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St Patricks Day Crafts and Recipes for Kids


Fun Shamrock Activities!

For this St. Patrick's Day, I decided to focus on green, shamrock-themed crafts with my toddler.

We made sun-catchers to hang on the glass doors to the porch, and treats made into the shape of shamrocks. I've shared all the photos from our projects so you can easily do them, too!

Shamrock Suncatchers St Patricks Day Craft for Kids

Shamrock Suncatchers St Patricks Day Craft for Kids

I love the way these look on the glass doors! They are such a fun decoration!

You will need:

green construction paper

green and yellow tissue paper

clear contact paper

hole punch

suction cup hooks

I had a shamrock stencil already, which is what I used to draw the shamrock on the construction paper (see photos below), but you could always draw one by hand or trace a printed clipart shamrock.

Then I cut the shamrock out of the paper and placed a square of clear contact paper on one side, laying it on the table with the sticky side up.

We had already torn up the tissue paper into small pieces (torn instead of cut for the texture), making more green then yellow pieces, since the yellow was just for an accent. We sprinkled the paper pieces over the construction paper so that they stuck to the contact paper.

After slightly pressing down on the tissue paper pieces, I added another layer of contact paper on top, so that now the top and bottom were smooth with the tissue paper pieces and construction paper sandwiched between the contact paper.

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If you wanted a cleaner look to both sides (instead of just one) you could add another outline of a shamrock on top after adding the tissue paper, but I didn't bother.

Anyway, then I just cut around the shamrock so that there would be about a half inch border of green surrounding the tissue paper. I used a hole punch to make a hole at the top to hang them with, and slipped them onto a hook with a suction cup that was on the glass.

Suncatcher Supplies

Shamrock Biscuits for St Patricks Day

Shamrock Biscuits for St Patricks Day

These were so simple but such a big hit! I took a box biscuit mix and made it according to the directions, with just a few changes.

I added liquid green food coloring to the milk before mixing it into the dry ingredients, and I stirred a sprinkle of garlic powder and pepper and a handful of Parmesan cheese into the biscuit mix before adding the milk.

Then I rolled out the dough, cut out the biscuits with a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter, and baked them according to directions.

Chocolate Shamrocks Candy Recipe for St Patricks Day

Chocolate Shamrocks Candy Recipe for St Patricks Day

These are a cute, little snack for St. Patrick's Day, and a wonderful one for chocolate lovers!

The bases of these are white candy melts, which I placed on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and put in a warm oven for a few minutes, just until they got soft. I set my oven to 350 F, but took them out before it fully preheated.

Then I pressed three M&Ms into the top of them to resemble the shamrock. I could have stopped there, but I decided to also add a "stem." So I cut another M&M into half and then into half again, and placed one of those quarters onto the white candy, with the chocolate facing down and the green candy facing up.

Make sure to take them off the cookie sheet, or they'll continue to melt. You could leave them at room temperature, but I moved the parchment paper to the refrigerator to help them cool down faster.

Chocolate Shamrock Supplies

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glowchick on March 17, 2014:

These are some really cute ideas for St. Patrick's Day, thanks for sharing :)

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