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Timeline of Abraham Bates Tower's Life - Civil War Veteran

In researching my Civil War ancestor, I became fascinated by all aspects of that war. If you're a Civil War buff, check out my topics.

Abraham Tower and his wife Nancy Angeline (Long). She is holding one of their grandchildren.

Abraham Tower and his wife Nancy Angeline (Long). She is holding one of their grandchildren.

Tracking My Great-Great Grandfather's Life Year-by-Year

I plan to write a book about my Civil War ancestor, Abraham Bates Tower. My mother gathered some information for me and did extensive genealogy research over the years. I'm searching further and trying to pinpoint what happened in his life. This page serves as a way to track his life in a chronological manner.

I don't expect it to interest many, other than someone descended from him. If you happen to be related, please contact me so we can share information. If you have a Civil War ancestor who served in Company G, 93rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry, then you may find some useful dates and locations included here.

(photo from family album of Abraham Bates Tower, his wife Nancy Angeline, and a granddaughter)

Where I Found Information - for Abraham Bates Tower's Timeline


  • October 16, 1837 - Abraham Bates Tower was born in Leavenworth, Crawford County, Indiana, USA. His mother was Sarah Vest (Monroe) and his father was Johnathan Warren Tower.


  • Leavenworth got its first newspaper, The Crisis.


  • May 2, 1840 - Nancy Angeline Long born in Harrison County, Indiana. At age 18, she married Abraham Bates Tower. She was the daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ann (Daggs) Long. (Tower Genealogy by Charlemagne Tower)

    May 10, 1840 - Rosannah Cassidy Tower, Abraham's younger sister, born.


  • November 16, 1842 - Abraham's younger sister, Harriet Neal Tower born


  • June 23, 1844 - James Mortimer Tower born.
  • July 7, 1844 - James Mortimer Tower died.


  • September 3, 1845 - Charlotte Temple Tower, Abraham's younger sister was born. She is the 8th child in the family.
  • September 21,1845 - Matthew Tower, Abraham's grandfather dies at age 76. He is buried in the Everton and Old Tower Cemetery, Carefree, Crawford, Indiana.


  • July 27, 1848 - Abraham's younger sister, Harriet Neal Tower dies at 5 years of age.
  • Aug. 21, 1848 - Abraham's younger brother, Jonathan Warren Tower, was born. He is named after their father. This was Sarah's ninth child. Abraham was almost eleven years old. Jonathan would marry Nancy Peabody and they would have 2 children (Ethel G and Jesse P. Tower) in Crawford County, Indiana.
  • October 30, 1848 - Abraham's uncle, who had the same name as him, served on the grand jury in Leavenworth, Indiana. The judge for the trial was James Lockhart. (My Crawford newsletter, July 2012)


  • September 5, 1852 - Mathew Tower (Abraham's older brother) marries Sarah J. Long, the sister of Nancy Angeline Long.


  • September 17, 1853 - Abraham, at about 16 years of age, has a new baby sister, named Sarah Jane Tower. This is his mother, Sarah's tenth child.


  • August 12, 1855 - Abraham Bates Tower's uncle (who had the same full name) died at age 57 in Crawford, Indiana. He is buried in the Lynch Cemetery in Crawford. The uncle, Abraham Bates Tower was born April 27, 1798.


  • September 27, 1856 - Sarah (age 45) and Jonathan Tower's last child, their eleventh was born. He was named Levi Gifford Tower. His older brother Abraham was 18 years old.


  • October 28, 1858 - Nancy Angeline Long marries Abraham Bates Tower in Crawford County, Indiana


  • September 29, 1859 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's first child, a daughter was born. She was named Laura Ann Tower.


  • The 1860 census shows A.B. Tower, age 22, a cooper and wife, Nancy A., age 20, living in Crawford County, Indiana. In the same household, it lists their child Sarah A. who was 8 months old. Also there is Nancy A. Long, age 53 who was born in Iowa. This is Abraham's mother-in-law and this is 6 years before her divorce. Another family lived there too: L.J. Linn, age 22, also a cooper and his wife Rebee Linn, age 21, and their child Mary E. who was 7 months old.
  • Next on the list (next household) was James Creath, age 30, a farmer, and his wife Melinda E., age 25 and their three children (Mary - age 8, Emily A. - age 6, Lizzie A. - age 2).
  • The next household on the list is J. (Abraham's father, Jonathan) Tower, age 50, a farmer. His wife is Sarah, age 48. Their children are Louisa C - age 26, Rosanna C. - age 20, Charlotte - age 15, Jonathan - age 11, Sarah J. - age 7, and Levi - age 4
  • The next neighbor is John Everdon, age 28, a gunsmith. His wife is Louisa, age 28. Their children are Martha - age 6, Samuel - age 3, and William - age 1.
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  • August 07, 1861 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's second child, a son, was born in Crawford County, Indiana. He was named Erastus Laban Tower.


  • August 28, 1862 - date of Abraham Bates Tower's enrollment at Cannelton, Indiana in Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry. On the list of Company G Enlisted Men, this date is called the Date of Muster.

    Abraham's pension record gives his description at enlistment as: Blue eyes, light hair, light complextion (sic), 5' 7" and age 25. His occupation is listed as "farmer." (from his discharge papers)

    Nancy Angeline Tower remained in Indiana with their 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

  • September 30, 1862 - Muster Roll at New Albany, Indiana.

    Bounty $25 Cannelton, Floyd co. N. Washington

    due $75 (from his pension records)

  • October 24, 1862 - Theodore Didierof Leopold, Indiana died at Camp Emerson, Indiana. (was this where Abraham Tower went for mustering in?)

    October 31, 1862 - 93rd Indiana Infantry mustered in. (why is this date different from the Company G date of August 28, 1862?)

  • November 9, 1862 - the 93rd left Indiana for Cairo, Illinois.

    Nov. 26 - Dec. 12, 1862 - 93rd Indiana Infrantry part of the troop movements with Sherman's Tallahatchie March.

  • December 2, 1862 - Company G was quartered on the top of the steamer Forest Queen that was transporting Union troops from Cairo to Memphis. The ship was crowded and there was no shelter. (from Eugene Devillez Civil War pension application).

    Around December 25, 1862 - the regiment marched from Holly Spring Mississippi to Grand Junction Tennessee in very rainy, bad weather. Isadore Naviaux, of Leopold, suffering from exposure and measles was left behind in a shelter with some others from the regiment. (from Isadore Naviaux' Civil War pension application).


  • January 1863 - 93rd Indiana Infantry moved to Corinth, Mississippi., then returned to Memphis, Tennessee for railroad and blockhouse guard duty.

    January 1863 - Jerome Goffinet promoted to 8th Corporal of Company G.

    January 2, 1863 - William Dorman II of Oregon, Indiana died at Memphis, Tennessee. He was in Company G.

    January 10, 1863 - Abraham's older bother, Mathew Tower dies in Nashville, TN. He was in Company H, 81st Infantry Regiment Indiana.

    January 12, 1863 - William R. Clapp of Company G dies at Lagrange, Tennessee. He was from Oregon, Indiana.

    January 12, 1863 - William F. Clapp of Company G dies at Jeffersonville, Indiana. He was from Oregon, Indiana. (how odd that two William Clapps would die on the same day, could it be the same man and the middle initial is being mixed?) Both listings are from the Enlisted Men of Company G.

    January 13, 1863 - John Andry (from Bird's Eye, Indiana) died at Lagrange, Tennessee.

    January 22, 1863 - James R. Hunter (from Bridgeport, Indiana) of Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry dies at Lagrange, Tennessee.

  • February 3, 1863 - William H. Fields of Down Hill, Indiana died at Lagrange, Tennessee. He was in Company G.

    February 25, 1863 - James A. Curtis of Oregon, Indiana died at Memphis, Tennessee.

  • March 1, 1863 - William C. Gilham from Foster's Ridge, Indiana died at Lagrange, Tennessee. He was in Company G with Abraham Tower.

    March 3, 1863 - Benedict Alvey I of Company G (from Leopold) died in Tennessee.

    March 13, 1863 - Adolphe Goffinet deserted at Buntyn Station

    March 13, 1863 - 93rd Indiana Infantry moved to Helena, Arkansas.

  • April 9, 1863 - Patrick Clements II (from Bridgeport, Indiana) died at Memphis, Tennessee. He was in Company G.
  • May 13, 1863 - the 93rd Indiana Infantry saw action at Mississippi Springs

    May 14, 1863 - 93rd Indiana Infantry fought and entered Jackson, Mississippi. The Captain, Jerome Spilman, was wounded here.

    May 16, 1863 - onto Vicksburg, Mississippi

    May 19, 1863 - participated in assault on Vicksburg

    May 26-June 4 Expedition from Haines' Bluff to Mechanicsburg

  • June 1863 - Joseph Duparqueof Company G became "weakly and could only do little duty" during the siege of Vicksburg. (from his pension application)

    June 13, 1863 - Abraham Tower sick in hospital (from his pension record)

    June 29, 1863 - John T. Hutchings of Oregon, Indiana and a member of Company G died at Milliken's Bend, Louisiana.

  • August 8, 1863 - Henry J. Clapp of Company G (from Oregon, Indiana) dies at Vicksburg.

    August 15, 1863 - Cyrus Conklin of Company G (from Derby, Indiana) dies at Mound City, Illinois.

    August 16, 1863 - John J. James of Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry (from Leopold, Indiana) dies at Markham's Plantation.

  • September 5 to October 14, 1863 - 93rd Indiana Infantry camped at Oak Ridge, Mississippi, north of Vicksburg.

    September 8, 1863 - Robert F. Daily of Oregon, Indiana died at Vicksburg. He was in Company G.

  • October 9, 1863 - Elias Hammondof Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry (from Foster's Ridge, Indiana) dies at Vicksburg (from Company G list)

    Oct. 14-20, 1863 - 93rd Indiana Infantry part of expedition from Messenger's Ferry, Big Black River, toward Canton

    Oct. 17, 1863 - the 93rd Indiana Infantry saw action at Bogue Chitto Creek

  • November 7, 1863 - Regiment moved to Memphis, Tennessee and served provost duty there until May 10, 1864. (this info conflicts with the following dates)

    November 21, 1863 - Benjamin F. Lemon of Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry (from Oregon, Indiana) dies at Vicksburg.

  • December 13 or 14, 1863 - Private Francis M. Hobbs of Company G deserted. He was from Maxville, Indiana.
  • December 22 - Fort Smith, Arkansas paper says the rebel force which crossed the Arkansas going northward, was under Standwait, Adair, and Quantrill. Captain Spilman, with a portion of Indiana troops, encountered them at Barron Fork, Cherokee country, and fought them for four hours and routed them. The rebel loss was about seventy.


  • January 1864 - Auguste Dupont from Company G was sent for variola (smallpox) at the Small Pox Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Feb. 8, 1864 - 93rd Indiana Infantry involved in an affair at Coldwater Ferry, Mississippi.

    Feb. 8-9, 1864 - the 93rd was part of skirmishes at Senatobia, Mississippi.

    Feb. 13, 1864 - 93rd involved in skirmish at Wyatts.

    February 25, 1864 - Joseph W. Garland of Bird's Eye, Indiana died at Memphis, Tennessee. He was part of Company G.

  • April 30-May 9 1864 - part of Sturgis' expedition to Ripley, Mississippi.
  • May 2, 1864 - Reuben F. Bates of Troy, Indiana was mustered in as First Lieutenant on this date.
  • June 1, 1864 - Auguste and Alphonse Dupont deserted from Company G. They were from the same town as Abraham Tower.

    June 1-13 - Sturgis' Expedition to Guntown, Miss.

    On or about June 2 - The regiment was pursuing General Forrest, had to build a bridge destroyed by the rebels at Wolfe Creek Tennessee. They were short of provisions and killed some hogs for food. Naviaux was injured here accidentally by a comrade. (Isadore Naviaux' Civil War Pension record)

    June 10, 1864 - Battle of Brice's Crossroad (Tishamingo Creek near Guntown) where Abraham Bates was captured by the Confederates. Thirteen were killed and 56 wounded with 184 taken prisoner from the 93rd Indiana Infantry.

    About 300 Union prisoners were taken to Mobile, Alabama, according to Henri Devillez in the Indiana Magazine of History. They were there about 3 days, then taken up the Alabama River to Montgomery, Alabama. Then from there, the Union prisoners were taken by rail to Andersonville. (probably Abraham Tower was in this group, since he ended up in Andersonville)

    June 18, 1864 - Union prisoners from Brice's Crossroads arrive at Andersonville Prison.

  • July 4, 1864 - No rations for the Andersonville prisoners according to Henri Devillez for a 48 hour period.
  • September 25, 1864 - William T. Patterson, a Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry recruit from Memphis, Tennessee died in Andersonville. (from list of enlisted men in Company G)
  • December 6, 1864 - Abraham Tower released on parole at Charleston, South Carolina. He weighed only 73 pounds after 6 months in the Confederate prison.

    December 8, 1864 - Abraham Tower's pension record says "Released Dec. 8, 1864." (so there is some confusion over the date of release/parole.

    December 10, 1864 - The Harper's Weekly of this date shows a sketch of released prisoners on the steamship New York. Was my great-great-grandfather among them?

    December 15, 1864 - Reported at Camp Parole, MD. (from Abraham's pension records)

    December 18, 1864 - Furloughed for 30 days (from Abraham's pension records)


  • January 16, 1865 - After a 30 day furlough, Abraham Bates Tower reported to Camp Chase, Ohio. (from his pension record)
  • March 19, 1865 - Narcissus Meunier (who had been in Andersonville with Abraham) was furloughed and went home to Leopold, Indiana in poor health from scurvy on his legs and bronchitis.

    March 31, 1865 - Abraham Bates Tower furloughed for 20 days from Cincinnati, Ohio. (from his pension record)

  • April 5, 1865 - Henry Deville (also Henri Devillez) of Leopold, Indiana and in Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry was exchanged. He was in Andersonville earlier. (Civil War Soldiers Database)
  • May 20, 1865 - Narcissus Meunier went to a hospital or Camp Chase in Ohio to get mustered out, returned home to Leopold.
  • August 4, 1865 - Abraham Tower writes a list of the men in Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry in his pocket diary.
  • August 10, 1865 - date of Abraham Tower's discharge from the army. His pension record says it was an honorable discharge, recommended reinlist. Signed by E.M. Marybell, 8th Iowa Vol. Inf.

    Reverse: Oath of Identity, Abraham B. Tower.

    He was mustered out at Memphis, Tennessee. His rank was corporal.

  • August 27, 1865 - Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R., Macon City, Mo. (from the back of his discharge paper)
  • August 29, 1865 - North MO. R.R., St. Louis. (from the back of his discharge paper) I'm guessing that the returning soldiers had to show their discharge paper to travel home and it was verified/documented at places along the route. He appears to have traveled by train to Missouri.


  • February 13, 1866 - Nancy Angeline Tower's parents (Thomas and Nancy Ann Long) get divorced in Crawford County, Indiana.
  • July 31, 1866 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower have their third child, a daughter in Linn County, Missouri. She was named Mary Louisa Tower.

    Nancy's older sister, Mary Jane Williams was also living in Linn County.

  • November 15, 1866 - Abraham Tower's older sister Louisa Caroline Tower marries Henry G. Bates.


  • March 29, 1867 - Abraham's younger sister, Rosannah "Rose" Cassidy Tower marries William Bellcrist in Crawford County, Indiana.
  • December 14, 1867 - Abraham's niece, Sarah Louisa Bell Bellcrist born in Crawford Co., Indiana to Rose and William Bellcrist.


  • April 9, 1868 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's daughter, Sarah Alice Tower born in Laclede, Linn County, Missouri. She was their 4th child.
  • July 18, 1868 - Stamp for "Addtl. Bounty $100 Pd. July 18, 1868. P.M. U.S.A." (from front of his discharge paper)
  • August 1, 1868 - Abraham Tower's pension record lists him as living in Laclede, Missouri. He filed a claim for an invalid pension. "Andersonville Prison, Georgia, Contracted a disease, (blotches on chest and bowels inflamed and itching). Continues to reappear and itch whenever he is the least heated. Entire loss of labor except when weather is very cold. Also Experiences a choking sensation at the throat and loss of voice, and is then sick at the stomach. Long under surgeons care and gets no better. C.D. Price and W.D. Crandall, Jr. res. of Brookfield, Mo."

    application # 134884, certificate# 275540


  • Nancy Angeline's sister, Sarah J. (Long) Tower died 7 February 1869 and was buried in the Everdon and Old Tower Cemetery in Crawford County, Indiana. She was married to Matthew Tower, Abraham's brother who died in 1863. Their children were Araminta Rebecca Tower (1855-1947), Philo Houston Tower (1857-), Samuel Benson Tower (1859-1918), and Mary Leora Tower (1861-1911). Children were orphaned at age 14, 12, 10 and 8.
  • July 18, 1869 - Abraham's nephew, John Warren BELLCRIST born in Crawford Co., Indiana to Rose (Tower) and William Bellcrist.


  • April 3, 1870 - U.S. Census records Nancy and Abraham Tower living in Linn County, Missouri. He is a farmer and she is a housewife. His age 32, hers 30. The children listed are Laura age 10, Erastus age 8, Mary age 4, Sarah age 2. Only Laura and Erastus are attending school. The other children are too young. Also living with them was Jonathan Tower, farm laborer, age 21. Jonathan was born in Indiana. Mary and Sarah are listed as born in Missouri.

    Jonathan would be Abraham's younger brother, born Aug. 21, 1848. He later returns to Indiana.

    Abraham Tower isn't listed for owning property, but has $1,100 as the value of their personal estate.

    Brookfield was nearby.

    The 1870 census also reveals who Abraham and Nancy's neighbors were. On one side lived Henry and Elizabeth Grofs. He was a stonemason, born in Prussia. His wife was born in Maryland. On the other side lived Elbridge E. Clough, age 49, and his wife, Letitia. They had 10 children ranging in age from 5 months to 21 years of age. Next on the list was Alfred Williams (age 56) and his wife Mary. The had 6 children with ages from 2 to 17.

  • August 31, 1870 - Abraham and Nancy Tower have another son born, William Warren Tower in Linn County, Missouri. (he lived to be 81 years of age)
  • October 20, 1870 - Abraham's younger sister, Charlotte married John Stone WILLIAMS in English, Crawford County, Indiana. The couple would have seven children, all born in Crawford County.


  • February 3, 1873 - Viola Matilda Tower born to Abraham and Angeline Tower in Carroll County, Missouri. (this is my great-grandmother)
  • The Towers moved from Harrison to Hilltop in Arkansas when Viola Matilda was a baby (according to Bertha McGhee). It took a week to travel there in a wagon. They lived in the wagon until the house was built. Abraham Tower was hired to herd cattle.

    The owner's wife was named Matilda also, so the baby, Viola Matilda, was called "Tildy."

The old home place in Harrison, Arkansas.

The old home place in Harrison, Arkansas.


  • May 29, 1874 - Abraham's younger sister, Rosannah "Rose" Cassidy TOWER marries Daniel OSMAN

    (I don't see how this date can be right, since she has 2 more children born with Bellcrist last names after this date)


  • March 2 or March 3, 1875 - Abraham and Angeline Tower's son Zacheus was born. He died March 5, 1875. This was in Indiana.

    (alternate version by Martha Viola Fiscus Clark) - March 2, 1875, Zacchaeus (Ezkins) born in Boone County, Arkansas.

  • April 15, 1875 - Abraham's younger sister, Sarah Jane Tower, married Martin F. HANGER.
  • July 30, 1875 - Abraham's niece, Louisa Gifford Bellcrist born in Leavenworth., Indiana to Rose and William Bellcrist.


  • May 13, 1876 - Rueben Theodore Tower was born to Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower in Boone County, Arkansas in a log cabin. This was at the foot of Gaither Mountain on the eastern side. (Rueben Tower's son later notes in his online Tower notes that it was within 50 miles of Pea Ridge where Abraham Tower first saw action in the Civil War. He says that it was "love of this country plus an offer of free land for soldiers" that took him there.)


  • September 4, 1877 - Abraham's nephew, James Madison Bellcrist born in Leavenworth, Indiana to Rose and William Bellcrist.


  • November 14, 1878 - Daughter (Melissa Angeline Tower) born to Abraham and Nancy Tower in Linn County, Missouri. (Tower Genealogy by C. Tower)


  • December 24, 1879 - Abraham Tower's niece, Apasia Frances "Patia" Osman born in Leavenworth, Indiana to Rosannah "Rose" and Daniel Osman.


  • September 26, 1881 - Abraham Tower's last child was born (Emma Lillian Tower in Indiana).
  • December 1881 - Nancy Tower's father died in Crawford County, Indiana. Thomas Long was 76.


  • January, 23, 1882 - Abraham's nephew, Daniel Gardner "Gardie" Osman born in Leavenworth, Indiana to Rosannah "Rose" and Daniel Osman.


  • January 01, 1884 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's daughter, Mary Louisa Tower marries Peter R. Newton.
  • January 18, 1884 - Abraham's daughter, Mary Louisa marries Peter Rudolph Newton in Birdseye, Indiana.
  • September 4, 1884 - Abraham Tower's mother, Sarah Vest (Munroe) Tower died in Alton, Indiana at age 73 years of age.


  • January 28, 1886 - Erastus Laban Tower (Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's son) marries C. Vine Cox (Vina).
  • March 11, 1886 - Abraham Tower's oldest daughter, Laura Ann Tower marries William Lewis Taylor in Jasper, Indiana. She was 26 years old.


  • June 16, 1887 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's daughter, Sarah Alice Tower marries William Edward Newton in Dubois County, Indiana.


  • May 19, 1888 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's granddaughter, Minnie Mae Newton is born in Kyanna, Indiana to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton.


  • September 02, 1890 - Another grandchild for Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower. Horace Edward Newton born in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton.


  • June 12, 1892 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower's son, William Warren Tower marries for the second time. The marriage is to Margaret Pellar in Tyro, Montgomery County, Kansas.


  • May 15, 1893 - Abraham Tower has another grandchild, Myrtle Mae Tower. She is the daughter of William and Margaret (Pellar) Tower.


  • June 11, 1894 - Albertie Newton born in Lone Elm, Benton County, Arkansas to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton. Another grandchild for Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower.
  • July 22, 1894 - There was a volcanic-like upheaval nearby at Coffeyville. (History of Montgomery County, Kansas by Duncan) Was Abraham Tower living in Tyro at that time?

1894Coffeyville gas explosion - volcanic Wed, Aug 1, 1894 – 2 · The Potter Enterprise (Coudersport, Pennsylvania) ·

Reported in The Potter Enterprise  Coudersport, Pennsylvania 01 Aug 1894

Reported in The Potter Enterprise Coudersport, Pennsylvania 01 Aug 1894


  • January 23, 1895 - Abraham's daughter Matilda (also called Tilda) married Samuel Newton McGhee in Tyro, Kansas.
  • November 01, 1895 - Charles Edward Tower born to Margaret (Pellar) and William Tower. Another grandson for Abraham Tower.
  • November 24, 1895 - Abraham's daughter Matilda has her first child, Clarence Oliver McGhee in Harrison Arkansas. (this is my grandfather)

A.B. Tower Land Record for Arkansas

Notes and copy made with Awesome Screenshot.

Notes and copy made with Awesome Screenshot.


  • April 7, 1897 - Abraham's daughter Matilda and her husband, Samuel McGhee have their second child, Jesse Carl McGhee in Arkansas.
  • June 23, 1897 - Helen Newton born in Morgan, Bosque County. Texas to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton. A grandchild for Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower.


26 Dec 1899 - Marriage of Nancy and Abraham Tower's daughter, Mary Louisa Tower to Daniel W. Waller. Held in Birdseye, Indiana with Peter Newton officiating. ("Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959," FamilySearch)


  • September 24, 1900 - Abraham's daughter, Matilda (Tower) McGhee has her 3rd child, Roy Bates McGhee in Arkansas. Note the passing down of the family name Bates.
  • Abraham Tower's obituary said he came to Tyro thirty years before his death in 1930. That would put his arrival in Tyro as 1900 or around there. His son married in Tyro in 1892, so I wonder if Abraham and Nancy Angeline were living in Tyro then.


  • June 16, 1901 - Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower have another grandchild. Florence Newton is born in Morgan, Bosque County, Texas to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton.


  • Abraham Tower visited Prague, Oklahoma where his son, Reuben (Shorty) Tower, lived. On October 13, 1912 he had studio photos taken, a four-generation photo and a portrait.


  • January 4, 1903 - Bertha Olive McGhee born in Arkansas (A.B. Tower's granddaughter, child of Viola Matilda and Sam McGhee)


  • April 6, 1905 - Abraham's grandson Lealon Lawrence born in Arkansas - son of Viola Matilda (Tower) and Sam McGhee
  • November 14, 1905 - Willie Belle Newton born to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton in Morgan, Bosque County, Texas. Another grandson for Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower.


  • August 18, 1907 - William Loren McGhee was born in Arkansas (Abraham's grandson, the child of Viola Matilda Tower and Samuel Newton McGhee)
  • After August 18, 1907 - Abraham Tower's daughter and son-in-law moved from Arkansas by covered wagon to south eastern Kansas five miles west of Coffeyville, next to Robbins Church and Cemetery where A.B. Tower lived. Abraham's wife, Nancy Angeline, needed care after a stroke. Before Viola Matilda came, Abraham's daughters Alice and Lissa were taking turns caring for their mother.


  • August 06, 1908 - Ralph Truett Newton born in Morgan, Bosque County, Texas to Sarah (Tower) and William Newton. Another grandson for Abraham and Nancy Angeline Tower.

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I'm finding more information online about Company G, about my great-great grandfather's life and his family, and will add it as I go along.


  • 1909 - Son-in-law, Samuel Newton McGhee builds a house in Tyro, Kansas.
  • February 10,1909 - Tyro glass plant completes construction. Son-in-law, Sam McGhee and grandson Clarence McGhee start working there.
  • August 4, 1909 - Nancy Angeline (Long) Tower, wife of Abraham Tower dies.


  • February 6, 1910 - Abraham's grandson, Elmer Lee McGhee born in Tyro, Kansas (child of Viola Matilda and Sam McGhee)
  • 1910 Census shows Abraham living or visiting with his daughter, Mary L. Waller in Jefferson Township, Dubois County, Indiana. She is age 43, widowed and listed as head of household and a farmer. Abraham is 72.

    Also in the home are her children: Cora J. Newton age 17, Thomas F. Newton age 15, Peter R. Newton age 13, George H. Newton age 6 and Ralph Newton age 1 1/2. All the children were born in Indiana.


  • June 10, 1912 - Abraham's grandson was born to daughter Matilda. The baby was named Austin Leonard McGhee. Place was Tyro, Montgomery Co., KS (Fawn Creek).
  • October 13, 1912 - Abraham visiting in Prague, Oklahoma. Had a studio photo taken and a four generation picture too.
  • December 23, 1912 - Abraham's daughter, Mary Louisa marries Daniel C. Vibber in Birdseye, Indiana. He has a son Glenn Vibber.


  • September 1913 - The glass plant moves from Tyro to Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The McGhee family helped freight the plant's equipment to the new location using their own wagon and team of horses. The family moved to Sand Springs for one school year, then returned to Tyro.

    September 1913 - Abraham's grandsons, Austin and Elmer McGhee are sticken with polio.


  • January 1915 - Abraham has a new grandchild (Viola Matilda McGhee had her 9th child, Ethel May).
  • August 11, 1915 - Margaret (Pellar) Tower dies. She was the wife of Abraham Tower's son, William Warren Tower.


  • April 14,1917 - Abraham's grandson, Clarence McGhee joins the army.
  • July 14, 1917 - Grandson, Clarence Oliver McGhee marries Ruth Vining in Tyro, Kansas.

Abraham's Grandson Clarence Marries Ruth Vining



  • June 1918 - Abraham wrote to one of his children, telling them that his pension went up June 6 from $30 to $40 per month. He said that he had 13 grandsons and sons-in-law that would probably have to go to the war.


  • summer of 1919 - Abraham's son-in-law, Samuel McGhee disappears, but returns about 3 months later after recovering from a beating and amnesia.


  • August 14, 1920 - Elsa Jane McGhee (Samuel McGhee's mother who lived with the family since her husband's death) dies. She was the widow of a confederate soldier who died December 1902.
  • December 25, 1920 - Abraham's great-granddaughter, Melba Eleene McGhee is born (child of Ruth and Clarence McGhee). In subsequent years, the couple had two more daughters but lost two baby boys at birth. Those babies were named Gene Winston and Rolland Claire McGhee.
  • 1920 census - Abraham Tower is 82 and living in Caney, in Montgomery County, Kansas with his daughter, Matilda and her husband Samuel Newton McGhee. Also in the household are Roy B Mcghee 19, Bertha Mcghee 16, Lelan Mcghee 15, Loren Mcghee 12, Elmer Mcghee 9, Austin Mcghee 7, Ethel Mcghee 4, Leland Henderson 18.

    Samuel and Roy are working on the county public roads. Sam is a foreman. Leland is listed as a boarder and also a laborer on the roads.


  • April 5, 1921 - Abraham's grandson, Elmer McGhee died, age 11.


  • October 28, 1922 - Abraham Tower's son-in-law whom he lived with, Samuel McGhee, was killed in an oil field accident. It was on the Harding Lease, east of Tyro, Kansas (according to Velma Ann Rogers Tower).


  • November 13, 1923 - Abraham's younger sister, Charlotte (Tower) Williams died in Stendal, Crawford Co., Indiana at age 78. She was buried in Flower Point Cemetery, Alton, Indiana.


  • September 13, 1924 - Abraham Tower's great-granddaughter, Gail Lee McGhee was born to Ruth and Clarence McGhee.


  • February 3 - Abraham has another grandson. William Lee Tower was born in Tyro, Kan. to William Warren and Emma (Robberds) Tower.


  • February 8, 1930 - Abraham Bates Tower died at 10:15 pm on a Saturday night. He died at home (a mile west of Tyro on Federal Highway No. 166). His obituary said that he had been a farmer all his life. He was 92 years old.

    The funeral was held at the Methodist Episcopal Church at 2:00 pm with Reverend A.C. Stewart officiating. Abraham was buried in the Robbins cemetery in Deering, Montgomery County, Kansas. The obituary did not give the date of the funeral, but I'm guessing it was Monday, February 10 or the next day. His pension record says Skinner Funeral Home of Coffeyville, Kansas handled the burial.

    The death certificate gave the cause of death as broncho-pneumonia and senility. J.A. Rader, MD, Caney, Kansas (according to his govt. pension record).

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Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on April 20, 2013:

What a great idea to put all of this information in timeline form. I'm sure it'll be helpful in your writing of his book.

Kathryn Grace from San Francisco on April 10, 2013:

I am always interested in the history of the ordinary people who came before us. Thank you for sharing this.

Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on February 26, 2013:

@anonymous: Hmm, maybe that's where I get my blue eyes from. In his photos, he seems to have a full head of hair even when quite old. I have a letter that Glenn sent to my mother and it has a story in it about Abraham.

anonymous on February 26, 2013:

My dad, William Ray, and uncle, Glenn Ruben, both knew some stories. And they had conflicting opinions of their grandfather Abraham. My only recollection, (I was two when I saw him,) is an old gentleman with snow white whiskers and the bluest eyes I've ever seen

Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on January 26, 2013:

@BLouw: Fortunately my Mom started writing down hers. Sure good for future reference.

Barbara Walton from France on January 26, 2013:

What a great idea. I'll do one for our family next time I visit my Mum.

Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on January 25, 2013:

@SheGetsCreative: I'm just hoping that the bare bones here evolve in time into a book of family history.

Angela F from Seattle, WA on January 25, 2013:

What a great way to encourage others to research their family tree. The timeline details makes it all come to life! *blessed

Karen Kolavalli from Lexington, Kentucky on January 11, 2013:

Ginger, you mention Melba's birth in 1920 in the timeline and "that In previous years, the couple lost two baby boys at birth. Those babies were named Gene Winston and Rolland Claire McGhee." Actually, the two stillborn boys were born AFTER Carol. Roland Claire's graveside service was June 18, 1942 (see my posting of the officiating pastor's letter on our My Family site). Ruth was pregnant with Roland at the same time her daughter Melba was pregnant with her first child, who was born July 26, 1942. I don't have documentation on Gene Winston, other than oral history from Mom.

Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on January 11, 2013:

@heytoto: Oops, I got distracted and didn't finish searching for that. I'll see what I can find.

Karen Kolavalli from Lexington, Kentucky on January 11, 2013:

Were you able to resolve the discrepancies in his sister Rosannah's dates (marriages/kids)?

Timothy Arends from Chicago area on April 02, 2012:

Wow, very thorough job of genealogical research!

Inkhand on January 04, 2012:

Your plan to write a book about your Civil War ancestor, Abraham Bates Tower, sounds fascinating, don't let all your extensive genealogy research go to waste, write it. A great lens.

anonymous on December 08, 2011:

Very interesting. I have learned so much from this great lens.

Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV on November 26, 2011:

My daughter has done some work on our genealogy. I just found out recently that my great--grandfather was also in the Civil War in Co. B, 146th Indiana Infantry. His name was Washington Holland Brown. He lived to be 80-plus years old. Great lens for those who are interested in finding their roots.

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