can drink to our health as well. Lucky you, the Chinese tea party. When I was in S. Korea we went to a ceremony - wow! What a lovely peaceful event. Nice to meet you by the way. Enjoy your rooibos!

Thank you for Jim Strutzin. Your comment are appreciated! Nice to meet you too!

Jim Strutzin on April 14, 2010:

These benefits are exceptional and noteworthy. As a big consumer of herbal teas, I know the noticeable difference these teas can make.

Kerkedijk from Ireland on April 14, 2010:

I am Irish and we are known for our tea drinking, it is a remedy for all ills! However, I drink lots of herbal teas and happen to have a glass of rooibos tea beside me here so had to comment. I believe in all things herbal but drink the teas for their flavour mainly. I was in China two years ago and went to a Chinese tea party, it was just amazing. I love anything to do with tea and the ceremony of making it just brings with it a sense of calm and wellness.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 13, 2010:

Thanks for commenting JJ182674! Nice to meet you too Enjoy your tea!

JJ182674 on April 13, 2010:

great hub! I can only having green tea..

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 13, 2010:

I appreciate your comment jayjay40 about the hub being laid out well and easy to read - I want to make sure my hubs are like that - so I will refer back here. Hmmm.

Thanks for that input. And thanks for the personal recommendations - they are always the best.

jayjay40 from Bristol England on April 13, 2010:

Great hub, Raspberry leaf tea is great for constipation and Chamomile for a late night drink to help you sleep. great the way this hub is laid out, makes it easy to read

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 13, 2010:

Thanks for commenting summaiya soomro! And the list keeps growing. There seems to be a tea for everything - and the list is endless.

summaiya soomro from karachi on April 12, 2010:

WOW!! i have never even heard of these teas. a perfect health with tea i was never ware of this.thanks for sharing such an unusual topic:)

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 12, 2010:

Thanks for the input DXmusic about the hibiscus tea. Nothing like a personal recommendation. I'm so glad to know we are all thinking healthy - perhaps it is time to write a 2nd hub about herbal teas - there are soooo many.

Thanks for commenting!

DXmusic on April 12, 2010:

Great job!!! loved it... specially hibiscus tea, as it lowers blood pressure. I knew about some of the properties of some herbs like cleansing etc. but I have just come to know the innumerable benefits of most of the herbal teas.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 11, 2010:

You're welcome nadp. It so nice to have all the medicine we may need - in herbal teas.

Thanks for your comments and thanks for putting that algebra hub together. It comes in handy!

nadp from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA on April 11, 2010:

I liked this one too - I'm going to get some lemon balm tea. I already have peppermint tea, but have only used it together with some other kinds when I make iced tea. I'll try it by itself for the medicinal benefits. Thanks for the info.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 10, 2010:

I'm so glad you found the information useful Meg. You writing about it will further spread the word. That is great!

Thanks for writing!

Meg on April 10, 2010:

Wonderful to see such a great compilation of herbal teas and their health benefits! I wholeheartedly agree. I've been working on something similar and will definitely use this list as a resource! All the best to you.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 10, 2010:

All this nutrition in a bit of leaves, hubpageswriter! Green tea is always touted as the miracle tea and I think it is - then add some herbal infusions like blackberry and we are covered. Ahh, good health! Imagine!

Thanks for writing!

hubpageswriter on April 10, 2010:

This is a very good hub. I would like to try out blackberry tea, that sounds interesting. And green tea too.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 09, 2010:

Thanks so much hypnodude - your praise is always appreciated!

Well, prasetio30, I will check out your hub! They are 'one of a kind.'

Hello Jewels - I left out many because there are sooooo many great herbal infusions - which means I can probably do a part 2. Thanks for the parsley info.

Fresh is it - yours is of course the absolute best type of sassafrass, Lady Guinevere! I'd like to remind everyone that quality is key to nutrition here. Many of these teas I can find for 99cents - but some cost much more and are no better. I read the loveliest article about a 'tea garden' - how ideal!

Thanks for the comments and all the input!

Debra Allen from West Virginia on April 09, 2010:

I LOVE Sassafrass tea. I go out and dig up a Sassafrass root and use it many times. Freshest is the bestest! LOL

Jewels from Australia on April 09, 2010:

Can't believe you left out Parsley Tea. It's results are amazing. Very highly recommended.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on April 09, 2010:

I also write the hub about "tea" and you have more complete than me. I am glad to know many kind of tea. Blueberry Leaf tea is the new one for me. Good work, my friend.

Andrew from Italy on April 09, 2010:

Rated, stumbled and bookmarked. Great hub BKCreative, well done.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 08, 2010:

That blackberry tea is luscious pmrcray - just the aroma is a thrill! I think you will enjoy it. Thanks so much for your comments and compliments and all your good thoughts!

I'm enjoying your hubs - wow!

pmccray on April 08, 2010:

Whoa . . . bookmarked,rated and shared. This was so informative and great for we who diet to infinity and beyond. I am definitely trying the blackberry tea. I hate the berries in their natural state, but a tea humm. Beautifully done hub,thanks so much and peace be with you my friend.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 08, 2010:

You're welcome borge_009! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for commenting!

borge_009 from Philippines on April 08, 2010:

I love herbal teas. It keeps me more active than drinking coffee. Thanks for the info

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 07, 2010:

Thank you akirchner - for your input about the benefits of peppermint and chamomile! Personal experiences make all the difference. It's 90 degrees for some reason in NYC today (April 7) - I would love to have an iced herbal tea now. Mmmmm. And stock - you know with so many of us turning to healthy choices - that would be great. I'd love to have a tea garden!

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on April 07, 2010:

My favorite lately since the bronchitis that would not leave - peppermint and chamomile - think I should own stock in the herbal tea market....great hub!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 07, 2010:

Thanks so much for your input askjanbrass about rooibos. It was widely sold for a long time simply as a weight loss tea. Sigh! I'm glad we are learning that it is about knowing our nutritional needs and not just counting calories.

Thanks for commenting!

askjanbrass from St. Louis, MO on April 07, 2010:

Rooibos tea is absolutely awesome. It's great to see so many herbal tea drinkers (by simply looking at the comments and views for this Hub). I've replaced the coffee in my morning routine, and I have to say I feel great!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 06, 2010:

You're welcome! All sounds delish febriedethan! Right now I just have lemon on hand - it is time to stock up. In the summer I like more of the herbals.

It's so great to have our mothers - thanks for sharing that cameciob! Her tea sounds so good and healthy. I'm glad you found the hub useful.

Thanks for writing!

cameciob on April 06, 2010:

Great hub BcKreative. I, too, love herbal tea. I'll bookmark and print your hub because it tells me the names in english (I'm not familiar with many plants names).

when I was a kid, my mom used to make me a cup of chamomile tea after dinner, and she would drop a slice of lemon and would sweeten it with honey.

febriedethan from Indonesia on April 06, 2010:

I love the blackberry, chamomile, and peppermint tea..:) Thank you for sharing this!

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 06, 2010:

Love that you are obsessed fastfreta! Nothing like a healthy obsession - and I love that you had to go get a cup of peppermint tea. And of course I loved your old lady hub!

So this is one more thing we have to do one fine day - have a cup of herbal tea! You're very welcome!

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on April 06, 2010:

I love this Bk. I've recently begun drinking lots of herb teas excessively. I've always loved them, but now I'm obsessed. (I just had to stop in the middle of my comment and get me a cup of peppermint tea). You named a few that I've never heard of, Rooibos, blue and black berry leaf teas. I must look into these soon. Thanks, and as usual a very helpful, and I might add good hub.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 06, 2010:

You're welcome Shalini Kagal! I'm a believer in eating from your environment and I know India is filled with wonderful health giving herbs (and spices). My cousin visited a spice market in India and brought me back loose tea (and gorgeous scarves and more). Such a thrill! Enjoy all your wonderful herbals!

Shalini Kagal from India on April 06, 2010:

Thank you for that list - I love herbal teas and while most of the ones you've mentioned are not available fresh in India, we do get herbal tea bags.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 06, 2010:

Hello lelanew55! Now that you mention it - one of the best ways of all, if possible, is to grow herbs yourself - like on the windowsill. I had mint all last summer - because if I pulled off leaves - more grew back. What a bargain! You may also enjoy the hub link about making two-iced tea - when I made iced tea that way with just a bit of mint floating around - I was hostess of the year (for a couple hours)!

So glad you read the hub before heading out loveofnight - enjoy your tea!

Loveofnight Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland on April 06, 2010:

nice info and it came right before i was going to the store.....thx 4 share

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 06, 2010:

You're welcome Hello, hello!

Hello sord87 - I will check out your hub. I'm already a follower!

Thanks for bookmarking Mickey Dee!

Hello ethelsmith - seems many people add honey or a sweetener - but I take mine straight up - although honey has a multitude of benefits. And I like it loose so I can control the amount. I find loose to be far superior to tea bags - they may make all the difference.

Thank you for commenting blpelton.

Of course Jen's Solitude - we will all be wondering if you have seen positive results after drinking the tea. Wouldn't it be great if such a thing like putting your feet up and having a cup of of herbs made the difference? Thanks so much for your comment.

lelanew55 on April 06, 2010:

Nice herbal tea hub. I also have all kinds of mints growing on my window sill. I am looking forward to making iced tea with them this summer.Thank you for sharing.

Darline Kilpatrick from Delaware on April 06, 2010:

BK I have to confess I am not much of a tea drinker, but reading about the benefits helps me to understand why my best-friend is! LOL People with MS have difficulties with UTI's thanks for the heads up about a tea that helps. This entire hub was up to your usually high standards! Very well done and thanks!

blpelton on April 06, 2010:

Very informative! thx for sharing! :)

Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on April 06, 2010:

I like most herbal teas but not chamomile. I do think though that most smell better than they taste

Micky Dee on April 06, 2010:

Great page to bookmark. Thanks!

sord87 on April 06, 2010:

I totally agree when you say that tea has remedies to cure and also good for our health-a great explanation about various type of tea.I got green tea here too for healing!

Hello, hello, from London, UK on April 06, 2010:

Thank you for such great and helpful tips. Wonderful hub.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 05, 2010:

Excellent! I love how this was personally recommended because you were coughing. There is an herb for everything.

I have an Egyptian market downtown - I will pop in and see if I can find loose hibiscus. If not they have 10,000 other delightful things too. It's interesting - whenever you go into that shop every customer just turns into such a nice person. It is such a healthy lovely environment - and it brings out the best in us. Samples are always offered - lovely!

I'm one of your followers of course and will keep up with you.

Thanks for checking back!

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 05, 2010:

You are very welcome Bk. I have the lovely Egyptian shop staff to thank for trying it, who, when they heard me coughing so badly, insisted on preparing some for me free of charge. They also made some for my mother and my sister too. I am now hooked on the stuff as it is delicious, and there is something very natural about buying the tea loose rather than in the tea bags we are so used to. My Sister had tasted it before when her friend brought some back from Egypt, and she told me it was lovely and her friend had asked if she could try to bring some more back for her on our trip (which she did). I strongly advise anyone to try it, either for health benefits or simply for enjoyment.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 05, 2010:

Thank you Sandyspider!

Hello mistyhorizon2003 - thank you so much for the recommendation. Nothing like a personal experience. And I'm glad you mentioned loose tea - it is always superior to tea bags - I'm so glad you mentioned that.

Thanks for writing!

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 05, 2010:

I strongly recommend Hibiscus tea as it tastes great too (almost fruity). I tried this in Egypt last month and was so impressed I brought home a bag of the stuff (not tea bags, the actual loose dried flowers). If you don't like it hot you can also drink it cold like a fruit cordial. It really is delicious and helped me no end when I had a totally horrible cough and chest infection on holiday.

Sandy Mertens from Wisconsin, USA on April 05, 2010:

Great hub.

BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on April 05, 2010:

AH, this is what it is all about Lynda - to go out to your yard and pick fresh lemon balm. Lovely! Enjoy your cuppa!

Thanks for commenting!

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