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Sesame Street's the Alphabet Song

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The Alphabet song, it's not just for Big Bird any more.

How many times do you remember hearing Big Bird sing the alphabet song while growing up?

Yeah me to.

Actually I stopped counting. I just wanted to hear Big Bird do it again and again. After all his rendition was the most useful for learning the alphabet. Again that may just be my opinion. But hay who is writing this. That's right kids A is for Author of this wonderful site. Once again I digress.

For this site I have collected different versions of the alphabet song to be viewed in one place. And if your kids are like me watching them over and over will help them learn just as I did and my kids have.

Go Bird Go...

Main Image

Big Bird - The Alphabet Song.

The one that started it all.

Grover - At the disco

Grover is cute and fuzzy. He may not be much of a dancer but he is still my favorite. In fact I still have my stuffed grover from when I was growing up.

My First Sesame Street video purchased

A few years ago when this was still on VHS I had a friend give me some birthday money. I was looking at videos and saw this out of the corner of my eye. Now if I could just get that VCR to work again.


Russian Alphabet Song

Sesame Street is not just in the United States. They reach all around the world.

When I was in Russia I wish I had known so that I could have seen it a little more in person.

A little Sesame Street in Russian available on Amazon - And better yet it is currently free

\Yes I will keep checking on this one. And the current date is January 5, 2016. Even though the Russian language may not be something you understand. It is still interesting to watch. To see what images are used in another country to reach out and help children learn.

Sesame Street Rapin' Alphabet

I am not a rapper. I know what a surprise. But you can't blame a guy for liking one or two rap tunes. And to make things even better Grover makes a guest appearance.

A's Anatomy

I know that this is not about the alphabet but every great alphabet has to start somewhere.

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Celebrities sing the Alphabet Song

Is this where I show my age and point out that I know everyone that is in this video.

Patti Labelle sings the Alphabet Song

Just to think about these different people doing the alphabet song. It feels like they were given a certain bit of freedom when it came to their performance. And this one in my opinion is the one that shows it the most. Just watching as she changes and the others have to keep up with her.


As long as we are doing the Alphabet

Here it is with some of the charactors from Sesame Street

A - Alice Snuffleupagus

B - Big Bird

C - The Count

D - Dingers

E - Ernie

F - Frazzle

G - Grover

H - Mr. Hooper

I -

J - Mr Johnson

K - Kermit the Frog

L - Little Chrissie

M - The Amazing Mumford

N - Natasha

O - Oscar the Grouch

P - Prairie Dawn

Q -

R - Rosita

S - Snuffleupagus

T - Tully

U -

V -

W -

X -

Y -

Z - Zoe

As you can tell there are a few missing. Please contact me with some names to help fill these in.

ABC Hip Hop with Miles

Another original version of the alphabet song. It is also sung by the son of Gordon and Susan. While growing up you get to watch the different families growing up as well.

Lou Rawl Sings the Alphabet

I remember hearing him on the radio when growing up.

Letter B - Staring the Beetles

I do realize that this is not the original group. The spelling alone gives that away. But after doing a little background checking into the letter B songs this was the one I chose to share.

Lina Horne - Sings the Alphabet

Guess what I found while looking up something for another lens that I am working on?

And now for your opinion


Not in the above poll but still worth watching

A Note on the Alphabet







If you are on your ABC's, then here is the letter C. One of my favorite songs from the show. And one that I always looked forward to seeing when I tuned in to watch Sesame Street. This was both when growing up and again when watching with my kids.

If you like Sesame Street - Check this site out

  • PBS Kids
    This link will bring you to PBS Kids. Here you can access Sesame Street and other great educational materials. I know as my youngest has played and learned there many times

This video we had viewed many times to help our kids learn. It's great to have fun while learning. And the price is a lot less then when we got it on VHS.

Big Bird is always there for Snuffy. - So please be here for me and leave a comment

PaigSr (author) from State of Confusion on February 12, 2014:

@Erin Mellor: Trust me I know. That is part of the reason I have the Russian alphabet song also included on this lens.

Erin Mellor from Europe on February 12, 2014:

The alphabet song that English kids learn at school is different to the Sesame Street one (although the alphabet is the same). It does get confusing!

anonymous on September 28, 2012:

I still love Sesame Street, wish the kids were still at home, because it would be :)

JoshK47 on August 24, 2012:

Gotta love Sesame Street - great lens! :)

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