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Tricycle diaper cakes

diaper tricycle for boy

Tricycle diaper cakes

Unique and Creative Tricycle diaper cakes are great for when you've noticed the mother has already gotten all the gifts on her list.

Diaper Cakes make memorable, unique and practical Baby Shower Gifts, they also can be used as adorable table decorations and amazing Baby Shower Centerpieces.

We use disposable diapers, blankets, hooded towels, toys, socks, bibs washcloths, and other baby items to build our diaper cakes. On average the newborn goes through 8-10 changes a day! You just can't go wrong by giving diapers! A boring box of Huggies or Pampers is not going to impress anyone, but our Tricycle Diaper Cake will!

It is perfect for a new baby who has everything and when there is no registry to chose a gift from.

You can use it as a table decoration, a game (guess-how-many-diapers) or a centerpiece for the Baby Shower. You can give baby cakes to a client or an employee who is expecting, greet a new neighbor with a baby. Baby cakes are perfect for the Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, or just because...

Planning to bring flowers to a new mommy at the hospital? Why not bring a Tricycle diaper Cake instead - it will be sure to brighten a hospital room, it will not wilt and will not cause allergies.

It is a perfect group gift to a mom-to-be or a new dad from everyone the at the Office!

In short it is the best gift ever!!!!

tricycle diaper cake

tricycle diaper cake

Tricycle diaper cakes

Unique baby shower gift ideas.

Baby shower gifts from

Tricycle diaper cake, Shaped 3 Tier Diaper Cake, Unique baby shower gift ideas.

Beautiful gift for a new baby or amazing centerpiece for Baby Shower.

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This cake is approximately 12" x 12" x 12".

Each cake is served in tulle tied with a premium ribbon...


Our diaper cakes are hand made for each purchase.

We use no glue, or tape, or pins that can damage diapers.

We use trusted names such as Huggies, Pampers or 100% chlorine-free diapers, which keep baby dry and the environment happier!

Tricycle Diaper Cakes, Three tier diaper cake. - Unique baby shower gift ideas.

Tricycle diaper cake from

Perfect gift for Environmentally-Aware baby!!!

Makes beautiful Baby Shower Centerpiece.

Tricycle diaper cake - Tricycle diaper cake, unique diaper cake

Tricycle diaper cake, unique diaper cake, baby shower gift ideas

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marusja21 on August 31, 2011:

Very cute!!! These are so cute and neat. I can't believe how much people can do with just little things. Great things to share with the world. I love it.

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