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The Skip Hop Walk Along Stroller Handle for Toddlers and Older Children

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Skip Hop Walk Along Stroller Handle is Ideal for Big Kids and Only Children Too

Whether you are going to the mall or a crowded fair, pushing a baby in a stroller with a toddler or other young child can be a stressful experience. Thankfully, there are easy and simple ways to teach young children, including young walkers to always stay close to mom. The walk along stroller handle from Skip Hop is an innovative product that helps young walkers learn to stay close to their moms and is easy to use.

Skip Hop Walk Along Stroller Handle is Easy to Use

The walk along stroller handle is incredibly comfortable to use. The materials used to create this walking aid are the same as materials used with many teethers. Simply wrap the walk along handle around the bar of a stroller and you have created a comfortable handle for toddlers and other young children.

This handle is easier to use than just having toddlers hold on to the stroller because it sticks a few inches out from the stroller so it doesn't interfere with steering. Having the children use this walk along handle when they are very young also encourages a learned behavior that can make life much less stressful when they are older because they will be accustomed to staying close to mom or dad and their siblings.

Skip Hop Products - High-Quality Materials

The folks at Skip Hop make a variety of innovative baby products that you can trust. All of their products are made with baby and mom in mind and strive to make caring for a baby, and toddler in this instance, easier to do. I plan to buy one of these handles for every new mom with toddlers or young children that I know.

The Skip Hop Walk Along Stroller Handle Attaches Easily to Any Stroller

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