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Duties of Parents Toward Children While Growing Up To Make Them Confident, Happy And Successful.

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There are tons of responsibilities of a parent toward their children but teaching them value is the most important one.

Value makes them a gentleman. Like respecting others, respecting people’s views, privacy space, kindness, compassion, and confidence.

If you want your children to grow with integrity. you can follow these simple tips,

1. Stop comparison.

Do not compare them with other kids it will kill their confidence. Children may start feeling unworthy of themselves. Never compare your kids with others, no matter what condition.

2. Express your love.

Children don't understand the face reading. You have to tell them you love them. especially father. Children need the masculine power of the father. It will make him a confident and high spirited person.

3. Don't shout at them.

Do not shout on them for small-small things it will make them fearful. If you have anger problems work on anger management. Children are meant to do mistakes but you don't have to punish them for all the mistakes they committed. Children will easily understand if you teach them with love and compassion.

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4. Don't deprive their feelings.

Don't deprive their feelings. help them to get what they want. the deprived feeling will turn into greed. I don't say that you fulfill their all demands but you have to consider at least half of them.

5. Keep them away from gadgets.

Gadgets are affecting children badly. keep them away from them. Excessive use of a mobile phone can cause obsession and sadness in children. Children may underperform in studies if they get addicted to mobile phones because it shifts their focus from studies. They may feel irritated and sometimes violent.

6. Grit.

Grit is a habit of delayed gratification. Teach your children to work on grit and not to go for early gratification. Lack of grit in children will make them desperate and unhappy. It Is found that people who believe in delayed gratification lead a happy and successful life.

7. Lack of parent’s attention toward children.

Your children need your attention more than your money. Everyday spends some quality time with your children. They will feel unworthy if you neglect them. The attention of both parents is equally important. But the father's attention is more important in the case of a girl child. If you are not doing it start giving attention from today only.

These are the few important tips parents should follow while raising children. Your children are tender like a flower do not crush them.

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