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Unique diaper cakes

diaper cakes

Unique diaper cakes, baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower ideas from Diaper cakes make perfect baby shower gifts and centerpieces. Piano, Guitar, Train, Carriage, Car, Tricycle, Dress, Airplane, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Fire Truck, Racing Car, Pirate Ship, Book etc... Our diaper cake ideas. All diaper cakes are made with diapers, clothing, towels, blankets, washcloths, toys and other baby items which can actually be used by the new parents for their new baby.

Today you can find thousands of diaper cakes - each one offering its own style, each one a unique creation, but all have one thing in common they are round and layered.

We wanted to use the same concept but create something very different! The inspiration came from the everyday life, everything that surrounds us and our precious babies, like cars, motorcycles, carriages, airplanes, boats, trains, musical instruments, etc...

We welcome special requests because they frequently provide a challenge and inspiration for new creations. You never have an obligation to buy. We do not charge you upfront for creating that one-of-a-kind gift you have in mind. We design it first and send you pictures, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want. Ask us to use your choice of colors or make a gift that just seems impossible to do. So don't be shy! Call 646-643-7563 or visit

unique diaper cakes

unique diaper cakes

Diaper cakes

Baby shower gift ideas

A great gift idea for a baby shower is to make a diaper cake, which is both beautiful as decoration and functional for the mother-to-be.

Decide what is the baby shower theme you are going for. Some ideas are: Piano diaper cake, Guitar diaper cake, Train diaper cake, Carriage diaper cake, Car diaper cake, Tricycle diaper cake, Dress diaper cake, Airplane diaper cake, Motorcycle diaper cake, Bicycle diaper cake, Fire Truck diaper cake, Racing Car diaper cake, Pirate Ship diaper cake, Book diaper cake etc..., Mod Mom and sports themed. Whatever theme is is you want to do, there is a centerpiece to go with it.

Diaper cakes make perfect baby shower gifts and centerpieces.

If you can't find an already made diaper cake to fit your theme, shop around for a company that specializes in custom diaper cakes created just for your event!

There are several that specifically specialize in this like

You can also decide to create one yourself. This allows you to customize your own one-of-a-kind diaper cake.

Unique diaper cakes, Baby shower gift ideas Harley Davidson motorcycle diaper cake - Unique diaper cakes

Unique diaper cakes Baby shower gift ideas from Harley Davidson motorcycle diaper cake This is our latest creation. Our other unique and creative Baby Shower gift ideas include diaper cakes shaped like Motorcycle, Train, Car, Bicycle, Tricycle, Carriage, Guitar, Piano, Dress and more. Our Diaper Cakes make unforgettable Centerpieces and Baby Shower gifts. They are perfect gifts for Arrival of Newborn, and Baby's 1st Birthday, and can be given to new parents anytime after the baby is born. And the best of all, the ingredients can actually be used for new baby boy or baby girl, if the parents ever take them apart!

The featured motorcycle is made from diapers, blankets, receiving blankets, bibs, baby socks, baby bottles, washcloths, and a model of Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88 motor.

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Amazon baby shower gifts

Amazon baby shower gifts

How to make a unique diaper cake - How to make unique diaper cakes, baby shower gifts

How to make diaper cakes? Do not worry, this is NOT an edible cake-it is a bunch of diapers stacked together to look like a tasty cake! Unique Diaper cakes are easy to make, affordable and thoughtful. Try out these two different ways to make unique diaper cakes and you will wow any parent-to-be. All ingredients can be found at Craft Stores such as Hobby Lobby, AC Moore or Wal-Mart

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Just-a-Day-Dream on March 07, 2013:

I want to make that!!!!!!!

anonymous on January 08, 2013:

Wow! That was some amazing diaper cake. I was expecting a tradition 5 tier cake. Impressive!

webgain on June 22, 2012:

nice design... like the lens

kristymckeown on June 29, 2011:

If I received one of these I would almost hate to disassemble it! lol

marusja21 on February 19, 2011:

This is the cutest, most unique gift for baby I have ever seen

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