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Villa in the Park ~ Adele von Dietel

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Villa von Dietel

Villa von Dietel

A connection to family ~

Finding this connection to my family genealogy was an exciting two fold find. This story is the connection of a Villa and Park named Von-Dietel'scher-Park. The other story is a continuation about the famed Vogue "Photographer Adolph de Meyer" who was the son of one of the owners that purchased land and buildings for the Dietel'scher-Park... All leads back to my direct Meyer family's name.

Let's see if I can keep everything and everyone straight...

A Thank You goes to B.Vogt the contact, for finding the connection and photographs to Adele von Dietel.

photo Oberliederbach

Adele von Dietel

Adele von Dietel

Adele von Dietel


Manor House purchase

My great grandparents Adele & Ludwig Carl Meyer still lived in Paris when they purchased the Manor House, most likely it was their first purchase in that town. This followed by many other land purchases, including the land where the Park and Villa are now ...

I'm not positive, but I believe they lived in this house for a while. I believe it had belonged to the Church down the street to house the Ministers at one time...I'm still working on the validity of the story.

Information from the record office in Dresden shows first ownership by the Meyer's of the farmland and farms in Oberliederbach.

Seems that they had purchased land and property since Nov 1863 to Jun 1898. This included two story Houses, Farmhouses, Farmland, Barns, Gardens, Meadows, a Mill plus over 225 acres and land sites to build on,

The Villa


Built by Viennese architect Karl Seidl

Villa von Dietel was built In 1911-1912 by Viennese architect Karl Seidl for Adele and Dr. jur. Alwein Woldemar von Dietel. The style is predominantly High Italian Renaissance, and the artistically complex interior has highly valued materials.

Newspaper articles I have read questioned the involvement and ownership of this Villa and Park by the von Dietel's for years, questioning if in fact she was the granddaughter of Ludwig Karl Meyer.


Events of occupancy and ownership

What happened to the von Dietel Villa and it's occupancy during 1930 -1940's? From 1942 the building was first confiscated by a formation of the Nazi party (NSDAP) and then bought for the education of young people in the Nazi movement.

Then 1946 the Evangelical (Lutheran) Relief & Works Agency was in charge, there they lived with displaced families. From 1949 to 1953 a place for displaced local youth, and eventually returning soldiers. The last heir of the Villa, sold the farm, the mill and Park in the 1950s. By the year 1962 the Villa stood empty and then again changing hands, even to another name. I understand that the Villa was once occupied by the Chinese General Consul.

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The Park ownership

a breakdown ~

Adele Meyer and Ludwig Carl Meyer sold this Park property to his sister Auguste Müller (née Meyer) including a large Farm, Farmland and the Manor House.

Then from a mother's love, Auguste gave the land as a wedding gift to her daughter Adele Müller who married Alwin Woldemar von Dietel...they in turn built this impressive Villa and Park.

I believe one of Adele von Dietel's son's inherited the properties. Becoming the owner, he then sold it or had it occupied by several others.

The Park has been greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the Oberliederbach citizens ...They call it the Von-Dietel'scher-Park.

Interestingly enough it was newly discovered that this Park was actually designed by a famed garden designer of the 19th century "Heinrich Siesmayer (1817-1900)"

reference: B.Vogt



Even though there is a mistake on this stand, it doesn't take away the recognition to Adele von Dietel...Luckily the Villa and Park are under Historical conservation.

Grave site for Adele von Dietel

These photos were sent to me to show that the grave site for Adele von Dietel still exists. Also on the headstone is mentions her son Gert von Dietel...I believe she also had another son named Hans.

Below: Grave photos...Personal Image - Delia Pacheco all rights reserved (C)

© 2014 Delia

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Virginia Allain from Central Florida on February 07, 2014:

As always, you've managed to fascinate me with your family history.

I've been working on mine which includes pioneer families in Kansas. It's a never ending process, learning about one's family history.

Titia Geertman from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands on January 22, 2014:

The moment I saw the title, I thought this must be D-Artist writing about her family story. Isn't it wonderful to find so much information abjout one's family? Enjoyed reading it.

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