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Troubled Teenager Songs


They Don't Stay Teenagers Forever, Thankfully!

Teenagers really do have a lot of troubles to cope with and as a parent you might think what does my teen have to worry about? They don't have bills, a boss or a spouse nagging them, their life should be a breeze. The truth is that may all be true, but what they do have is an enormous amount of change in a rapid time frame. Consider your adult body changing rapidly over the course of three or four years while fighting acne, teen clicks at school, homework, parent expectations, finding a first job, deciding what you want to do after high school and learning how to drive among everything else.

If you sit down and really take into account how much change there is in the teen years it is no wonder that teens suffer from depression, thoughts of suicide, and running away from it all. There are so many negative influences around teens and let's face it the world can be a very cruel place. Learning how to deal with their own problems can be difficult enough but having to turn to your parents when things become overwhelming is also a very hard thing to do, especially when you are trying to prove your independence.

Teens often can only see the "now" and not the "big picture"; which what is going on right now, is not a huge deal in the big scheme of their overall life span. To a teenager a horrible break-up with a boyfriend or an unexpected pregnancy can be a life ending feeling and without a parent who is there for them to understand things it can spiral out of control quickly. Even a straight laced perfect "A" student can come completely unwound and end up committing suicide in a matter of weeks under extreme pressure and the parents may have never even noticed a problem. The following songs are all reminders to parents to try to see the world through teens eyes and be a little understanding and whole lot more compassionate to their teens needs before they spread their wings and leave the nest.

Songs about Teenagers Rebelling Against Their Parents

The disconnect between teenagers and their parents will always be prevalent so we might as well have a little fun with it by listening to some great music about this hot topic. The following singers must have felt this way too since they all released fun songs dealing with teen rebellion and made us all smile, sing and dance our way through it, at least until the next battle rolled around again.

We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

The Song "We're Not Gonna Take It" by the rock group Twisted Sister gave many teens the voice they could not find on their own to stand up against their parents. The song also had a major boost because of the very popular music video that played relentlessly on MTV and shot to the top of the Billboard Charts. This song is still played heavily on rock stations around the world because of requests and will probably always be played as long as the parent versus teen battle continues.

Fight for Your Right to Party by Beastie Boys

A wildly popular teen rebellion song of the late 80's was the song titled "Fight For Your Right To Party" by the popular group Beastie Boys. This song is also still heavily played on the radio today and is a timeless classic for any teen against their parents theme. The lyrics mock parents yelling at their son about his every move because all he wants to do is party and he does not have the nerve to stand up to his parents, that is until the Beastie Boys arrive on the scene. The song has a great beat and all around is just plain fun for parents and rebellious teens to both enjoy with a smile.

Parents Just Don't Understand By Will Smith

The former rapper who turned major movie star named Will Smith released a song titled "Parents Just Don't Understand" and the song became a huge hit because of its very catchy clean lyrics. The song makes fun of parents and deals with many of the problems real teens deal with each and every day, situations like shopping with mom and driving their parent's vehicle.

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

The song "Teenagers" by the group My Chemical Romance calls out to parents that are fearful of rebellious teenagers because of their grungy looks and bad attitudes. This teen rebellion song is funny because much of it sounds like it was written from a teen's perspective and one that actually thinks that he has the upper hand on his parents with his strange behavior or at least he is trying to.

My Generation by the Who

Anyone who has ever been a teenager can relate to the feeling of their generation being put down and the song "My Generation" by the group The Who digs right into the topic of lumping all teenagers together. A couple of bad seeds should not reflect all teenagers and there really are a lot of great teens out there, you just need to look past the current teen fashion trends and dig a little deeper. This song has been played for years and years on the radio and will continue to be relatable for many generations to come facing the same exact issues in the future. The funny thing about this song is that there are parents right now that have their own teenager listening to this one and thinking it applies to their generation while in fact it was for their parents, you know the ones who now just don't understand.

Songs for Parents of Troubled Teenagers

There will always be strife between teenagers and their parents because teens are trying to establish themselves as independent adults and parents still hold the reins, which likely will lead to many rebellions until their teen officially becomes an adult. You might as well listen to one of these fun teen rebellion songs and enjoy it while it lasts because thankfully they don't stay teens forever.

Mama by Godsmack

The song "Mama" by rockers Godsmack is written as a plea from a teen to their mother to come and save them from the troubles that they have gotten into. Sometimes it seems like teens go looking for trouble, but what if that innocent prowling lands them in a real troubled situation? What if the party they traveled to in a bad area of town (that you told them not to go to) turns out to be where a friend of theirs gets ganged raped? How do you tell your parents that you were in fact wrong for going and now one of your friends got really hurt because of that bad decision? You would be amazed at how teens stick together and don't tell parents about serious problems such as this scenario and they try to deal with it themselves.

Adam's Song by Blink 182

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The Song "Adam's Song" by the rock group Blink 182 was written because of a suicide note from a teenage boy to his parents. The note was in great detail about how he felt irrelevant to the world and how empty he was feeling inside. The lyrics are skillfully written and describe how he spends a lot of time in his bedroom feeling all alone and just passing time. He also tells his parents not to feel bad about the times they disciplined him and how he is sure they will miss him tomorrow when he is gone. This is a very sad song and surely a lot of parents out there have had to deal with those missed opportunities that could have changed the direction of their teen if only they could have seen known things would end in this manner.

Waiting on the World to Change By John Mayer

A wonderful song about good teens who try to make big change in the world but feel like they are never heard because they are just teenagers and are too young to know anything about life is the song "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer. Stereotypes of teens are real and most people do not take what a teen says as being real or credible and brush their opinions aside only because of their age or lack thereof. The fact is they do have good ideas and often could change the world if they were really heard and had a voice.

How to Save a Life by the Fray

Have you ever tried to sit down and talk to your teenager? Sometimes it works and sometimes you feel like you just spent time talking to the air. The song "How to Save a Life" by the group The Fray deals with this exact sentiment in the lyrics of this song. This song is sad because even the parents that try the hardest to help their teen can still lose them. The key is to keep trying and never give up on your teen that only seems to not hear a word you are saying.

Unwell By Matchbox Twenty

Thankfully the hardships of being a teenager do not last forever and most do prevail and end up going on to do many wonderful things. A great song describing the brief time period of being an overwhelmed teen is the song "Unwell" by the group Matchbox Twenty. The song describes a teenage boy spending time alone in his room feeling depressed but he knows that this will get better and soon he will be back to himself. The best lyrics in the song are "I'm not crazy I'm just a little impaired, I know right now you don't care. But soon enough you're gonna think of me and how I used to be", so true. As a parent of a teenage son there are times that I think to myself is the sweet little boy I once knew even still in there anywhere? But the truth is, I know that he is and if I hang in there long enough and show him love and support I know that he will emerge a strong independent man filled with confidence that still loves and needs his mother.

The fact is having a parent who tries to understand and wants to talk is far better than having no one who cares enough to ask. Do not try to be a best friend to your teen, be the parent who loves them enough to tell them the hard truth about your past mistakes and what you learned by those mistakes.

Teen Pregnancy Songs

With close to a million teen pregnancies a year in the United States (under 19 years of age) teen pregnancy is an issue we should all be very concerned about. Maybe the rise is due to the hype of the new shows on MTV like "16 and Pregnant" or "Teen Mom", whatever the reason for the rise in occurrences teen pregnancy is completely preventable. The fact is though that many families will have to deal with the situation and complications of a young mother who has found herself pregnant. The following is a list of the best teen pregnancy songs and maybe one might educate or help with a situation that you know of.

Papa Don't Preach by Madonna

A young pregnant girl is trying to find the courage to tell her dad that she is pregnant and that she intends on keeping her baby. The song "Papa Don't Preach" by pop singer legend Madonna is quite upbeat especially considering the message it is telling of a young girl in a teen pregnancy crisis and having to share the news with her father. The lyrics "You always taught me right from wrong, I need your help, daddy please be strong" are straight from the heart and is probably what most young girls would be thinking while telling their dad that kind of news.

Brenda's Got a Baby by 2Pac (Tupac Shakur)

Known for his intense lyrics and powerful storytelling in his songs rapper 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) tells a very powerful story about a young girl that he knows of that just had a baby in the song "Brenda's Got a Baby". He also touches on the fact that Brenda is still a baby herself and barely has an education with the lyrics "The girl can hardly spell her name". He raps about how her pregnancy came to be because of a twisted family situation and how it affects the whole community.

There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney

This song is about a young male teenager who has just found out that he is going to be a dad and he tells about how he is just a kid himself. The song "There Goes My Life" by country singer Kenny Chesney gives us the often unheard male perspective on a young teen boy going through a teen pregnancy and the way that he sees and feels about things. The lyrics "I'm just a kid myself, how I'm gonna raise one" are very powerful and poignant about the truth at hand during the average teen pregnancy and how it affects both of the teens involved and their families.

I Aint Going Down By Shania Twain

The song "I Aint' Going Down" by Country singer Shania Twain is uplifting and tells of a young woman who worked hard to make her dreams happen after going through a teen pregnancy. She tells of being spiritually strong and the lyrics "I had a baby at fifteen everybody treated me so cruel, but I didn't give in and give her away" and are very truth telling and powerful. The song has a positive message of hope and a good hook with "No matter how long, no one can tell me I'm wrong, I ain't goin' down". This is a great song for anyone who needs a little hope and encouragement when facing a teen pregnancy.

It Takes a Man by Aaron Lines

The song "It Takes A Man" by country singer Aaron Lines is the conversation between two teenagers who are talking about becoming parents. The story is told by the male and he tells of being in his dad's car in the driveway when she tells him that she is pregnant. The lyrics "She said I'm late, and I'm really scared" and "Any fool can make a baby, it takes a man to raise a child" are very telling of the emotions in that car by a young man and woman making life's hardest decisions together.

** If you are a teenager reading this and you need help there are places that you can turn to for help probably even in your own community, online and at your school. If you are someone who knows of a teen facing a teen pregnancy please pass this list on to them or their family so they can draw some encouragement from these teen pregnancy songs and strength in knowing someone else felt similar to how they are feeling right now.

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